Game of Moans Game Review

game of moans review
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Game of Moans will call different emotions among the famous TV show fans. Some will definitely like a more sexually explicit interpretation of their favorite TV series, whereas the others can be not so passionate and optimistic about this parody game. Anyway, I don’t think that Game of Moans will leave anyone indifferent.

High-quality 3D graphics will take you to the faraway land of cold weather and hot sex. You’ll get absolute freedom of choice in the game: sluts, the craziest sex positions in the most unusual locations, and numerous characters will ignite your imagination.

How to Sign Up for the Game of Moans?

If the Game of Thrones seemed too modest for you then the Game of Moans is the thing you need. The sign up starts with answering some questions that flare up your fantasy right away. When you are finished with them, click on “Play Now” and start making choices. There are several sex positions to choose from including some very extreme ones. Also, choose your game character, as well as the personages to fuck with. To complete the registration and get the membership, provide your credit card details.

game of moans battle

Game of Moans: Membership Details

Wishing just to play the game, it’s not always understandable why you should get the membership and pay for it if the game is free to play. I’ve got the answer to your question. Game of Moans is only the tip of an iceberg you can crush on gaining a membership. The bulk of items you’ll receive, being a network member, will open as soon as you go through the registration.

Joining the network, you get access to several dozens of other games including other 3D sex game parodies, sex strategies, sex simulators, hentai games. Want more? Here you go! XXX videos, sexy images, porn stars videos. All in one package. I bet you won’t regret about the membership.

game of moans fuck scene

Besides, taking into account that you’ll have a couple of days of the free trial period to look around and check out all the games and features, you should definitely go for it. No risks – only satisfaction.

Game of Moans Gameplay

Game of Moans is a breath of fresh air in XXX online games. Why? Because it’s you who decides how your character will look like and who he will have sex with. Except for your own personage, you’ll also select the appearance, body shape, skin color, scars and tattoos of the chicks you’ll deal with. The possibility to customize the characters based on your taste helps upgrade the visual satisfaction level anytime you play the game.

game of moans girls

The main goal of the player is to defeat the opponent and get his sexy reward. By the way, you are free to choose between Sansa, Ser Sei, and Daenerys to become your opponents in the fight. To win the battle, you have to deal more damage to the opponent than she can do to you. In case your character loses the fight, he gets nothing. So, believe me, you’ll try hard to win because the reward is as hot as it can be; you’ll fuck the defeated girls.

game of moans sexy scene

The goal of the player’s personage is to fuck as many girls as possible and it doesn’t matter who she is because there’re no boundaries or restrictions.

game of moans sex

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Game of Moans

The number and the diversity of sexual scenes present in the game are definitely a huge plus, especially, in the connection with amazing 3D graphics, sound and music effects that make you 100% involved in the medieval atmosphere and the game itself. It’s also worth saying about the customization features that make the Game of Moans different for all players. I’m also sure you’ll enjoy the girls as they look very realistic and it may sometimes feel like you are watching real people having sex, which is cool I suppose.

As for the game controls, they are easily manageable with one hand so you can relax and enjoy the show. Game of Moans is available both for the desktop and for mobile devices.

It’s not excluded that you can find some more drawbacks, but as for me, the only serious issue is the need to provide the credit card details during the registration. Otherwise, you won’t get any idea of what is going on in the game. The access of unauthorized users is limited. Thus, there are two available options to get to know what the game is about.

The first one is to sign up and find it out yourself. The other variant is to read our Game of Moans review, understand that you’ll get a whole bunch of cool games and features, and only then register. Whichever you choose, I hope Game of Moans will meet your desires and requirements.

Game of Moans – Conclusion

My impression is that this game is worth trying it out. I would even say that it’s an absolute must for the Game of Throne fans. It’ll be interesting for them to recognize their favorite characters’ references in this very hot parody game for adults. Who knows, maybe you’ll embody your secret sexual fantasies about the TV series characters, using the game.

Anyway, you’ll get tons of pleasure from the detailed and very realistic 3D graphics, and even more satisfaction from the sexy chicks that you can fuck whenever you want it.

Game of Moans Game Review
  • Sex battles
  • Realy looks like GoT
  • Not perfect graphics

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