VRFuckDolls Game Review

vrfuckdolls review
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Get ready for a brutal fuck with hot chicks on VRFuckDolls. This game will flare you up in no time. If looking for a very realistic hard-core virtual sex adventure, this one is a must-try. Cool 3D graphics, which is not much different from the real-life scenes, and a lot of sex are the game main trumps. Can’t wait to try it out? Wait until you finish reading this review; we’ve got something to tell you.

VRFuckDolls Sign up

To start fulfilling your sexual fantasies, you need to register first. It may take some time as there are nine steps you should follow to become the game player. To make the first step, click on the “Start Customizing” button at the bottom right side of the homepage. The second step is a warning to avoid playing the game if you suffer from aggressive behavior, epilepsy, or seizures. Next, the site system will check the compatibility of your browser with the game. If needed, you’ll be offered a link for downloading the other browser.

The fourth step is choosing your first adventure. There are three options to choose from: dungeons, college, or night club. Making the fifth-seventh steps, you create the girl of your dream. Select her hair color, breast size, tattoos, the size of the butt. Step eight gives you the possibility to choose what skill your girl will start with (anal, squirt, deepthroat). Finally, you’ll be asked if you want to play VRFuckDolls solo or online.

After that, you’ll need to confirm your age. To do this, fill out a special form, providing your email, password, first and last name, country, and ZIP/postal code. The cherry on a cake is providing you credit card details. Why is it needed? Well, the game is free only for the duration of the trial period, which may last from two to seven days. To continue playing, you’ll be charged a fee.

vrfuckdolls signup

What Can a VRFuckDolls Membership Give to You?

Hesitating because of the paid membership? I wouldn’t do that. First of all, becoming a member, you get access to hundreds of games, not only VRFuckDolls. Moving between several categories of My Gamer Vault network, one can play hentai games, strategies, actions, and of course sex simulators.

There are much more surprises waiting:

  • XXX cartoons;
  • 3D rendered sex videos;
  • Several categories of HD quality adult videos;
  • Full-length XXX movies;
  • Free access to two adult video websites.

I guess that’s it. In fact, you get a whole bunch of cool features signing up for VRFuckDolls.

VRFuckDolls Gameplay

The gameplay offered by VR Fuck Dolls is similar to other sex simulators. The game character can perform the male part only. No female characters can be dominant in the game (don’t tell the feminists, please, just a joke). The task of the male is to dominate submissive hotties in different BDSM scenarios. After a short prelude, he’ll show the girl who is the master and who is the doll in the game. By the way, your in-game submissive will encourage you for more active actions talking to your character.

vrfuckdolls loading

Depending on the adventure you’ve chosen during the registration, the locations and the scenarios may differ. With every new scenario, your fuck-doll will get new skills (remember, you’ve chosen one of them when signing up?), thus the intercourses will get more diverse.

Top-quality graphics, a variety of scenarios, and highly realistic chicks will drag you into VR Fuck Dolls for hours. To make it still better, you need only one hand to play the game operating the mouse. The other one can be busy making your gaming experience more pleasurable if you know what I mean.

VRFuckDolls Benefits and Drawbacks

Of course, you’ll make your own conclusions as to what is good and what is bad about this game, but I still want to share my point of view. Let’s start with the pros. An amazing job has been done with the game graphics and 3D models that keep the players involved throughout the game. Even though the gameplay is average, those who love BDSM will definitely like the offered scenarios.

Multiple bonus options and access to hundreds of other adult games make another portion of the benefits you get due to VRFuckDolls signup. And let’s not forget about the free trial period you can enjoy to feel the game from the inside.

vrfuckdolls sexy girl

Fortunately, there’s not much to say about the cons. Probably the only thing I can think of is that this game is for a limited audience. First of all, because it contains brutal sex scenes, which is not for everyone. Secondly, because male characters only can be dominant, those whose sexual fantasies are about the submissive role (for men) or dominant (for women) fall out of the possible game fans.

VRFuckDolls – Conclusion

I would definitely recommend VR Fuck Dolls game to those who like this sort of thing, but I doubt that it will be interesting or even bearable for people who don’t get much satisfaction from dominant-submissive games.

Thanks for reading this review up to this point! Now go punish those naughty girls, VR fuck dolls are waiting for you!

VRFuckDolls Game Review
  • High quality
  • A lot of sex features
  • Different virtual girls
  • Not all features are free
  • You need to confirm the age

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