MILFtastic Review

MILFtastic site review
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If you are looking for a quick hookup with a beautiful MILF, you won’t need to search further than MILFtastic. It is one of the best dating services for mature women and men seeking for experienced sex partners.

The atmosphere here is quite great. You will immediately feel welcomed since the vast majority of people here are ready for business.

You will only need to confirm your age and verify your credentials in order to be accepted as a member of this gorgeous community. Whether you are a man desperate for action or a mature woman looking for men capable of satisfying your sexual hunger, you will be happy to become a part of the Milftastic community.

Registration and Login on Milftastic

Milftastic is a website that spends a whole lot of time on verifying users and making sure that there are no fake accounts. At the same time, it is an adult-oriented hookup site meaning that employees must check whether their users are at least 18-years old. The registration will take three steps:

  1. Specify your intentions (are you a milf or a man looking for one?)
  2. Announce your location (country and city)
  3. Finalize the registration process by creating a username and a strong password

milftastic sign up

Milftastic Interface

Whenever it comes to web services, usability is the biggest priority for a developer. A website that confuses users will not survive for long. There are lots of interesting business concepts that never get on their feet simply due to problems with usability and interface. Even the horniest of us won’t be interested in a website that does not have an intuitive user interface and navigation that makes sense.

All navigational elements are grouped in the upper bar of the website allowing for quick and easy browsing. The profile page is also well-organized. You can easily edit the information, add new photos or change interests.

All in all, this website works really well as a MILF dating site. Obviously, due to its adult-oriented nature, you will see a lot more frivolous content and pictures. Be ready for it. It is not your typical site where people like nice chit-chats. It is a place designed for people who want to have sex with MILF and are willing to advertise themselves in this regard.

Milftastic Useful Features

The website allows you to quickly find a suitable sex partner whether you are looking for a sugar mommy or find yourself in desperate need for love from a young passionate man. One of the greatest features that you get from this website is that you can limit the search to your whereabouts. Search for mature ladies in your area and talk to them when you feel like it. At the same time, you can preemptively search for women in other areas and even countries if you have plans to travel.

milftastic - features

All features are simple enough for anyone to use. You can easily find a good mature match without any hassles due to a perfect matchmaking system based on scientific research. The company claims that their matchmaking engine accounts for interests, age, your history on the website, and more data to give you suggestions that may catch your attention.

Milftastic Members

The community is quite welcoming. Due to a frivolous nature of communication, you won’t find it difficult to start a conversation of just dive into the social life of the community without any resistance.

milftastic girl

Obviously, the overwhelming majority of users here are mature women and younger men searching for experience and wisdom in their sexual partners. At the same time, you may meet up with people that do not suit this description. While the website is obviously marketed towards cougars and cubs, the administration does not ban people who do not fit some made-up criteria.

Number of Users

The exact number of active users is unknown, but there are thousands of registered accounts. From our experience, the vast majority of people here tend to be quite active. There is no reason to register on a mature hookup site if you are not planning to talk to people.

Users’ Behavior

One of the best things about sites like is that people here are more than ready to dive straight into relationships. This website is a place where you can find a hookup and spend a nice weekend with a mature woman of your dreams. On the other hand, you can also find a young man ready to satisfy your mature desires!

Type of Members

There are two categories of users here: milfs who are searching for “cubs” and younger men looking for mature women. However, there are some people who do not fit the description. There are seldom deviations.

milftastic mobile

In terms of membership types, you can get a premium account to unlock all features of the website or stay as a regular member.

Communication Methods

You will be able to use the inbuilt e-mailing service, live chat, and exchange gifts. If you are lucky enough and manage to meet a person with similar interests and desires, you may ask for a phone number and take your relationship to the real world. There are various online communication means employed by this website and you can use all of them with a premium account.

Milftastic Price

Milftastic hookup site has a democratic pricing policy meaning that you won’t overpay or even need to pay if you don’t need specific features.

Free Account

The free account is more than enough for the vast majority of people. You will get a whole month of premium for the first month of service after registering. This month is a special period when you can meet up with other people and check out the functionality before you commit real money.


Active users who require more than basic communication features and want to find a sexual partner faster may want to purchase a Premium.

milftastic - payment

What Does the Premium Give You?

Users with premium accounts are not limited in terms of communication. You can send unlimited amounts of letters and even talk to people who do not want to be disturbed by people without a premium. You can send gifts, check out private profiles, and browse special image galleries.

Milftastic Safety

milftastic logo

The website is certainly amongst more respected services in the industry. While their cyber-security measures are not state-of-the-art, their administration team works very hard to reduce the number of fake accounts and scammers.

Every single member has to go through a long verification process and needs to provide some evidence that they are real people.

Milftastic: Customer Support

As mentioned previously, the customer support here is quite good. Caring employees will readily answer any questions regarding the site. You won’t have any problems with sorting out financial or technical issues with the service.

Milftastic – Сonclusion is a perfect place for younger men searching for more experienced women and cougars looking for men who are capable of fulfilling their wildest sex dreams. In our Milftastic review, we conclude that this website is one of the best in the industry when it comes to easy hookups and online adult dating with mature!

While the general vibe emanating from the website delivers nothing but good feelings, there are a couple of disadvantages.
  • Quick registration
  • Detailed profiles
  • Active community members
  • Caring customer support
  • Heavily specialized towards MILFs only
  • The website may load slower for people from outside the US
  • Search filters are not versatile

2 comments on “MILFtastic Review

  1. Kent44 says:

    I’ve joined the MILFTastic because of my passion to hookup an older woman. The only two things you need to know before coming to MILF Hookup:
    -sign up is free!
    -you are not hunting for MILFS, conversely, women have the passion for you!
    Take a peek.

  2. Amala says:

    I set up a profile. Within a couple of days, I had a chance to date bundle of young handsome guys. Now, I am preparing myself for the first date with the first of them!

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