WhatsYourPrice Review

Whatsyourprice review
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  3. User’s Rating: 7.7
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  5. Location: 80% from USA
  6. Held Meetings: 89%
  7. Female: 69%
  8. Male: 31%

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Hookup sites appear every day in the modern reality making the tough task of finding a spouse even harder. Seekers are fiddling with different services in hope to find only one person for life (or for any other reason). However, before creating an account, it is important to check prices, safety and security, profiles, the age, mindset, and sexual orientation of the members, matching system, filters, usability, and design. Looks like pretty much work to do, isn’t it?

How to Start Using WhatsYourPrice?

On the main page there is a login and sign up options. First, a visitor has to decide if he or she wants to bid or receive bids. After that, there are a few fields to fill in like Username, email, the date of birth. Make sure you have a unique username not to get stuck on this step. It is important to verify the profile via the received email; however, it is possible to complete the filling of personal data without verification. Here you have to specify gender you are interested in, location, body type, height, and check the checkboxes with options of relationships, like friendship, casual, long-term, and other. In the ‘other details’ section members specify their education, number of children (if any), smoking, drinking, occupation, and income. There are two more fields for describing yourself and your ideal partner.

WhatsYourPrice Interface

The user interface is very responsive. Pictures of members are loading quickly, and it is easy to switch between accounts. It makes every photo visible within less than a second. The design has a pleasant color palette which is in light blue and grey colors with cold red elements. It looks stylish and convenient. The main page shows the newest accounts in your area. In the search, option shows everyone within 50 miles around your city. The photos of the profiles are real, not photoshopped (but you never know) and not made professionally in a studio. It gives the impression that there are only loyal members and no scammers! Profiles have general information, appearance and personality data with a few sentences about themselves. The service looks convenient, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

WhatsYourPrice search

WhatsYourPrice Features

After the positive first impression, it is time to perform a deeper Whatsyourprice review. There are different accounts of different people. Without filtering, it shows everyone in your area with recent activity. For example, 38 women are interested in women in London. Changing the filter from 50 miles to everywhere shows 1,900 ladies.Filtering has every question asked during registration, to be exact:

  • Location
  • Distance
  • Looking for casual, dating, friendship, etc
  • Age
  • Height
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Children
  • Body type
  • Education
  • And keywords

With such filtering, members can find a perfect match within a few clicks. It filters everything. It is a convenient option if a person is looking only for non-smokers or curvy women. There are age and heights filters as well where seekers can set up a range they prefer.

WhatsYourPrice filters


Another positive option of the service is diversity. In the profile, there is an option to choose who are you looking for men, women, or both. There are profiles of couples who are looking for something new as well. Whatsyourprice is good for straight, bisexual, and gay people. Visitors can find whoever they want with the traits and appearance they want due to excellent filtering.

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Public and Private Photos

Another useful feature is adding public and private photos. Are visitors can filter who can see private photos and who can’t. However, no nudity or other inappropriate content allowed. A support representative of the platform checks every profile. Before making it public, they check if the content is appropriate to create a safe and healthy environment for honest people. Starring can make the search more convenient. Say you have spent a good hour filtering a perfect match and have chosen a few. But before contacting them, you would like to work on your profile to make it better and raise chances for the date. Moreover, the service staff checks and approve or disapproves every photo before making it public. Starring helps to save profiles you like and return later back to them.


It is an extraordinary function that is the basic one at the same time. Whatsyourprice is the principle of the website. Once a member likes a person, he or she can bid a price for a hookup. There is no need to waste time chatting, people get straight to the point here. One date can replace months of chatting and wasting time and money for memberships on other websites. Both men and women can place bids. It is a convenient and unique system.

WhatsYourPrice Customers

If to ask how does WhatsYourPrice work, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘safe’. There is a healthy environment where people are looking for other people nearby with the same aims. Every profile is checked manually. No scam account are there on the website, according to the information stated on the website. Profiles look lively and natural. However, people would always be careful.

WhatsYourPrice User

There are over two million members on the service since 2010 when it was created by Brandon Wade who had troubles in dating and desire to help others like he was. After graduating from MIT and working for General Electric and many other attractive companies, he ended up with two dating services, one of which is

Resource Attendance

Since its creation in 2010, never stopped growing. It attracts people every day. There are active social networks, for example, Instagram. The account has over 6,000 followers and almost 800 publications. The longtime without posts may be evidence of no necessity in additional social media advertising to attract clients. There are profiles all over the world. Many of them are looking for serious relationships, others are interested in keeping things casual. For example, over four thousand men are looking for serious long-term relationships alone in New York. The numbers are none the less promising for other cities. Only a lazy person stays alone with such a choice.

Quality of Users

There are no professionally captured photos, like the ones in mail-order-bride types of websites, no long life stories in the section ‘about me’ and ‘who am I looking for’. The profiles seem to be real honest people, who have created an account for personal reasons. Every account has a few photos. There are no blank members. Photos can be public and private. The member decides who can see private photos.

There is also such information as body type, height, children, smoking, drinking, education, occupation, and income. There is also a list of interests, such as friendship, casual, secret affair, mentorship, and others. The users can be filtered by these interests as well as by the other features.

WhatsYourPrice member type

Type of Members

The gathers members from all over the world. There are singles, homosexuals, bisexuals, couples. People who are looking for other people. Thousands of combinations based on interests and personal preferences. Members are there to find new emotions, distant relationships, friendships, some curious about how it works because the technology is unusual. People do not chat a lot here. They can make an offer, wink, and bookmark a person. Making an offer leads to agreeing on the amount and negotiating the first date. A person who receives the odder can make a counter-offer or accept the initial one. There is no long time messaging like on other sites, the only reason to chat is to choose the date.


Communication among the members of is not the main reason for the service. The owner and creator of the company have decided to give potential partners a chance for showing the initiative and placing a bid for a hookup. The main communication takes place on the date. The main aim of the service is to give members a chance to have this first date and the opportunity to communicate. In comparison to other hookup platforms, which demand membership or coins investment, gives singles a faster and more effective method to get together. Busy people don’t have time for chatting, this fits more for teenagers, who can spend hours in chatters and discuss life-determining questions. This service is oriented toward the result.

WhatsYourPrice Price

The question of price is specific here. The bidding system has no upper limit and you can end up having a super expensive first meet. However, the average bid is $120 which is expensive enough to show your serious intentions and affordable for most people.

Free Account

Every account of the service is free. Neither registration fee nor membership is needed to get an account and start your search activity. What you need is to invest time. The service approves every received photo and information to make a healthy and safe environment for the members. Approving takes up to 48 hours. If both photo and account information matches the terms of use, the new member can use the service and enjoy it for free. Bidding option is available for free members, but closed for not approved ones. People can bid on attractive members only if they have coins. Attractive members can freely use bidding. Once both partners agreed on the amount, they don’t have to proceed with any payments online. The payment takes place in person. In most cases, if the bidder is generous and initiative, he or she can pay for the dinner as well. The dating environment is built on trust and honest members.


There is an attractive membership on the website, but it is not obvious which privileges does it have. There is no information about paid membership neither in the FAQ section nor on the main page or personal cabinet. However, there are mentions, that attractive members attract more attention. In the Terms of Use section there is a mention of membership, but no mention of its price. It is supposed that attractive members are the ones who have paid membership, but it is very suspicious that there is no information and no price for paid membership on the website, blog, FAQ, Terms of Use, and personal account.

WhatsYourPrice price

What Gives the Premium?

According to a few mentions of Attractive members on the website, there are a few privileges that they have. Attractive members have higher bids, they can hide their photos, upload more private photos, and supposedly have more security on the website. They can also appear higher in a search result, and have better matches. Premium also means that you want to support the service by granting funds to them. The service is doing a great job for singles, and buying membership is another way to say ‘thank you for the service’.

Why is it Worth Taking a Premium?

Premium always worth attention because it has plenty of privileges you may not acknowledge at the beginning of your online dating experience. By having a paid account, you become an Attractive user who has a better status inside the service. They can choose who can bid and who can’t, who can see the profile and who can’t. Attractive users may take a higher place in the search result and have more chances for a meet up with the person they like.

WhatsYourPrice Security and Anti-scam

The anti-scam policy is significant here. Every new user must verify email, and upload photos, which must be approved by the staff members before getting published on the service. It helps the service to have a healthy and safe environment for normal hook up experience. If a person notices any suspicious activity, they can report a user. Reporting is appreciated. The technical representatives are keeping the anti-scam policy as well as members. It makes the service a truly safe and positive place for finding a spouse, a date, a friend, or another person to spend a night, year, or life.

WhatsYourPrice Support

Customer support on WhatsYourPrice is created to approve every photo posted on the service before publishing it. They also review reported members and decide whether to ban them or to mace notice for inappropriate behavior. If you have any difficulties or any questions, for example, “who attractive members are”, you can submit a ticket which is proceeded within 48 hours. There are no phone numbers or live chats.
whatsyourprice support

WhatsYourPrice Mobile Version

WhatsYourPrice mobileThe service doesn’t have a mobile application. However, a mobile application is important for the services who use chatters and are oriented on long-long-lasting conversations. When it is only about bidding and offering a pice, it is convenient to use a laptop for 15-60 minutes per day. The website is adaptive and convenient to use on any mobile device. On the other hand, it is not possible to set up any notifications so you can miss bids or other activities. Mobile version of the Whatsyourprice is user-friendly and responsive. It is convenient to use in public transport, in a line, or elsewhere.

Finally WhatsYourPrice Review is a unique hookup site that doesn’t offer long-lasting conversational activity but offers to ‘buy’ date for an appropriate price. The adult dating service gives singles a chance to find each other and arrange everything else in person on a date. Chatting involves only place and time arrangements. The service is user-friendly and responsive. It doesn’t have a mobile application, but the website is adaptive. Technical support representatives check every account manually and resolve any issue in 48 hours. The Whatsyourprice is free to use, but it takes time to get approved. The staff is concerned with creating a safe and healthy environment for singles. The service is worth trying!

WhatsYourPrice Review
One of the best hookup site – shows on review that there are a few evident pros and cons!
  • Responsive and has a modern design
  • Witty comment from Forbes, Daily Mail, Today, and Time
  • Option to decide whether you want to make or receive bids in dates
  • No information about paid membership and attractive users
  • It has a strange site name

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