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Instant Hookups review faced a few negative features of the site, but the overall impression is strongly positive.

  • Smooth and responsive design
  • ViewYourLatestMatches option
  • High level of safety and mobile adaptivity
  • The necessity to provide credit card credentials before access the free account
  • The necessity to agree on receiving promotional emails
  • There is no mobile app

The first impression after the review is positive. The homepage of the website with benefits that allows you to discover the individual preferences of your potential partner. Here you can find new options for sexual and erotic experiments as well as strong hookup.

Number of Members
Quality of Profiles
Easy of Use
Customer Service

How to Login to Instant Hookups?

The login page is not obvious, and you have to choose who are you looking for in the service. Next, you should define and state your hookup preferences. The options are:
  • Young and legal
  • Older
  • Caucasian
  • Black
  • Latina
  • Biracial/multiracial
  • Asian
After you have defined your hookup preferences, you should select a body type you are interested in. They can be muscular, curvy, skinny, and fit. You can also choose ‘doesn’t matter’ option as well. Next, choose your purpose of creating an account. It can be searching for a one-night stand, friends with benefits, and a one-night stand. Before creating the account on, you should check the username and put in your email address. One thing that is not pleasing is that you can’t create an account without agreeing to receive promotional emails from the retailer. Another disappointing moment forces you to give your credit card details before accessing the website content.instanthookup homepage

Instant Hookups Interface

The website has a stylish and responsive design that is pleasant to use.The main page has enough information about the platform to give an understanding of what are you registering at and what should you expect there. The responsive design and nicely written content only represent the main content of the site which is affordable after the registration, where every user has to provide credit card credentials even for a free account. There is a selection of users generated by a special feature called ViewYourLatestMatches. Here you will find people that stand for your initial requirements such as body type, preferences, nationality, and other. The profiles displayed in this tab are usually online and are located in your area because the website is oriented on instant hookups. There are plenty of other features such as messaging, video chat, and other that helps people to get in hookup online.

Useful Features on Instant Hookups

The service is oriented on instant hookups. They encourage potential users that the system finds the best match for a hookup the same evening you have created an account. It is based on GPS AutoMatch system and chooses those members who are online at the moment in accordance with the preferences mentioned during the registration process. It means that you should be ready to go out tonight, the same evening you have created the account. This particular feature attracts millions of users all around the world.instanthookup is all about speed and success. The service encourages users that they don’t have to walk around the bars or coffee houses anymore. On the non-standard hookup platform, it is possible to find any type of hookup for today or tomorrow. You will know for sure that the person needs the same thing you do so you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. You can choose the body-type, appearance, nationality, and other preferences. The selection is much better than in regular bars and clubs!There are various options for communication. On it is possible to chat online, use video chat, and find sexual story here. Communication is a significant part of a hookup for some people; other come to the site for a single reason – a one-night stand. However, you never know how every hookup will end and what will you feel when meeting in person.The website offers to have an affair with no fear. This feature is oriented on people who are often in business trips and need more than a spouse can offer, for people who are excited about having a secret affair with a married person, for those, who have long lasting relationships and looking for something more than that. There are plenty of people around the world who are having a secret affair. The service will help you to have it faster and more efficient. The chances are high no one except you will know about it.instanthookup statsInstantHookups offers an auto-match feature that helps you to find the best hookup for this evening. It is based on the details provided during the registration, your location, and activity. The ViewYourLatestMatches page offers to find people who might be interesting to you. Not only it gives a selection of best users in accordance with your details, but it also updates the selection every time with new members and those who are online. The function is adjustable by changing personal details.

Users on InstantHookup

Number of Users

According to to the information on the website, instant hookups has a lot of users all over the world. They have new members every day and update search results and ViewYourLatestMatches tab constantly. New accounts are considered to be the most attractive ones for older users who have already got familiar with most accounts in the site. Therefore new account is always top rated and has more popularity. It is better to upgrade an account while it is still new to have more chances for instant hookups. The convenient counter on the main page shows how many people are there in your area right now. For example, it shows around two thousand women and around 200 men for London. However, the number of men is somehow much lower than women.

User Quality

Each user states a few personal details which most describe the appearance and sexual preferences. Therefore, if you are looking for a real hookup, for example, one-night stand sex, it is better to chat and get familiar with each other first. The accounts have a photo. In general, it is possible to define whether you are ready or not to hook up with a particular person from an account. The communication is running as fast as “are you ready to hook up tonight at 21?” and the answer to that is “yes”. Most of the private information such as education, lifestyle, profession, hobbies, and other, can be discussed in person. The website is oriented on fast hookups, so users have more details of their appearance rather than personality.

Member Types

There are free and paid type of members at Unfortunately, it is impossible to reach the website without providing your credit card details. Paid membership gives a certain list of benefits and releases all the limitations. It is possible to explore the service with a free account. However, it is still impossible to send an unlimited number of messages to other people and to watch the certain content of the service. Free accounts have less trust then paid ones. Members will go out with paid members more likely than with free ones. There are free cams, chats, advanced search and many more benefits for members who have bought a membership. It is always better to have a premium account and use all the benefits of the site.

Communication of Users

Review of InstantHookups site has shown that there are plenty of various communication methods. The service service built for live communication and more, but if you want to hang out online with people who are far from you, it is possible via live video chat. Live chat, like FaceTime and Skype, connects people a lot. The service doesn’t have tons of options for commenting, seeing flirts, gifts, and other. However, it is oriented on chatting and getting in touch fast, without useless features that slow down the process.

InstantHookups: Price

The price for the platinum membership is not cheap, and there are no coin or token system. There is one trial free day for getting to know the service and its functions. After this trial day, the system will automatically charge $49.95 for the next month of platinum membership, and the same happens at the end of every month (the date of your registration). It is possible to cancel the subscription any time via a phone call or online chat. Is possible to pay via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or JCB.


The policy of having a free account on the site is very strict. In other words, it is almost impossible to be registered without paying a monthly membership. The free trial period lasts only one day. On the one hand, it prevents the service from scam account, on the other, it gives a little time for exploring the service for free. If you want to be a member of the community, there will be no problem in paying $50 per month.


Users get premium or platinum account automatically after one free day of trial. During the registration process, it is necessary to provide credit card details. The full amount of one month membership os does not charge for one day giving a chance to get familiar with the site. After that period every user is automatically upgraded to premium and gets all the benefits of the hookup service for one month until the next payment. There are various promotions and discounts from time to time.instanthookup payment

What Gives the Premium?

Premium gives full access to the website and its users. The service members ensure premium users that they can get a hook up the same evening. Premium includes:
    • Viewing all profiles
    • Personalized match-making
    • Expedited support
    • Free cam shows
    • Full sized pictures
    • Unlimited and advanced search
    • Webcam Chats
    • Sending and receiving emails
    • Access videos of members
    In other words, with premium, you can do everything and enjoy the experience of InstantHookups.

    Why is it Cool Taking a Premium Account?

    This particular platform doesn’t give a chance to enjoy free content, videos, photos, and adult cam shows. It is also impossible to access users without providing credit card details. Such a restrictions filter most scam accounts and leave only those who are interested in having an affair with good intentions. It is worth taking premium because the chances are high that you will have a hookup the same day. There is no other way to get the full access to the service but having a premium account.

    Instant Hookups Security and Anti-scam

    Due to the necessity of providing the credit card details on the registration, developers of Instant Hookups site have provided a healthy environment for all the premium members of the service. Scammers prefer popular websites for meet up where free accounts have more benefits than one day of free trial and then automatic charging. However, all the users would always keep an eye on what are they writing and to who. Check the profile carefully before meeting in person. Do not provide your real address, meet in downtown or elsewhere. Do not share your login information, your credit card details, your personal name, and other identifying data.

    Support from Instant Hookups

    There is a phone number of customer support on the website and a live chat that helps customers to respite any issues. Are members can report abuse, ask any questions, and cancel the subscription. In the case of the subscription cancellation, you will have access to the service until the day of the next payment, until the end of the month (the date of your registration).

    Mobile Instant Hookups

    The website is adjusted to the mobile devices and has a very convenient design. Every text bar, icon, picture, and all the other content perfectly fit the screen of your device and makes it convenient to scroll candidates for today’s hookup. It is easy and convenient to have a feed of users in your phone. You can chat, read, and watch videos. Mobile adaptivity makes it easy to use the service and not to worry about logging in and out from your computer. You can use the time in a traffic jam, in a bus, in a line, or coffee break to drop a line to a person you like giving him or her more time to plan the evening.

    Instant Hookups – Сonclusion

    After the InstantHookups review, it is reasonable to say that the website worth the attention of those who are looking of new experience and intimate novelties. The service has a smooth and responsive design and high quality of safety from scam accounts by requesting credit card details during registration. The service is GDPR compliant. It is adaptive to mobile devices what makes it easy to use. Instant Hookups offers clients to get in touch with a person and meet her or him in person the same evening. They guarantee satisfaction.

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