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Fuck book reviews
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If you don’t know what is FuckBook, imagine facebook but designed especially for hookup and erotic experiments. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, couples and singles are welcomed here. The service is big and popular. It is better to register and check out what is going on here. Only over 18 years old can create an account on the website. It is obvious that the service contains adult materials and is prohibited from using by children. There are 20 million profiles all over the world who are looking for honest and adult communication. People want to have a safe place for online sex experience and find people who they can meet offline. The trustworthy place is worth attention. Who knows, maybe your next adventure is looking for you in this online dating website for adults.

Fuckbook review

How to Start Use a FuckBook?

The main page looks stylish and intrigues. It seems that there is no way to rich the content of the website without registering. The main page has a minimalistic design, an erotic picture of a girl, footer with important information like search, where you can look through the profile photos; matches where you can find the best matches when registered, terms & conditions, which is important to read before creating the account, help, about, and other. Here you can find general information and rules for using the service.

Registration is simple. It takes a few clicks. You should tell your name, email address, and confirm that you got familiar with the terms and conditions of the platform. At the end of the registration, you should check the checkbox to confirm that you are older than 18 years old. To complete all 100%, you should verify email, upload photos, verify the profile, and upgrade to premium.

FuckBook Interface

The website is not overloaded with information, tabs, pop-ups, windows, chats, and others. It looks like a simple feed of posts. People from all over the world are posting various pornographic and erotic pictures with no censure. There is no safe mode to blur the content if needed. The website is stylish and well designed. It is responsive, smooth, and looks user-friendly. The feed seems to contain too much pornographic, but people come here for adult content and are ready to scroll it and enjoy it!

Home - Fuckbook

If you click on your profile, here you can find the necessity to verify your email, if you haven’t yet, your profile feed, photos, blog posts, pinboards, friends, and details. On the left, there is a list of online users who is always there on any tab. The profile looks like the one on Facebook. There is a background picture and around the avatar or profile picture. Both you can change. The usage seems to be understandable and contains no adds which are a big plus.

Profile Fuckbook

FuckBook Features

It looks like there is plenty of feature of the hookup website. The option to upload photos is on every dating service. Here most photos are either erotic or pornographic. It seems that no limits are there on the website, except for violence and other harmful or abusive content. It is the place to post all your home porn photos, gifs, and videos. The more photos you upload, the more chances to meet people and get connected. However, the service is designed only for entertainment purposes.


Another unusual feature is feed. The feed seems to be updated every five or fifteen minutes even if you have no friends yet. It is possible to post something there as well. The most content is erotic or pornographic. It is possible to scroll the feed and contact the post owner you liked the most. A feed is a nice and convenient option for the daring erotic platform.

There is a feature that allows users to verify an account. The verification process is simple. You need to take a photo of yourself holding a list of paper with a handwritten username and date. There must be enough face to have a chance to identify the person. Verification is a positive feature for every dating platform. You can chat only with verified users and be sure that you are safe.


Search is essential for every hookup platform. Here you can find people that you can be interested in. The filtering is not the best ones. Here you can find only gender, location, and status (online/offline). It is definitely not enough to find the person you would like to meet in person. It looks like the site is oriented only on the online experience.

Search offers to took for not only members of the site, but also blogs, photos, pinboards, and free HD movies. You can find any content you want. contains plenty of content so you can use it for personal aims.


Matches are another cool function. It mostly shows you which profiles are located in the same city you do and the gender you have chosen. There is no option to filter matches and no matching algorithm. The system shows you random people who can be interesting for hook up. There are plenty of premium users in the matching results and search results as well.

Matches - Fuckbook

The toolbar on the left shows your friends, messages, and people who viewed your account. All these features are accessible for free users. It is possible to watch and fin the content you like without being a verified or paid member of the service.

FuckBook Users

There are various members on the website. As far as there is a feed structure, users can be divided into two categories. The first one is posting to the feed every day to attract users and the second one looks through the content to either use it for personal purposes or find people they prefer to chat. In a sense, it is possible not to chat but only scroll the feed. People can create an account only for the content without any communication on the platform. That is the reason for many free and empty accounts with no pictures and no information. However, scam accounts can also reach FuckBook. Here you can meet real users and scammers. Unfortunately, no one is protected from misbehavior, but once noticed, it is necessary to report it immediately. Never share your credentials and other private information with third parties.

Count of Users

There are a few million registered users from all over the world. Filtering helps to find out who is online in a separate location. There are always plenty of people to chat with no matter what day of the week, what time of the day, or what location it is. It is important always to be careful with your chat. People can send pretty sensitive content. The best option is to talk only to verified members. It will help you to feel safe and secure. The verified account can help you to find more people you like and to have more benefits for the service.

Quality of Users

Numerous FuckBook reviews have shown a few pieces of evidence. The quality of users is various. There are verified users with a premium silver account. These people are real, safe and pleasant to talk to. Some people are blocked without even chatting. There are no strict rules in communication and sharing content, and people are going over the line very often. However, it is possible to find a person for the fast sex you like. Being careful won’t harm. Some users only post fake sexual and pornographic content. Others have neither verification nor photos. There are observers.


User Photos Fuckbook


It is possible to gain verification from customer support or buy premium. Verification will grant you with better trust level from other people. You will receive friendship requests and private messages. More people will be interested in your account and maybe they would offer you to meet in person. A paid membership gives more chances to find people and communicate. It doesn’t grant you with the level of trust the verification does. There is another way to gain trustworthy. The feature is called karma. The more nicely you behave, the more activities you perform on your blog, the more nice comments you leave, the better is your karma. It is displayed as a crone at it can be bronze, silver, or golden.


There are plenty of communication methods on FuckBook. The most common one for every adult dating site is chatting. You can write private messages, read them, find people who you would like to communicate with and start this communication. As far as the service has a feed, it is possible to find users you like, post comments, like comments, and pin content to a pinboard. Commenting is a great way to start communication with people you don’t know and don’t want to bother with private messages. Communication is the main reason why most people have gathered together on a single platform with extremely erotic content.

FuckBook Cost

The monthly premium account on Fuckbook costs $29 and is billed every month. If you have decided to pay quarterly, the monthly price will be $15. It is stated on the website, that the service uses only safe and secure billing system. The service exists sine 2009 and many users have admitted that they have paid accounts there. Don’t share any personal details, especially your credit card details with other people. If someone asks for your credentials, you should report the user as soon as possible.

Stay Free

With a free account, it is possible to watch feed which is full of pornographic content. You can also chat with people, with paid members, send gifts, use filters, and use all the other benefits of the service. There are plenty of opportunities for free users on the website. However, paid content has some privileges and a better trust level. With a free account, it is possible to use the service, but the paid account will reveal you from all the restrictions.


A premium account costs $29,95 for one month of usage when billed every 30 days. If you decide that you want to use the service for a longer time, it is possible to pay for every quarter. The price is cheaper when paying for the quarter. Every month will cost only $14.95. There are plenty of opportunities with a premium account. The most important one is getting familiar with other premium users. You gain trust and can talk to other people with premium. Who knows how can this communication end up.

Why is Premium so Cool?

Premium gives freedom from restrictions on the website. With a paid membership you can send an unlimited number of messages and gifts to other users. Gifts is a very interesting option for communication. It is close to flirting but has a few erotic things you will definitely appreciate. You will gain a karma boost. There are some exclusive premium features that are available only for those who buy a membership. There is no advertisement, and premium accounts can reply to members.

First of all, the premium account gives you an opportunity to answer all members. Free accounts have a limited option to answer people. With premium you have no limits answering every member online. Moreover, you can send an unlimited number of gifts and presents which are available in private correspondence as well. Paid features offer a special package which becomes revealed only after buying premium. Verification, Karma, and paid account show you that your intentions are serious.

FuckBook: Security and Anti-scam

Scammers are everywhere. Especially they prefer platforms where people are gladly sharing their private sexual content and pay for this with a credit card. Misbehave can appear everywhere. There are more than 20 million registrations on the website. Keeping it clean from scammers, fraud accounts, fake accounts is difficult by a group of people, however, it is possible to keep simple rules and prevent any abuse. Never share your private details with third parties. Don’t even give your real name, phone number, address, and other. If someone is requesting this information, report this user immediately.

FuckBook Support

There is a customer support team that answers requests in 24 hours. It is possible to fill in the form on the website and ask any questions you are interested in. It is also recommended to report users who misbehave through a contact form. The contact form is very convenient and reachable on any device.

FuckBook Mobile

If you still wonder is FuckBook real, go and create an account to make sure. There is no mobile application for the site. Nevertheless, the website can be used in any device. It is responsive and adaptive. It is not recommended to watch the content of your feed in public places such as public transport, line, classroom, and others. Find a private place and have fun!

The mobile version is convenient, stylish, responsive and has a nice chatting bar. If you would like to try it on a tablet, it is possible as well. No matter what type of device you use, it is always user-friendly and has all the functionality as the desktop version.

FuckBook – Сonclusion review has shown that the service is trustworthy and pornographic at the same time. It is restricted to the website. The service has no limits on the content members are posting, in sexual preferences, and in types of communication. It is more oriented on online experience than on sweet private meetings. There is a verification process for some accounts which is definitely worth trying. If you have serious intentions about the hookup site, you would buy a membership and use the service to find a sex partner with no restrictions.

Fuckbook Review is recognized and well-known platform for adults. There are pros and cons which members would take into account before registering.
  • Nice and user-friendly design
  • Feed structure
  • Mobile adaptivity
  • Poor filtering
  • To much users without photo

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  1. LeakGlory says:

    Fuckbook came to the adult dating market almost 10 years ago. The service has been awarded for Dating Site of the Year and Best Newcomer of the Year. In addition, Fuckbook provides Casual Hookup, the age limit is 18+. Fuckbook allows single and couples to use the platform, also with the lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual or transgender. You can use Matches option to find anyone you want to communicate, help or something else.

  2. Jaydon Decker says:

    To start with, Fuckbook is one of the most simple designed adult dating online website. It also includes Casual Hookup. After profile registration, all you need is to start is just explore!

  3. bartenoh says:

    There are 22 million profiles to find someone you like on Fuckbook. As I remember, I spent 2 days to set up a meeting girl. To conclude, I have 2 years experience of using Fuckbook and can’t remember some big issues or problems. Join Free 18+!

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    Eu só muito gostosa

  6. Amazing Baby says:

    I am bisexual, that’s why FuckBook it’s a great site for me. I Found here a few sex partners and we spent wonderful nights together. So, I don’t regret a thing.

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  8. Stupid Baby says:

    If you casual sex finder – use FuckBook. It’s awesome.

  9. Lex says:

    I changed my free FuckBook account on premium, now I feel the difference, no limit!

  10. Minda Sival says:

    I love this best hook ups sites

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    I like it

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    fuck book is a nice application for seeking sexy girls

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