WestSluts Game Review

west sluts review
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Be careful! Can be mixed up with real virtual sex! You know, I’m not joking. Excellent quality of 3D graphics and a full connection with your in-game character make it feel like the hot fuck taking place on the screen is absolutely real. Adult 3D game WestSluts is for those who want to get more than usual sex. Be ready for really harsh scenes and wild sex experiments. So fetishists and sex experimenters can already start registering.

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How to Start Playing the WestSluts?

West Sluts allows free registration, yet you’ll need to answer several questions before playing the game. To sign up for WestSluts, click on the “Continue” button at the bottom left side of the starting page. The key question is related to your ability to handle brutal sex scenes in the game. Besides, you’ll be notified about the possibility to have in-game sex for free with all the creatures. But, you’ll have to purchase a premium membership to be able to have intercourses with the real users.

Depending on your location, you may be asked to provide a form of age verification. This is free of charge procedure. The form consists of the following fields:

  • Email;
  • Password;
  • First name;
  • Last name;
  • Country;
  • ZIP/postal code.

When you finish with the form, click on “Play for Free”. Then provide your credit card details to enter the game.

west sluts signup

Notice! You won’t be charged any fee as new users get the right for a two-day free trial period. In case you don’t delete your account on WestSluts after the mentioned period, you’ll be automatically charged for the premium membership.

WestSluts Membership

WestSluts is a nice wrap for even better filling. Signing up for West Sluts, you actually gain access to hundreds of all kinds of adult games: sex simulators, dating simulators, puzzles, strip games, erotic adventures, more than 500 virtual sex games in total. The amount of content one gets access to is huge. Not only adult games but also DVD sex videos, 3D rendered videos, webcam feeds, and a jackpot you’ll hardly resist – access to several adult video sites. In fact, it doesn’t matter what you are looking for because West Sluts can cover any of your wishes.

west sluts game

The membership guarantees access to new games added daily, battling online with other players, free mobile access, and much more cool features.

WestSluts Gameplay

The West Sluts is a standard sex simulator that will provide you with a lot of virtual fucking. Choose a solo or online mode game to get laid with the game personages or the real players. Watch the sex scenes with the eyes of your character or choose to enjoy the hot process as a side observer. Level up your game character to get more fuck. Every time you screw a new chick, additional skills become available, which means you can get down to a new hottie to try them out.

You can choose the type of sex you’d like to have. Gaining more experience, you open new possibilities for a fuck. The game continues by changing the girls your character has sex with. Every woman offers a different shag so every new experience is different from the previous one. On the whole, the gameplay is rather primitive. But if the brutal sex is what you want to get then why should it be complicated? You’ll get an utter satisfaction watching the girls having fun with your game personage. They look gorgeous so that you may even forget that you are looking at a 3D model.

west sluts gameplay

WestSluts: Benefits and Drawbacks

Those, who play 3D sex simulator games like them not because of the interesting and diverse gameplay, these people just want to watch much of the naked body, lots of sex in different poses, their fetishes embodiment, and the likewise things. West Sluts corresponds to all the basic requirements for the sex simulators and can satisfy practically anyone. The quality of 3D graphics is one of the best I’ve seen so no questions to this game parameter should appear. Except for the visual effects, the game is accompanied by sound effects to make it even more realistic.

Friendly advice: Be careful with the loudness of sound when playing WestSluts at work or at your parent’s house, just in case!)

As for the drawbacks, they are mainly related to the technical aspect of using the game. For example, it’s impossible to register without providing your credit card details. What’s more, if your card balance is not enough to cover the amount of fee charged after the free trial period, you’ll be denied access as well. Another thing that may be annoying is the presence of ads in the game.

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WestSluts – Conclusion

WestSluts knows its job perfectly well. Top-quality 3D graphics, very hot girls, and diverse sex options make it worth your time and attention. Despite some minor cons, joining West Sluts you get much more than you can count on in other games. Some nice bonus features will make the experience in the game more diverse and exciting. Don’t waste your time, sign up for the West Sluts to start getting satisfaction right now!

WestSluts Game Review

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