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SocialSex has a lot to offer to people who are searching for easy sex. If you are interested in finding a partner for your sexual endeavors, a partner that you may even know, do not hesitate to create an account at SocialSex. This website positions itself as a social network for people who are eager to find a good sex match.

SocialSex: Registration and Login

The registration process is quite simple and won’t require much of you. You will need to provide some basic information about yourself. Fill out several forms:

  1. The type of your account (single man, woman, straight couple, gay couple, trans)
  2. Specify your age and geographical location
  3. Fill in your e-mail address and confirm the registration

socialsex - signup page

socialsex login

SocialSex Interface

This hookup site was definitely created as a social network. Most navigational elements are grouped in the upper part of the website while search filters and profile page hyperlinks are usually stacked in the sidebar. You won’t find it difficult to sort out the navigation since it feels quite intuitive. Moving from one section of the site to another is effortless.

The visual design of the website is reminiscent of modern social networks and has a lot of similar features.

socialsex home

Useful Features from SocialSex

Search filters allow you to quickly narrow down the search to your neighborhood. You will be able to browse through profiles of sexy people living in your area. Filters also allow you to search people by ethnicity, age, interests, sexual preferences, and other criteria.

You may be interested in the specialized approach of SocialSex when it comes to categorizing users. You may limit the search to a specific group of members: transsexuals, straight singles, gays and lesbians, and couples.

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Members on

As mentioned previously, you will meet all sorts of people here. If you are interested in meeting young lesbians or straight singles, you will be happy to learn that this website offers you that flexibility. You are not limited to a specific social group or a weird archetype like “geek-girls” and “horny trans”.

socialsex - girl profile

The Number of Users

With over two million registered users and thousands of concurrently active accounts, offers you an opportunity to find an easy hookup without any hassles. Socializing here is simple and effortless due to the sheer amount of active people also looking for a hookup.

How Do They Behave?

People here are mostly friendly. The frivolous nature of the environment makes it easier for many people to open up and be a bit more careless when it comes to discussing sex. For some people, it can be a little bit too much. Many users here are ready to engage in very weird conversations.

The best thing here is that you can meet couples. Obviously, they tend to be pickier and less talkative, but you can definitely find a couple that wants to spice up their sexual lives.

Types of Members

There are several types of accounts. You may meet single straight men and women, lesbians, gays, couples, and transsexuals. This orientation is quite important for the matchmaking engine since it primarily pairs accounts that have corresponding sexual interests. The vast majority of accounts here are straight singles.


You can use a variety of methods to communicate with other users. The inbuilt e-mailing service, live chat, video chat, and gift exchange — all these features allow you to easily establish a connection to another person. Obviously, sending each other images and using a video chat are both good ways to determine whether you want to move your relationship to a real bedroom or not.

SocialSex: Pricing

You may think that paying $34.95 per month is a bit too much, but you can significantly cut down your expenses by purchasing a 3-month subscription or a year-long subscription. In the latter case, you will pay only $12.50 per month. If you want to try out their service without significant financial commitments, use their 3-days option for $1.95.

Free Account

You will have a lot of features unlocked if you pay for the site. However, you may opt-out and use the set of basic features which is more than enough to talk to some people and find a match without committing a dime.


There are two types of premium accounts. Silver and Gold membership. Both will give you an opportunity to use the full set of communication methods and allow you to bypass some restrictions set up by users themselves (making their profiles private or limiting access to only people with premium).

socialsex - payment

SocialSex Security Features

The variety of security measures is not astounding. The website obviously uses the SSL-encryption and some backend protection, but they do not have any other means of protecting users. Be careful and use separate set of credentials when registering.

You won’t really find it hard to meet a person who wants to just have some casual sex without commitments. However, you should be aware that some accounts here are fake. Make sure to use the video chat feature and make a couple of phone calls before setting up a date.

SocialSex Customer Support

The customer support team is quite responsive. You won’t need to wait for them to reply. Most problems are solved within an hour after sending a message to the support department. However, some cases may need a lightly lengthier period of time to be sorted out. Support employees are polite and act like true professionals.

Сonclusion of SocialSex

In our review we conclude that this website is definitely amongst better online hookup services. If you are looking for casual sex, go to this website and start your sexual journey right now! It is a great opportunity to meet someone from your neighborhood and even create a long-lasting relationship!

SocialSex Review is a company that operates as a provider of adult online entertainment. There are both upsides and downsides to this website.
  • A huge network with thousands of active users
  • Has a nice matchmaking system
  • Allows you to narrow down the search to your neighborhood
  • The registration system is convoluted
  • Their security measures may not be the best in the market

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