Why Sex on the First Date is Okay?

Have you had sex on your first date? Do you think it was a bad idea? I can prove that it wasn’t. There exists a “granny’s opinion” that sex on the first date is something bad and dirty. Yet, as praxis shows, this idea is not that bad. If you feel the passion and desire to get into bed with your date, then you’ve made the right choice, isn’t it? Having a possibility to get great sex is always seducing, and I’m more than just convinced that you’ll regret it, in case you miss such a chance. If you worry about the outcomes of such a step, just stay calm and use condoms. So, why is sex on the first date OK?

You Get Numerous Health Benefits

Sex is important for the proper functioning of both male and female bodies and minds. In case you are a rare guest on a date, and your sexual relations are limited to self-satisfaction, sex on the first date doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea. Getting an emotional and physical discharge, you kill two birds with one shot.

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Get a Charge of Happiness

Sex that is followed by orgasm is a wonderful trigger for endorphin production, which is a hormone of happiness. Getting pleasure from sexual communication, your emotional condition gets much better, and you may forget about the bad mood for at least one evening.

Relations with no obligation

After having sex on the first date, you may either want to continue the relations or forget about the bad experience. The best thing about it is that you can make the choice quite easy as you don’t have any warm feelings towards this person yet.

You Get Rid of the Awkwardness

There may be composed of real legends about the awkwardness you feel on the first date. Lack of knowledge about each other, search of some common interests to discuss and lots of other things can make the first date a real challenge. Yet sex can help you to get rid of all the difficulties. No need to worry if you have already opened all the cards.

You Can Warm Up the Interest to You

This is especially important for girls. There’s even a joke on this topic: “When a man has just said “hi”, the woman has already married him and got two kids.”. I know I’m bad at joking, but there’s a grain of truth here. Women often worry that their partners will lose interest in them after sex on the first date. Actually, there is such a probability, but if a man gets interested in you, a hookup on the first date will only stir up his desire.

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A Feeling of Adventure

Adventures are always great so why don’t you have a sexual adventure? Getting in bed with a new and practically unknown person, you get a real charge of energy and adrenalin: a new partner – new emotions (hopefully positive). And even if he or she turns out to be a complete failure in bed, you may at least be satisfied with the fact that you haven’t wasted much of your time for this person.

A Factor of Spontaneity

It is absolutely clear that the decision to have sex on the first date is mostly spontaneous. You can’t plan anything serious with a person you barely know, don’t you agree with me? Of course, you may have some thoughts and assumptions before the date, but most often people act judging by the situation. Hence, if sex did happen, then your date was a success, meaning that you and the person you were dating liked each other (well, at least each other’s appearance).

Unusual Sex Drive

Well, sometimes it’s chemistry. This word may be used when you can’t explain the lust you feel looking at your date. Some inner magnetism and sexual vibrations between the two may bring you to the bedroom right from the first date.
It may be also called “a brain-turn off” because it’s usually not that organ that is ruling your actions at that moment. But what may be better than mindless wild sex?

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