Hookup.com Review

HookUp.com review

The first impression of the website is interesting. Hookup.com review has revealed a few significant advantages and disadvantages of this site for hookup!

  • Impressive web design
  • Plenty of users, including love stars
  • Adult content, videos, and streaming
  • There are chatbots called “love stars” on the service
  • The website is not adaptive
Hookup.com review starts with an amassing background video that allows you to imagine the adult atmosphere instantly on the site. It makes an impression of the place where all your intimate secret desires come true. It is the place where you can be whoever you want without being concerned about any rules and moral obligations. People come here to have fun and hookup, and they do!
Number of Members
Quality of Profiles
Easy of Use
Customer Service

SingUp to Hookup.com?

Hookup.com is a website with simple rules and no obligations. Here you can do whatever you want no matter who you are and what are your regular principles. Principles will no more prevent you from revealing your desires. The registration form requests a set of standard information – username, password, email, your gender, and preferences. It is also necessary to state the birth date and country. Next, you have to activate your account via the link in the email. The account can not be created without email confirmation. The service notifies new users that there are adult materials on the website. All the users must be at least 18 years old. The email can not appear instantly on your account, you have to wait a few minutes. The registration process is simple and fast. In a few minutes, you can already use your free account and enjoy the sexual content.

hookup site reg

Site Interface

The website is convenient and well designed. You can easily find any information and content you are interested in. The site part of terms and conditions states that the website is created for adult entertainment purposes only. After the registration, you access the service where a feed of members are waiting for you to contact them to hookup. The counter in the upper line shows the number of online users which is usually a few thousand!

hookup site interface

Here you can also find members matching your criteria. There can be around five or six hundred users depending on your expectations and criteria of search. Some images are hidden. It says that the content contains nudity.

Once you are registered, you receive a lot of notifications and various pop-ups notifying you that there is a new message waiting for you. The message window is already opened, and someone is trying to reach you in spite of completely empty account and no photos. This is the evidence of chatbots that appear on the website and trying to start a conversation to involve a person into the community. Chatbots have a special mark, “online cupid”. The content of such profiles doesn’t refer to a real person. They are created to entertain people and make an impression of the positive atmosphere on the site. They are like a PJs on the dance floor, who help people to make the first step to meetup.

Useful Features

hookup site reg cams

The main features are notifications, connections, mailing, online now, scoreboard, videos, live sex cameras, and search. All these features can be found on the top of the website. Notifications show who have invited you to have a conversation and other activities on the web service. You can follow the latest news with notifications not to miss anything important, especially when subscribed to your favorite models.

Connections show who are you connected with and who of these people are online at the moment. Here you can find people you like very fast. Mailbox looks like a regular mailing agent. It means that you can send emails on the service and have a chat as well. Sending emails is much more romantic and beautiful than regular chatting.

The scoreboard is an interesting feature. Here you have a few tabs and a list of profiles. All of them have a score in being online and social, their activity, interaction, connection, and sharing. You can choose any of those profiles and start communication. Keep in mind that ‘love stars’ appear here as well. If you are looking for real people, you should communicate with featured users.

There is plenty of adult content under the video section. Here you can find videos with sex to any taste. There are a rating and number of watches on every video. You can sort them by categories for example, most recent, most viewed, random, premium, and other. Live cams show girls and men who are streaming at the moment.

hookup site webcams

The search option has many features, however, it doesn’t have the main one – it doesn’t sort chatbots “love stars” from real members of the Hookup.com. It means that you have to check every account to find a real person to start hookup. If you don’t need communication and you use the service only for entertaining content, it doesn’t matter who to chat with and what to write to other profiles.


Count of Users

Here are plenty of users online every time on the Hookup. However, keep in mind that many of them are “love stars” that are chatbots or fake accounts for attracting attention and stimulating communication. This information is useful if you are looking for a real person on the website with a perspective to meetup in person. If you are looking for adult entertainment, communication for fun and you acknowledge and accept this, the platform is a really perfect place for you! Here is sex content with men, women, and couples. You can find whoever you want and start a conversation to see what happens next. It can be anyone from people who are online at the moment. However, it is impossible to filter chatbots from real users.

Quality of Users

80-90% of users look very attractive. It might look suspicious and be evidence of the questionable legitimacy of the Hookup. For those who are looking for love or at least meeting in person, have an affair, or other, the service might be inappropriate. But for people who are looking for fun and doesn’t expect meaningful communication but interesting videos, streaming, and photos, it should not matter whether there are real or fake accounts under the pretty profile photos. There are real accounts which you can find and save. However, as a rule, all the fun is on the love stars’ pages. You can share your personal details and upload photos, or you can leave an empty profile and still communicate with LSs.

hookup site members photos

Type of Members

There are “love stars” and featured members on the Hookup.com. The terms and conditions say that some profiles, names ‘LS’ can be fictitious and are associated with the “Online Cupid’s” service. Members have to acknowledge and accept that fact. Such members are designated with the following logo. The love stars are designed to stimulate conversation with users. Messages from such LSs can be generated with no human involvements or written by third parties hired by the company. All the content in the profiles of love stars are created for entertainment purposes and has nothing to deal with real persons. The bottom line is as follows if you are looking for a real person online, look for featured members only.

Communication of Users

Hookup.com has special bots who stimulate communication on the site. It means that right after the registration you receive a few automatically or manually generated messages from love stars to greet you on the platform and stimulate to the activity towards the real accounts. In spite of the numerous love stars on the service, there are plenty of real users and plenty of communicative methods on the service. You can send an email which is much more romantic than a simple message, you can send a short message as well and start instant hookup. You can comment the posts, send flirts and gifts to other profiles which is an important communicative aspect as well. You can find interesting people and save their accounts to return later.


There is a very tricky thing happening on the Hookup.com that needs special attention of every newcomer. The service informed you need to upgrade an account to have access to every account of the service and all the content posted by users. However, the payment page says that the Gold access is free with a note “today only”. You need to provide your credit card details and enjoy the content of the service. However, those who need your credit card details also need your money.

Free Account

On the right of the payment page, there is an ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS OFFERS that you should pay attention to. Free golden account “grants” you with three additional members to three other services:

  • Web-Hookup-GOLD, two-day trial, then $49,95
  • MaxHDPorn.com, seven days membership, then $49,61
  • ExclusiveAdultVideos.com ten days free membership and then $49,87

If you are not planning to spend $148,69 on another hookup sites, you should not provide the credit card detail to the service and use it as well.


There is another option to get a free account on Hookup.com. You can register on the site and provide your credit card. After that, you should go to all the affiliate service and cancel subscription instantly. This way you won’t get charged for other services and will have an account at hookup.com. Otherwise, you will have three premium accounts on different places and one free account at hookup.com!

hookup site payment

What Gives the Premium?

Premium or gold account gives tons of erotic advantages, excluding the automatic membership on three other adult platforms. With premium, you can chat online with any member LS or not, send and receive emails, top search features, smart match, access to videos, and many others. Premium account is not oriented on finding love or communication, it is oriented on having fun and meetup today.

It is not worth taking premium if you are not ready to unexpectedly spend $150 for three adult dating sites you didn’t plan to. It is not worth taking premium if you are looking for real-life meetings and long lasting relationships. However, it is worth taking a premium account if all you need is to have fun and relax after a stressful day. Even communication with a love star can release your stress and give you the feeling of happiness and ease. It is worth taking premium if you want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

Hookups.com Security and Scam

The website has a lot of chatbots on the service which are created to stimulate conversation. However, there may be other scam accounts that aim to get your credentials or other information. To avoid chatting with scam accounts, do not share any of your personal data such as email address, password, credit card details, do not give your credit card details to others to create another account. Never reveal your location, phone number, and other personal details unless you want to. Here you should be careful and attentive to every suspicious behavior of users. Keeping these rules will prevent you from getting in touch with scammers.


There is a relevant scope of information on the “support” section. Here you can find answers to any of your questions. The FAQ section is full of useful and helpful information. You can also contact support representative via support form or email address. There is a Toll-Free that is helpful if you would like to cancel your subscription.

Mobile Version

Many Hookup.com reviews have revealed that the website is not adaptive to regular mobile devices. It means that there is no convenient option to watch the service on your mobile phone. You will need to scroll it to both sides which is extremely inconvenient. It is possible to watch a video, scroll the users, find a certain person and chat, but it is not the best option for people who would like to relax and enjoy the evening or another part of the day. The website is neither adaptive nor has a mobile application.

Last Word

It is almost impossible to hookup on Hookup.com. The service is not created for people who are looking for long time relationships, who want to have a fling, who are looking for an affair, chicks, or flirt with other people. You will not find your one and only love here. However, there is many content to spend a nice evening, to have fun, to educate with a blog, and to entertain yourself. Keep in mind that the site has chat bots called Love Stars and charges you for additional services.

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