Gay Harem Game Review

gay harem review
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Most of the adult games are targeted at satisfying adults with a traditional sexual orientation. But as you might have already understood from the name of this game, Gay Harem is for entertainment for those who are a part of the gay community.

You won’t find a single female character in Gay Harem; only men, sex, seduction, and satisfaction. In our review, we’ll stop on the key details of the game plot and what your game-character can do to move you to the top of the leaderboard.

How to Log in to GayHarem?

In case you are not yet sure whether Gay Harem is the right game for you, there’s a great possibility to enter the game as a guest. Even though the bulk of game-features won’t be available to you, at least you’ll be able to understand whether you are OK with the comics book style of the game and if you are interested in the plot itself.

Gay Harem sign up

Those, who don’t hesitate and want to start playing as soon as possible, should click on the “Sign up” button in the upper left corner of the starting page, fill in their username, password, and email address, and join the club. To log in to Gay Harem press the “Log in” button, which is next to the “Sign up”. Provide your username and password and enjoy the game.

Gay Harem Navigation

After you go through the registration, you get to the page that can be called your game-map. On the webpage, you’ll see a town landscape with different buildings. Depending on the place you choose to go to, you can get to:

  • Harem. This is the place where you can look through the guys belonging to your harem, check any information about them, as well as collect money from them.
  • Activities board. There you can view and take part in daily missions and contests. Every activity you take part in and win brings you additional points of experience, money, or some kind of equipment, presents, etc.
  • Market. To boost your performer status or make your guys stronger, you can go to the market and buy various items. There you’ll find four shops selling equipment, boosters, books, and presents. Except for purchasing things on the market, you can also look through your inventory in this section. You can either use it for equipping your character or your guys or sell items to other players to earn some money.
  • Arena. There you can challenge other players to see whose harem is kinkier. You can choose one of the three offered opponents. The one who wins adds points to his overall score. The fourth and eighth wins give you the right to get presents. When the number of your wins reaches 16, you will get 14100 in the game currency.
  • Clubs. Another place to entertain is Clubs. There you can have online chat with the other players. However, this feature is available only for those who have a minimum of 15 guys in their harem.
  • Tower of Fame. To monitor your position in the leaderboard and view the points of your opponents, you should go to the Tower of Fame. There you can also view the names of the already existing clubs and join one of them if all the requirements are fulfilled.
  • Adventures. Going on adventures, you leave your town and move to some other location where you should watch hentai stories to win new guys to your harem.

Gay Harem main

Gay Harem Interface

Gay Harem is designed as comics. The characters are all painted and their dialogues are written at the bottom of the page, so you’ll find no modern graphics in the game. To support the theme of a comic book, the locations (both their design and names) are depicted in ancient Japanese style.

Gay Harem game

On top of the game page, there is a line, which can help you monitor your experience level, your level in the game, your energy charge, combativity, your current amount of money, and kobans (gold coins in the game).

Gay Harem adventure

In the top right corner, there is a submenu. Using it, you can go to your character’s profile page, go to the full-screen, change the game settings, and log out.

Gay Harem harem

The game interface is available in several languages. The system will automatically set the language based on your location, still, you can change it in the settings.

Gay Harem profile

Gay Harem: Final Review

Even if you have never played this kind of game before, you’ll have no trouble understanding what to do next. That’s because there is an accompanying character called Bunny, who explains all the details you need to know to use all the potential of this game. He takes you through all the places marked on the map of your town step by step, telling about the things you can do here or there.

Gay Harem market

Your main goal in the game is to get as many guys to your harem as possible and increase their levels of experience to be able to win daily challenges and collect money for your account. So if you want to play an interesting gay sex game, Gay Harem is at your service.

Gay Harem Game Review

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