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gcruise reviews
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  3. User’s Rating: 9.3
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  5. Location: 70% from USA
  6. Held Meetings: 92%

GCruise is a website that caters to homosexual men. If you are looking for a handsome man of your dreams or feel that your life became a little bit too stale, you can go to Gcruise site and start looking for someone capable of changing your life! It is a great gay platform to look for an easy gay hookup. Some people may even look for long-term relationships.

GCruise Interface and Features

The visual design of the website is quite standard which is a shame since there are many ways to make this place more interesting. However, the long list of features definitely makes up for the lack of visual vibrancy. You will be enjoying cool live sex shows, interesting 1 on 1 meeting, and video chats with no restrictions and censoring!

How to Register at GCruise?

The registration process is very simple and won’t take much time which is a definite upside. The ease of creating an account is what makes this gay dating site so popular. You can create a profile, check out the service, and only then add additional information and photos. You don’t need to do it beforehand.

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Here is what you need to create a brand new account at GCruise:

  1. Your active e-mail that will be used to activate your account
  2. Your age (you must be 18 or older)
  3. A username and password

After you activate the account, you will be able to use all the basic features of the website. GCruise gay hookup site has a plethora of interesting functions that will make your stay here enjoyable!

User Interface

gcruise site page

There are several important buttons on the top menu of the website:

  • “Hot Gay Men” sends you to the gallery of users that were liked by the vast majority of users
  • “Local Gay Men” allows you to browse the list of gay men looking for sex in your area
  • “Gay Sex” allows you to watch special performers from active members of the community
  • “Gay Search” is a special feature of the website that allows you to use various filters to look for specific people fitting your chosen criteria


GCruise is a gay hookup site that create for homosexual men. The variety of interesting videos from amateurs, great community members who are ready to perform for you (for free or for money), and a lot of ways to find a partner for your sexual endeavors — all of that can be available to you.

Take a look at several key features that you may use to elevate your online experience to the next level:

  • Gay Sex is a great section where you can check out party shows and private shows from community members
  • Become a performer if you want to attract more attention from other men and be a more proactive member of the community
  • Like and add to favorites people who you think deserve to be amongst “hot gay men” of the website

GCruise: Types of Users

One of the greatest things about GCruise is that gay hookup here is relatively easy. The vast majority of users here are actively looking for a hookup. Many come exactly because they want to meet someone to spend a night with.

Count and Quality Users

As one of the biggest adult dating services for gay men in America, this website has several hundred thousand registered users! You will see at least a couple thousand online users at any given moment of time. GCruise is one of the best websites to look for a gay hookup and enjoy hot naked bodies of handsome gay men!

gcruise site live cam

Members Communication

The inbuilt mailing system of the website is quite simple but allows you to exchange text messages and files. You can also engage in video chats and special 1 on 1 sex shows. Participating in party live sex is something that anyone can do, but private and special shows are available only to premium users.

GCruise: Free and Premium

All basic functions of the website can be used by all users right after registration. You won’t be limited in any way. At the same time, you can start using special features by purchasing a premium.

Free Account

If you are a free user, you can view profiles of other users (you won’t be able to see private photos) and message people (there is a limitation on the number of messages sent). However, using video chat to its fullest extent and enjoying gay sex features are privileges of premium users.


Premium allows you to view all videos, private photos, and participate in the vast majority of gay sex shows. You will also be able to send unlimited messages and receive invitations to special sex shows from users.

gcruise site payment

GCruise: Security and Support

Your personal information is well protected. However, we still recommend you to use a unique set of credentials during the registration process. The administration of the website conducts background checks on performers and makes sure that there are no fake accounts.

The support team will help you troubleshoot any issue in a timely manner. Read their extensive FAQ to learn more about potential problems with the service. You can contact the support team via the messaging center of the website.

GCruise: The Main Conclusion

Our GCruise review seems very positive and it actually is! This website has all the qualities of a really good gay dating site. Searching for gay men willing to spend a night with you is quite easy here. You only need to be active and commit some time to talk to other people and making yourself available!

GCruise Review
What about the pros and cons of GCruise – hookup site for gays? Read the deep review below…
  • One of the best gay hookup sites
  • Search for hot gays and watch their passionate performances
  • Enjoy video chat and various search methods
  • The website is primarily for gay men from the Americas and Western Europe
  • The visual design could be a little more vibrant
  • The quality of performers in the live sex section is lacking
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