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The Hookups Wanted is a perfect example of an adult online dating site done right. All necessary features are there as well as many additional little nuances that make your experience memorable. This website is specifically designed to cater to older audiences and people who are seeking quick hookups without any responsibilities.

Hookups Wanted: Interface and Features

Usability is never the most important thing when it comes to dating sites. Nevertheless, websites that are designed poorly never deliver in terms of user experience. Fortunately, this website is amongst those doing it right. You will enjoy every minute of the stay.

How to Login or SignUp to the Site?

Even the registration process feels very smooth and simple. You won’t have any problems with the registration process. Enter some basic information about your dating preferences, your e-mail address, and create a set of credentials that you will be able to memorize easily. You don’t even need to confirm the registration. You can start using the service right away and, let us tell you, it is a great service!

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User Interface

One of the problems that we had with the service is that it approaches the navigation differently when compared to other similar services. It is not better or worse. It’s just different. Instead of putting the most commonly used menu elements in the upper bar of the page, they decided to pile everything together in a very messy drop-down menu. It does confuse you a little at the beginning, but you get used to it quickly.

hookups wanted - homepage

There are several important menu elements:

  • Find a match. This is a simple game where you like (or dislike) profiles of users that suit your initial description of a perfect match. If they like you back, you will be paired in a chat window.
  • Photos and Videos. This is a gallery of media files published by community members.
  • Popular profiles. Here you can check out profiles that were visited frequently by other users.
  • Free games. If you feel bored or wait for an answer from someone, you can simply play a couple of free flash games. It is a nice addition to the online experience.

There are many other cool parts of the website such as porn channels and XXX video clips. The variety of entertainments is quite amazing.

hookups wanted - videos


The website offers a wide spectrum of tools for any user! If you want to entertain yourself with adult content, feel free to go to various media galleries. If you are looking for a quick hookup, message a girl or a boy that you like. Most people are answering quickly and the community as a whole is very welcoming of newcomers. Most of the features that deserve separate mentioning correspond with menu elements for them and we discussed them above.

hookups wanted features

Hookups Wanted: Members

There is nothing better than an adult dating site that features a lot of interesting people worth spending time on. The vast majority of users here are looking for quick hookups meaning that you don’t need to “play nice”. You can tell them right away that you are interested in sex and you won’t be disappointed with responses.

Count and Quality Users

We do not know the exact count of users at Hookups Wanted. However, it feels that there are thousands of active users. We were never left “alone”. It is quite easy to find someone to talk to and enjoy your time here. If you do not want to waste your time, you can just start messaging immediately after creating an account. You will need a photo to be more popular though.

hookups wanted - members


There are several quite simple yet powerful communication tools that you can use. The variety of options is not mind-boggling but you will find everything you need to start a meaningful conversation.

Live chat. It is a feature implemented by many social networks and it works wonderfully. Stay in touch with interesting people all the time. All currently open chats will be available globally on the website and all of them are neatly grouped in the chat section of the website.

Hookups Wanted: Free and Premium

While a free account is all that you need to start talking to people, you may need some more “juice” in order to get actual dates and enjoy the full spectrum of adult content available to users of this amazing website. Consider getting a subscription to enjoy your time at the Hookups Wanted adult dating site.

Free Account

Browsing accounts, playing the “Find a Match” game, using the gallery, and watching XXX videos is free. However, you may need to upgrade to premium in order to engage in long conversations with people since the number of messages you can send, as a free user, is limited.


Premium users enjoy quite a wide range of privileges including the ability to see private media files and chatting without limits. If you are truly interested in finding a hookup on this website, you will most certainly need to purchase the Premium. If you do not want to invest right away, you can get a 3-day trial for less than $9. If you don’t like it, you can simply cancel your subscription.

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Hookups Wanted: Security and Support

This is one of the best sites in the adult dating industry at the moment and they approach cyber security very seriously. They use the SSL-encryption protection of data and make sure that their backend is impenetrable for hackers. However, we would, as usual, suggest you use a separate set of credentials when registering.

The support team is not the best in the world. While all support tickets are handled professionally, it takes a lot of time to get support to do something about any kind of problem with the service.

Is Hookups Wanted Good to Hookup?

As you may have noticed, our Hookups Wanted review is very positive. There are many reasons why this is the case. The website is very good. It looks very clean and professional. You won’t have any difficulties with the interface. The community is very open and friendly. The amount of additional features and types of adult content is just mind-boggling. Everything seems to be top notch. The only problem is that their support team takes its time to respond.

Hookups Wanted Review
Hookups Wanted offers a stellar online experience in terms of online adult dating and provides all the necessary tools for you to use. It is hard to find and problems with the service since it is one of the best websites out there both in terms of technical aspects and the quality of interactions with users.
  • International website with thousands of active users
  • Profiles with information that actually matters
  • Visually and technically impressive website
  • Not the best support team in the world

2 comments on “Hookups Wanted Review

  1. berettte33 says:

    I think that this website is the best! I used my fair share of dating sites and can firmly say that this website is amongst the best in the market. It has a lot of potentials to be THE best. I love everything about it: the visuals, the speed of the site itself, and the fact that even an ugly guy like me can find a girl here!

  2. Emma says:

    What I like about Hookups Wanted is that they have a lot of cool content from users. Photos, erotic videos, and even videos from porn studios. Even if you don’t want to date anyone, the amount of content available to premium users is enough to keep you thoroughly entertained!

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