Mennation Review

mennation review
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Our Mennation review is positive. It offers great opportunities for men to find a lover for one or more nights. It is considered one of the most famous and popular sites among gay and bisexual men. The user can choose a free membership or paid subscription with many features. Men can get acquainted with various functions for communication from simple messages to private chat rooms (with BDSM and Fetish). This allows you to admire and spend time with great imagination. The site has a large customer base from different corners and cities, allowing you to find a couple nearby. The security system is also good and reliable.

If you go to the first page of, you will immediately see an easy-to-understand interface, simple steps to sign up, and then you will see many different cool features that allow you to find a sex partner faster. Users can filter people by different characteristics (age, preferences in sex life, places of residence, etc.). User activity is collected automatically by the site. With a good communication system, partners can get to know each other and have fun.

How to Login to

The registration system is very simple and requires only a few steps. You can do it for free and spend just a few minutes. Properly entered information about you and your tastes will help you find a partner faster. All you need to specify are:

  • the name of the e-mail
  • location
  • password
  • the name you will use
  • age

These details will be recorded on your profile so they are mandatory. Then, you need to supplement your profile with additional information on sexual orientation, race, and a small story about yourself. You can return to logging at any time to correct or supplement it. The user will then be able to view site features and view free or paid subscriptions.

Mennation User Interface

The user interface is simple and straightforward. The registration process only takes a few minutes. The last step you need to go through is to complete your profile. You can do this anytime. And you can easily understand the search engine and filters. Users have the opportunity to make new friends, chat with them and have fun online.

mennation main page

Any person who wants to find a couple can easily and simply spend time on the site. The interface is clear so it won’t be much of a hassle when communicating or using features. If you want to have sex with a beautiful man then here you will see a great opportunity for it. There are so many hot guys, bisexuals, and those who want to have extreme sex. You will be able to find a lover hero due to the convenience and simplicity of the site.

Mennation Features

Mennation offers many features, although most of them are paid. Each participant can use video chat with excellent quality. You can enjoy each other with webcams that will add pleasure to what you see and hear. There are many different ways to get partners’ attention, such as winking, chat, emails, and more.

The filter is a very good service feature. Users can find a partner in different categories of interest faster. In addition to the usual search features such as age, taste, location, the user can find a person by lifestyle, sexual preferences and more. The site has a feature called “Hot or Not”. Any persons you have marked will be listed as hot. You choose them by viewing the visitor profiles.

The visitor can also communicate via messages, emails, video chat, private chat rooms, and more. You can check out the blog journal on the site where there are many interesting ideas and stories. This is a great feature.

Mennation Users

There are many users (more than 50 million) who want to find relationships for fun and sex. If you want to find love or a partner for life then this site is not for you. Here there are only men who want mutual sexual entertainment and casual hook-ups. This speaks about the popularity and legality of the site. The site accepts many users who want to hook up tonight. Therefore, only those persons who want sex and even meeting in BDSM and Fetish chat rooms are registered here. If you belong to this category of people you can also become a member of the service.

Count and Quality Users

Mennation gay hookup site has a large number of people who want to make more than just dating. They want to hook up with guys with the same tastes or preferences in sex. About 50 million people are visitors on the site and many are actively searching. For many features, they buy subscriptions and become permanent members. People who want to diversify their lives, have fun and relax from a hard day’s work or those who don’t want to have a long relationship are users here.

mennation users

You can meet gays and bisexuals here. If you want to become a member you can easily sign up and try to find a partner for free. An effective search engine contributes to this. And a large number of participants are a guarantee that each user will be able to find a partner for the night. If you have the desire to have fun at least one night with the guy of your dreams then you can start searching on the site today. Here you will meet partners of different tastes in sex and entertainment.


Mennation gay dating site offers many features for communication. A very popular feature is group chat for all comers. Each visitor can also send instant messages or emails. User activity online is visible to everyone. In the online forum, people can discuss different topics. Members can post videos to their profiles. And users can watch these videos. Everyone can express their thoughts and experiences on the blog that is available on the site.

Video chat is possible for all users, both for free and for paid subscribers. You can chat in private or group chat rooms. This way you can look at each other and have sex. Many users are willing to meet. You will find out about the profiles of participants through filters where you can choose a person by the criteria you want. Users will also be able to chat with each other and hear a voice.

mennation live cams

Mennation: Free and Premium

Every user has the opportunity to register for free. However, participants can then purchase a paid subscription for a fixed period. It gives more features to enjoy than free membership. This can be video chatting or texting to many people, watching videos multiple times a day, and more.

Free Account

In your free account, you will only be able to chat. And another feature for visitors without a single subscription is access to one recorded video per day. You will only be able to watch one video per participant per day.


Many features on the site can help you talk to your desired partners. However, for most of them, you have to pay. In other words, you have to buy a paid subscription. This is the recommended and best option for anyone who wants to get to know and have sex today. You have the option of paying for one month, three or even a full year in advance. The price starts at $30.

mennation price

Mennation: Security and Support

Compared to other gay hookup sites Mennation has a well-developed support system. You can ask any questions about the site or report about any problems. Only people over the age of 18 can become users. However, if you notice that the person you are dating is too young, you can report this to the site. You do not have to place sexually explicit videos on the service to feel safe. In case of any misconduct by other users, you can report it to the site. So the site maintains good user support and security for the best communication and date.

Mennation Mobile Version

The site does not have any mobile version yet. However, this is not a problem. After all, you can browse the site on your smartphone. It is very comfortable and easy. The mobile version is no different from the computer version. You will be able to be online as well and receive the same features. Using them all is convenient and easy on the phone as well.

Mennation Review – Finally

The site helps to reveal all the guys who do not know how to meet on the street because of fear of rejection or because of different sexual preferences. If you look for hookup websites for all people then you can register here. Every member can easily understand the interface of the service. The simple and advanced search engine will help you find a sexual partner. Users can communicate through various features. And video chat rooms will spark your imagination and add to the satisfaction.

Mennation Review
  • There are many ways to communicate
  • Large number of users
  • Choice of chat rooms (BDSM and Fetish)
  • Affordable prices
  • Nice and easy interface
  • No Android App
  • Finding partners takes time
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