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SnapSext reviews
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Let’s do the review of Snapsext to know more about this online hookup site!

The homepage of the SnapSext has a simple registration form that takes only a few minutes to fill in. There are questions about the age, preferences (like men, women, or couples), email address, and password. You should also confirm that you are at least 18 years old. The disclaimer says that all members have contractually represented that they are more than 18, however, there is no such a step during the registration. After the first step, every new member has to choose checkboxes stating what are they interested in, like friends with benefits, open relationships, online flirting, sex meet in person, or other. Every member needs to upload at least one picture to finish the profile.

SnapSext Interface

The user interface that appears after the registration is inconvenient and looks chaotic. There are plenty of small images appearing and disappearing somehow on the screen. On the right, there is a space for chatting. Here members can view messages and answer them. There are sections like:

  • who is online now
  • daily spotlight
  • flirt center
  • trending now
  • members who stream
  • who’s viewing me
  • my friends

All the sections look chaotic, but all of them are useful and interesting. On the top of the website there is a home, search, online now, chat, and safe mode tabs. You can switch on/off for safe mode. It includes and excludes nudity from the homepage.

Snapsext main

Under your profile, there is an option to choose your mood which can be:

  • Online flirting
  • Meet a person
  • Serious relationship
  • Sugar daddy/baby

There is another section offering members to update the profile with information like about you, interests, appearance, religion, profession, language, race, travel, and play level. There is an option to add photos as well.

SnapSext Hookup Site Features

There are plenty of useful features on this casual dating website, which is located in a chaotic order on the home page. The upper line reminds us of the necessity to verify the email. After the verification members receive the selection of 15 members to whom they can wink.

Snapsext search

The “who’s online” option shows you those people who are on the website at the moment and who are located nearby. You can filter all online users by:

  • Sexual preferences
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Country and city

There is also an option to select one or a few checkboxes to find users who are online, have photos, who are streaming at the moment, who have verified photos, and other.

The first line of the filter selection shows popular members. All the other profiles display users who are online at the moment. It is worth mentioning that the interface is very convenient. There are user profiles and four options next to the photo – send a message, quick chat, add to favorite and notify me. There is no need to open a profile in a new tab to start flirty chatting. It makes the experience fast and user-friendly.

Another feature displays users who are streaming at the moment. However, most often there is a notification that no-one is streaming at the moment. The feature seems to be not popular taking into account the number of registers users. But the feature exists and it is free to use.

There is a selection of featured members and an offer to get featured accounts as well. It is impossible to view featured members until you upgrade your profile and buy the membership for your account. The same is applicable to other features like viewing people who are interested in you and sending flirts. Adding friends is free.

Another feature that is worth your special attention. Once you receive a new message from a user, you receive a question ‘is it rude?’ from the staff members. It shows that the service employees are concerned about the positive experience of your membership. Some users are free to chat with, others prefer to chat only with those, who have bought a membership.

There is an option to wink to people who you find attractive. Simple winking can start a conversation and awake interest in each other. You can wink at any person no matter with a simple or with a premium account.

Another option can involve naughty pictures sharing. For that reason, while chatting, there is a feature that allows accepting or declining pictures from users you are chatting with. There is a notification that says “make sure you trust this person before accepting attachments” which is another evidence of carrying about the safety and positive experience of clients.

SnapSext Users Base

There are free and paid members from all over the world. The positive function involves filtering. With filters, you can quickly find those who are online, who live in your city, who are streaming at the moment, and others. You can also find members with sexual interests similar to yours. You don’t want to end up chatting with a person who is interested in flirting while you are looking for someone special to spend your life with. Members can upload various photos and make some of them private. They can send some erotic photos via chat. The service doesn’t have strict rules that restrict nudity. Any nude photos are welcomed here. You can post yours or see other photos that include nudity. Members are concerned about having a positive experience so that they may not answer if you don’t have photos. It is recommended to upload at least five pictures of you. More pictures – more positive experience in online hookup dating and flirting.

Mebmers Count

The count of users is high on the SnapSext. Numerous Snapsext reviews showed the same results – free account, nudity, and simplicity attract people. When applying filters, there are plenty of users all over the world who are looking for sex adventures. For example, there are more than 2000 online users in the evening, who you can communicate via video chat, chat, and flirt with. The activity of the users is high, but not suspiciously high. It often happens on the order-mail-bride sites that once you have registered and there are at least five private messages in your inbox. Here, on Snapsext, the activity is much lower and people are writing to you only when they are truly interested. Uploading pictures will help you to become more popular.

snapsext user

Quality of Members

The accounts of the site members seem to be normal. There is no too much information and representative photos that should attract the attention of every person, and there are no long stories of life in the profile. Some pictures have only half of the face, others have a huge piece of pizza on it. If the safe mode is turned off, it is possible to find plenty of erotic photos, but they seem to be uploaded by users as well. There are verified users with a blue sign next to the name. It means that a support representative has checked your personality via the webcam and have verified that you are a real person. It is the best way to get the best status on the hookup website and receive plenty of trusts, friendship requests, and other offers.

Type of Members

Plenty of free users would gladly start any communication with other members. However, many of them are approved by a technical support representative which makes them into verified members. They have more trust; chatting ends up being ensured, that there is a real person behind the screen, the same one you see on the photos. There is membership as well. Membership turns your account into a featured one. It appears on the home page among ‘featured accounts’ and you can communicate with people who also have bought a membership. Features accounts always appear on the top of the search result and have more chances for a hookup. Some of the accounts look too much inappropriate with too much nudity with close-ups.

Communication on SnapSext

The communication features are designed very conveniently on Once you perform a search among users, there are not only results with people you may like but also a list of communicative functions next to the profile photo of each of them. It means you don’t need to open every user in a new tab to be able to start communication. It is very convenient and saves plenty of time. Free users, who have neither membership nor are they verified, can’t communicate with featured members. They can see that the message is there, but can’t read the content or answer. It is recommended to buy membership not to think about any restrictions and limitations. Here you can chat instantly, write a message, and proceed with a video call.

Price on SnapSext

Prices of becoming featured accounts are low in comparison to other websites. The two-day trial, which is a rare opportunity in such services, cost €1,14. The most popular option is a 7-day trial for €11,94. Gold account for one-month costs €41,94, 6-month – €83,94, and one-year-membership costs €96,00 plus half a year for free usage.

Snapsext price

It is obvious that annual subscription is the most reasonable one, however, it is the most pricy as well. If you plan to stay here for a long time, take this membership and forget about any restrictions for the next one and a half years.

Free Account

Every person can create a free account on the site. It can end up with plenty of scam accounts, however, most people come here to find what they are looking for. If you are on the website, you know exactly what do you need. There is no “about us” page and no “how it works” sections. Members seem to know it already before registering. Free accounts can only communicate with other free accounts, share pictures, use filters, upload photos, and look through other profiles.

Premium Account

A premium account offers more chances for getting a hookup, find people you like, find friends with benefits, of persons who would like to experiment. Your account will appear much higher in the search results and in a separate tab “features accounts”. People have more trust in members who have invested money in their search for sexy adventures. The premium account has no limits in communication. Featured members can write messages to each other.

What Gives the Premium on

Premium gives plenty of better communication opportunities. With appearing higher in search results, more people can get in touch with you, and you will have a chance to choose who to talk with and who to skip. Premium gives a feeling of safety and no limitations. In comparison to a free account, that doesn’t allow you to chat with features members and attract less attention, you will need to spend much more time finding what are you looking for. If you are taking this experience seriously, it is better to have a premium account and feel safe and confident.

Why is it Worth Taking a Premium?

Except for being safe and confident, you will have plenty of friendship requests and chat opportunities with people, who pay attention only to featured members. Once you are featured, you say “hey there! I am ready to invest in my unforgettable experience with you.” People trust featured members and more likely to start communication with them. Today, when scammers are everywhere, it is better to invest a few euros in your safety than to deal with the consequences of ignorance.

SnapSext: Security Features and Anti-scam

Anti-scam is tricky here. On the one hand, everyone can create an account and start free hookups with other people, on the other hand, it doesn’t lead to any harmful consequences in most cases. The most dangerous fraud accounts are those who request private information or ask for money. If you see meet such a user, you should report him or her immediately. The service is one of the largest in the world meaning it attracts more and more fraud accounts. The staff informs users that they should be careful online and prevent themselves from any danger. “If something feels wrong, it probably isn’t.”

Support on SnapSext

The service ensures users that there is a 24/7 sophisticated team of anti-fraud and customer support team. Since the network is one of the biggest ones, it needs special attention, support, and protection. The staff members ensure that the ‘help’ section has answers to most questions.

SnapSext Mobile

There is no mobile application for the service, however, the website is responsive and adaptive to any mobile devices. The design could be much better and much more convenient, but it is possible to use the service on any device. The mobile version of the Snapsext looks better than a desktop one because it is less chaotic and more understandable. Users can find what they are looking for in a few minutes. In spite of being poorly designed, the service is responsive. It means you can scroll candidates on the subway with LTE internet connection, only make sure you have turned safe mode on.

Last Word About SnapSext

There is no need to explain what is Snapsext. People who come here already know who and what they are looking for. They already know what type of adult content is there and how to chat efficiently without getting in trouble. In spite of the poor design, the absence of the mobile app, plenty of free accounts and fraud danger, people keep registering here and buying a membership to find other people and take this risk. Risk and adult content are definitely things making the service one of the most popular in the world!

SnapSext Review
Snapsext review has shown that there are pros and cons even after the first few minutes of usage.
  • It has an elementary registration form
  • It is user-friendly
  • It shows plenty of users already on the homepage
  • The design is not stylish
  • The Terms&Conditions are displayed in a tiny window which makes it impossible to read carefully

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    SnapSext is the place, where the like-minded individuals gather to relax and blow off steam

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    best place to hook up online

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    I found on SnapSext a friend. At first, we flirted online, then met a few times and now she is my permanent sex partner. Never thought that sites like this can work)

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    I’m Andrew
    ONLY here to see nudes ONLY on this app

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    Just for those looking to hookup, that’s all.

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