Milfs Affair Review

MilfsAffair review
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MilfsAffair is a well-designed and incredibly versatile platform for both streamers and cougars looking for boys. While the visual design and the number of features are both outstanding, the website does have some minor problems.

MilfsAffair is a great place for those who either want to find an easy hookup with an experienced, passionate cougar or wants to watch some high-quality video content created by professionals and amateurs. You will be amazed by the number of ways to entertain yourself on this amazing website. It is an awesome social platform where you can watch live sex cams!

MilfsAffair: Interface and Features

What immediately strikes you when you go to the website is its visual design. It looks very contemporary and has a very simple user interface that hides its complexity under the mask of convenience. You will be able to quickly go from one part of the website to another without going through millions of links and buttons. At the same time, is a site that does have downtimes.

How to Login or SignUp to Site?

The registration process is very simple and quick. You won’t need to do anything difficult to create an account and start doing your business here. Either you are a performer or a new visitor, you won’t find it difficult to become a member. If you need any assistance, the customer support team will be more than happy to help you out.

milfsaffair - signup page

User Interface

The user interface is another thing about this website that deserves praise. It looks really nice. The aesthetic appeal of the UI is often what makes it or breaks it. In this case, the visuals are very clean and allow you to quickly distinguish buttons and different hyperlinks to get accustomed to the navigation.

There are several important buttons that you will use more often than others:

  • Who’s online. It is a list of all users who are currently online. The list includes both regular accounts and performers.
  • Find members. In the drop-down menu of this button, you will find various galleries of users and a link to the search page.
  • Buddies. This list of users contains only people who added you to their buddies.
  • Live cams. Accredited performers may be streaming for anyone who’s interested.
  • Live chat. This feature is the best and we will talk about it extensively below.


While all the features of this website are quite unique and can thoroughly entertain you. There is only one truly incredible feature that exists almost exclusively on this website. Their live chat is a special Adobe Flash app that allows you to connect to all users who are currently using the feature. You will see a list of people who are currently online and want to chat. Just click their image and immediately start a conversation. It is a very cool and somewhat random experience.

MilfsAffair Users

The community is not very welcoming compared to some other similar websites. People here are either professionals looking for an audience or experienced users of hookup websites. If you want to get a hookup, you will need to work harder than usual. Spending time on talking and participating in various live chats as well as watching amateurs performing for a small audience are both ways to create connections that can develop into something intriguing.

milfsaffair - cam list

Count and Quality Users

Due to the visuals and high-quality streaming service, this website attracts thousands of people from all over the world. People here are most careful when it comes to setting up dates. While on other websites you can be overwhelmed with attention, here you may need to be a little bit more proactive. However, if you get a relationship here, it can truly blossom and turn into a long-term affair.

milfsaffair - profile


While this website has many ways to connect people, the main focus of the website is on providing a high-quality experience for viewers. It is not a strictly hookup site but rather a very sophisticated social platform featuring live streaming.

  • If you are watching a live stream, you will be able to send messages and gifts to performers as well as participating in their stream chats.
  • However, the most interesting feature is their live chat that allows you to instantly start messaging a user that you liked.

milfsaffair - cam

MilfsAffair: Free and Premium

There are some minor differences between premium and free users. However, the main difference is that you can use the live chat extensively and view any shows without limitations if you are a premium user. Whether it is worth it to get a subscription and invest in purchasing credits is up to you. If you need an elevated experience and enjoy good adult content, paying is the only right choice.

Free Account

If you are a free user, you will able to view the gallery of shows and even watch some of them. However, special sex shows and private showings will not be available to you. At the same time, you won’t be able to send unlimited messages in the live chat.


Paying customers enjoy a rich assortment of privileges including an ability to view hidden profiles and chatting without any limitations. Premium is not overpriced and provides a lot of various benefits despite its relatively low price.

milfsaffair - payment

MilfsAffair – Security and Support

As you would expect from a website with such a great design and lots of content, it has all modern methods of cyber protection. As usual, we recommend you to create a new set of credentials to protect your personal data.

The support team is very responsive and usually reacts to user inquiries within a couple of minutes. In busy times (mostly on weekends), you may need to wait a couple of hours.

MilfsAffair – Conclusions

MilfsAffair milf hookup site is a great place to watch sex shows and search for experienced MILF who would not be against spending some time with an eager cub. As you noticed, our MilfsAffair review is quite positive. All we can say is that you need to visit the website in order to believe the fact that this is one of the best hookup sites on the internet!

Milfs Affair Review
  • A great community of very interesting people
  • Great visual design and smooth transitions from one page to another
  • Works both as an adult content aggregator and a social platform
  • The website has some issues regarding stability
  • Most features are gated with the paywall
  • You may need to work to get a hookup here

4 comments on “Milfs Affair Review

  1. Johnny says:

    What is cool about this website is that you can first watch a video of a person or watch their show and then decide whether you want to get in touch. Obviously, more popular people enjoy more attention and the competition is fierce, but the experience was nice. I like it and highly recommend this website to people who have a fetish for milfs.

  2. Stephany says:

    I’ve been very happy with the service so far. It provides a convenient way to stream yourself. I like being exposed and put up a show for young men who would literally go a long distance to meet me IRL! It is amazing for amateurs and lonely women like me.

  3. Deepak says:

    It was so easy! For me, it was enough to upload some of my best pictures, write down some description and my preferences and in a couple of days, I got the first PM. The day after I got 3 more. Are you asking whether I had chosen my MILF? Yes, I did ;). And I am still with her. She is amazing in bed. So experienced nice woman!

  4. Pratap says:

    At the first date, I had a really sexy pleasant time within one of the most beautiful horny females I have ever seen!

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