LesbieDates Review

lesbie dates review
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While some websites are trying to find a suitable gimmick, LesbieDates has found its niche and successfully caters to a huge audience of lesbians. If you are looking for a hookup or want to have a memorable threesome with a bisexual, you will be able to find a way to fulfill your dreams at LesbieDates. It is a very interesting adult dating site designed specifically for lesbians!

Lesbie Dates: Interface and Features

LesbieDates hookup site provides a wide variety of useful features. You will be able to set up your personal account, search for suitable dates, exchange messages, and use other social features. Due to a rich assortment of search filters, finding a perfect match won’t be a problem. If you are feeling horny, there is no better place for a quick hook up than LesbieDates.

How to Register at LesbieDates Site?

There are only several steps that you need to make in order to become a member of this community! review will tell you exactly what you need to do:

  1. Specify your gender and what type of date you are looking for
  2. You need to confirm that you are older than 18
  3. Fill in the e-mail address field (the verification code will be delivered to your e-mail)
  4. Create a strong, unique password
  5. Select your geographical location

After finishing these steps, you will need to add a photo to your account. It is not necessary, but you will get more attention from ladies if you have a compelling photo. The registration process is quite simple and won’t take much time.

lesbiedates - signup

User Interface

One of the best things about this website is its concise, easy-to-use interface. The vast majority of navigational elements are grouped in the upper bar of the interface. There are several important buttons:

  1. Menu opens a sidebar with access to your feed and recent activity
  2. Search button will send you to the page where you can start looking for matches
  3. Inbox is a place where you can check incoming messages and flirtations sent to your from other users
  4. Views, Winks, and Friends show you people who visited your page or liked you
  5. Your photograph is a button that sends you to the profile page where you can edit personal information

lesbiedates - homepage


It is hard to find a more technically equipped website. Usually, lesbian hookup sites have the bare minimum of features. You are usually not able to set up complicated filters or communicate using a variety of channels. provides you a plethora of ways to enjoy your stay:

  • Advanced search feature allows you to use multiple filters to find specific individuals or people who fit your image of a perfect match.
  • Winks and Flirtations are special emotions that you can send to users that you like. it is a neat feature that allows you to quickly establish connections without starting a conversation.
  • Like Gallery is a matchmaking engine that will endlessly show you potential matches. You can choose users you like and if they also like you, you will be able to talk to them.

LesbieDates: Types of Members

When it comes to lesbian dating sites, it is important to have a strong community of passionate people. LesbieDates is a perfect site for “odd” people whose sexual tastes slightly deviates from what the majority considers “normal”. Bisexuals and lesbians are all welcomed here. It is a great place to search for someone who is open to new sexual experiences!

very cool girl

Count and Quality Users

The vast majority of users are very talkative people. This website managed to create a very distinct image of its core audience. is a place where lesbians try to find a partner for long-term relationships or a one-night stand.

The amount of users is not high, but you will be warmly welcomed by the existing community. Most users are actively looking for someone to either have sex with or create a relationship. It means that you will have no trouble finding someone who is willing to talk to you and, possibly, even invite you to their place!

lesbiedates - profile

As mentioned previously, despite its name, the website is not catering to lesbians exclusively. You can be a straight man or woman and still look for someone!


The rich variety of communication options is another important part of online adult dating. provides users with a large assortment of communication tools. To name a few:

  • A versatile message system that works like e-mail.
  • Winks are used to expressing your sympathy towards someone.
  • Direct chatting with a person who added you as a friend.

LesbieDates: Free and Premium

There are two types of accounts: free and premium. When you first register on, you become a free member. You will be offered a free tour with unlimited messages.

Free Account

Free accounts cannot see full photos of users and cannot send as many messages as they want. Some profiles will be also hidden from you.


Purchasing premium is a good way to utilize this dating website to its fullest potential. Check out full photos of users and messages without any limitations!

lesbiedates - payment

LesbieDates: Security and Support

The website is protected via SSL-encryption. The backend is also protected by one of the best hosting providers in the industry. In terms of cyber-security, this website is definitely amongst the best.

The support team is always ready to help you. The main communication channel is the native messaging system. It has all the necessary means of communication and works as a direct chat with a support employee.

LesbieDates: The Main Conclusion

In our review, we focused primarily on the quality of online experience and features that this website offers to its users. However, you should note that we are more than happy with the quality of service and community. It is a nice place to search for quick hookups and look for people who are ready for sexual experiments!

If you are on your journey of discovering your own sexuality, checking out such an open-minded community as the one at is a must!

LesbieDates Review
  • A wide variety of interesting features
  • Girls are always happy to talk and hookup
  • Premium are more than affordable compared to many hookup sites
  • Navigation can seem a bit confusing to some users
  • Interface is lacking compared to the best websites in the industry

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