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LonelyMilfClub is a perfect service for younger men who want to get acquainted with mature women who are also looking for cubs. Both parties are represented here equally. It is not hard to find a woman who would love to cuck her husband and get busy with an energetic young cub. Some women here are willing to support their cubs financially if necessary.

LonelyMilfClub: Interface and Features

One of the problems with the website is that it has a somewhat dated interface. It looks good and does not create any problems for users. However, modern web design has made multiple steps forward and this website forgot to follow the trends. While the quality of online experience is not hindered by the lack of some modern innovations, it is worth mentioning that some problems with the UI do exist.

How to Login to Site?

The registration process is very simple and happens on a single page. You don’t need to fill out extensive lists of questions to get started. All you need to do is to specify your age, gender, and what kind of partners you are looking for. After that, you should create a strong password and get started.

lonelymilfclub - signup

User Interface

We don’t want to talk extensively about the interface simply because it is just dull. It does not have any issues regarding functionality. It works, it allows you to quickly get from one part of the website to another, and it certainly has that clarity and cleanness that many similar websites lack. However, there is nothing of importance here and all features that the interface has do not deserve additional attention. What you need to know is that navigation is relatively simple and that everything in the UI works as intended.

lonelymilfclub - interface


Again, the website does not push the boundaries of the industry and follows a pretty much standard formula in terms of functionality. The list of communication methods, as well as some other little neat additions such as “Hot or Not” game and notifications, are implemented well. The vast majority of modern hookup sites have lots of similarities and try to implement features that work best. LonelyMilfClub hookup site with MILF is not an exception. Everything here is just standard which is not a bad thing at all.

lonelymilfclub - feature

Users on LonelyMilfClub

The community is comprised of milfs and even younger women. However, men are mostly on the younger side. The demography of the website was established years ago and has been quite steady for quite a while. This community is a great place to fish for easy MILF hookups. If you are young and energetic, you won’t find it difficult to attract a woman who wants to spice her life.

Count and Quality Users

There are several thousand active accounts and a couple of hundred people are always online. The number of users does not grow and the population of the service has remained stable for a long period of time. It means that there are some people who established long-running online relationships and that people here are not that friendly.

lonelymilfclub - profile

It does not mean that they do not like newcomers. You will notice that people here are not as proactive as on many other similar websites. You will often need to make the first move.

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Talking to other people, exchanging letters and photos, and all other forms of socialization are the only reasons why we use websites such as LonelyMilfClub. The good thing is that you will be able to use all available communication methods to do several things at once:

  • Search for women who are desperate for sex and get easy hookups;
  • Establish long-lasting online relationships;
  • Seek for sponsors (women who are financially independent and will support you in exchange for sex);
  • Engage in cybersex and enjoy high-quality interactions with other people.

LonelyMilfClub: Free and Premium

The difference between paying and not paying is very vivid. Without investing in your account, you won’t be able to get an great hookup. If you want to get in touch with a woman that you like, you will need to pay for extra messages and the ability to check out her profile and private photos/videos.

Free Account

A free user will be enjoying most of the features. You can browse the gallery of users and check out profiles of women. You can also message them and talk in a chat. However, all these features are limited and will be fully entertaining only if you upgrade your account.


The premium is the best way to enjoy your time at LonelyMilfClub. It is a good way to completely avoid limitations. Unlimited messaging and the ability to see hidden photos and videos of members will be a great way to ensure that you have higher chances to get laid!

lonelymilfclub - payment

LonelyMilfClub – Security and Support

The security on the website is very good. The SSL-encryption, verification of users, and other forms of security measures are here and work well. Payments are handled by a third party system. The only problem is that they have extensions for Chrome and Firefox that are very intrusive. You may need to disable them in the settings.

The support team works well and responds to problems of users in a timely fashion. It is one of the best support teams in the industry.

LonelyMilfClub Conclusion

While our LonelyMilfClub review sounds neutral at best, the website has many redeeming qualities. It has all standard features yet feels above average. It is a good place to look for mature women hungry for sex. It works well on many levels and allows you to get an easy hookup with a woman that would also love to support you financially.

Lonely Milf Club Review
LonelyMilfClub is, as the name suggests, a great place to seek for mature women who are looking for a great time on the side. While the website has many good qualities, its focus on advertising other services and features can be a little bit annoying. Otherwise, it is a good dating site to look for easy hookup with MILF!
  • Thousands of people to hook up with
  • A very intuitive visual design
  • Low price
  • The website is full of annoying ads
  • There are some features that completely gated by the paywall
  • Navigation feels a little bit clunky

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  1. Marre-heref says:

    Lonelymilfclub is a site where you can get laid. What else can I say? Women here are very simple and just want to have sex.

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