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Sweet Discreet has many merits. Many users consider it one of the best websites for secret dating and adultery. While there are many neat advantages, the website does suffer from the overabundance of features that may confuse inexperienced internet users. Read the Sweet Discreet below…

Sweet Discreet is a perfect place to search for women or men who would like to get into a sexual adventure without their significant others knowing anything. For many people, such sex adventures are exciting and bring spice. Others simply feel tired of their relationships and want to dive neck-deep into a passionate romance.

Sweet Discreet: Interface and Features

The website has a lot of nice features including a variety of sex shows available at any given moment, interesting ways of communication, and a sophisticated search tool. Navigation is similar to that of many other websites of the network, but there are some problems that may confuse some people. For example, the “R-rated” feature just sends to a page with selected porn videos. It is weird that this simple feature is highlighted.

The design of the website is clean and does not look like a mess which is a good thing considering how many different features and types of content you can access on this website.

How to Login to Site?

After a simple registration process, you will be able to access your account at the Sweet Discreet cam site. Most features will be available to you right away, but you will need to activate your account using the link provided to you in a confirmation e-mail.

sweetdiscreet - singup

In order to log in, you need to click a corresponding hyperlink in the upper right corner of the page. The whole process takes less than a minute. You will be offered an option to upload a photo and tell the website which types of users you are personally interested in.

User Interface

All interface elements are grouped in the upper bar of the page. The menu looks compact and contains only several buttons:

  • Here you can access your mail and chat with people.
  • This is an automatic matching engine that works much like Tinder.
  • Use various settings to find the best match for yourself.
  • This is a simple list of people who you added to your favorites.
  • All performers are listed in this area of the site.
  • The r-rated button will send you to the gallery of porn videos.

Right under the navigational menu, you will see several hyperlinks that will send you to affiliated live sex cam sites. If you want to see something kinky or enjoy a particular type of sex shows, you can use those links.

sweetdiscreet - homepage

Sweet Discreet Features

The most important feature of this website is that you can watch sex shows performed for you by top models of the website. While dating is a significant part of the service, the company made sure that their platform is also used as a streaming service where users can show their “goods” for free or for a nice fee.

sweetdiscreet - feature

If you like a person and added them to your favorites, you can use your subscription and start a live sex chat. This is a great way to establish an online connection with a person or check out them before committing to a real date. Remember that many users here are looking for a discreet type of relationship meaning that not many people are ready to share their personal information.

Sweet Discreet Members

Despite being focused on adultery and discreet dating, the website has a very active community with lots of independent performers. Due to the number of active users who come here for either entertainment or a hookup, there is always a hungry audience that attracts both professionals and amateurs.

This website is a lively place where thousands of people meet and set up dates. At the same time, many people simply enjoy sex shows and live chats with other people.

sweetdiscreet - livecam

Count and Quality Users

The vast majority of people here are looking for a quick hookup or want to meet someone for a session of online sex. Don’t be surprised with masks and other means of hiding your identity. Many people here are married or have significant others. It means that you will very often encounter people who try to stay unrecognized.

sweetdiscreet - livelist

There are thousands of performers and regular users meaning that you will always find something to do while browsing Sweet Discreet. The website has a very strong community and people are quite friendly.


Like many other adult dating sites, this website offers you a plethora of ways to communicate with other people. You can use the mailing service, chat with people, exchange images and videos, and participate in live shows. One of the best features is a video chat where you can talk to users face to face.

Sadly, users without a prescription won’t be able to use the full spectrum of communication options. However, those who are willing to get a premium will enjoy a truly engaging online experience.

Sweet Discreet: Free and Premium

All registered users can use a lot of features. Free accounts are different from premium ones. If you are here to find a date, you won’t necessarily need a premium since many communication options are still available to you. People who want to watch private shows or want to have a private conversation with a performer will need to get a premium.

Whether you need a premium depends only on your preferences and goals. Note that you will be billed for a subscription on a monthly basis. Contact the support for further details.

Free Account

The free account is quite useful. You will be able to browse the gallery of users, use the search functionality, message people, and send letters. Some videos and public shows will be also available to you. If you want more from Sweet Discreet cam site and watch private sex shows from cam girls, you will need to get a premium.


A subscription provides you with additional privileges. For example, you won’t encounter any limitations in regards to communication. The vast majority of private shows will be available to you as well as many private videos from users.

Sweet Discreet: Security and Support

One of the problems is that the website does not use an SSL-protocol. Be careful and don’t give the website any sensitive information. Note that the billing company that receives payments on behalf of the Sweet Discreet cam site is a separate entity that has all necessary security feats.

The support team responds quickly during business hours.

Sweet Discreet: Is It Good?

This Sweet Discreet review seemed to be overly positive, but you should take with a small grain of salt. The true focus of the websites is unclear. Obviously, you can enjoy a lot of content and search for a one-night stand at the same time. Nonetheless, many users will be confused with the overabundance of features.

Sweet Discreet Review
  • Thousands of users and active performers
  • Enjoy high-quality adult content
  • Discreet messaging feature
  • Due to the nature of discreet dating, some profiles are private
  • Navigation can be a bit confusing

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