FreeHookupAffair Review

FreeHookupAffair review
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Freehookupaffair review starts with reading the rules of using the platform carefully. Here you can find such rules as no adding on Facebook, no greetings on the public, no ‘pillow talk, and many other. These rules speak loud about the site. These are the main principles of getting in touch with other members of the Freehookupaffair.

How to Start Using FreeHookupAffair?

The website has a very convenient homepage with many information about it. Here you can find basic rules, testimonials, explanation of how it works, features, and other information about the service. The login form is very simple. It asks you a few questions like your gender, preferences and other. Next, it redirects you to the page where you have to prove your credit card details. The membership is free for lifetime. The request of credit card details may seem very suspicious and inappropriate. However, the site explains that this is the way to ensure that all members are older than 18 years old and guarantee a safe environment with no scam accounts. It calls “Secure Age Verification”.

freehookupaffair how it works

FreeHookupAffair Interface

Before discussing the user interface, it is necessary to mention that no service requires credit card details without intention to charge it. Freehookupaffair is not an exclusion. On the payment page on the right, you will find a notification that you will get a free subscription to other hookup services “as a bonus”. However, keep in mind, that these sites will charge you $39,95, $39,94, and $49,95 after a free trial that lasts two, seven and ten days accordingly. That means that you will be charged $89,86 in ten days unless the subscription is canceled. Keep this information in mind when providing your credit card details on the payment page. On the one hand, this is the requirement for the service to ensure that you are older than 18 years old. There is an honest notification on the payment page that you get an additional subscription which you can cancel. On the other hand, those who skip reading all the details will be very surprised that there is a lack of $90 on their credit card!

freehookupaffair interface

FreeHookupAffair Features works on three simple rules. First, you have to join the club by creating the account and providing your credit card details. Before doing so, read carefully all the terms of providing your credit card details and what you get for this. Next, you can mingle online and find those who are you interested in. The last stage involves the afterparty offline that means personal hookup. The service ensures members that they can find a person to meetup offline in eight hours. According to the testimonials, published on the website, this scenario looks like a real one.

freehookupaffair features

On the mingling stage, where you can use all the features of the web site to find a real person to hookup in your area, that stands for your initial requirements and have the same interests, you can find a few useful features. The initial one and the most important is chatting online. Private messaging function in smoothly designed and can be used for the best user experience. Chatting is the initial communicative feature that helps people to get in touch. There are no limitation, per-message price, and other hidden charges. You can chat and don’t think about any restrictions.

Video chat is one of the essential features that helps you to find out who are you chatting with. It is the best way of verification as well as one of the fastest was to find out are you interested in a person or not. Chatting and video chat differ significantly. Hearing a voice, observing gestures helps to better realize your emotions and preferences. It also helps you to ensure that the person on the video is the same person you are going to meet with in real life. It is recommended to have a video chat session before the hookup.

The service has a special feature called “Get Lucky”. It means that once you specify the traits and appearance of a sexy single, you would like to hookup, the website sends you one person every day that might be the one. Yes, you can use filtering options and find a partner yourself, but isn’t it intriguing to find out who fits your interests? How can you be sure that you are not missing the right person? The feature gets a luck a chance to establish your private life, at least for one evening.

There is a feature that helps to keep all the booty calls in one place. The web site says that there is no need in a little black book anymore. You can keep all the booty calls in one place. This feature prevents you from having no options for tonight or every night. It is a convenient option which is similar to starring or bookmarking those who seem to be interesting to you.

FreeHookupAffair Users

Count of Users

The homepage of the notifies that there are millions of users all over the world. You can choose any of them and start your affair this evening. Users acknowledge that all the members have a casual approach to adult dating online. Once you are registered, the chances are high that you will get find an affair for today, and maybe for longer. Thousands of online users, who know the rules, are ready to communicate, some of them are located in your area and are ready to meet up in person! Once registered you approach the community that takes casual dating as a night adventure, that has no place in daylight. Here every minute matters there for the platform is not overloaded with special features and additional services.

freehookupaffair testimonials

Quality of Users

Once registered on, every member realizes that first, they have to cancel all the additional subscription not to get charged, or use additional platform where you already have premium accounts. Next, and more importantly, every member realizes, that the community is created for those who are looking for a fling or one night stand. Some of the members are looking for a long time distant relationships online. There are people who are looking for casual affairs already being married or in long-term relationships. You should always talk to people honestly and reveal your intentions from the very beginning. You will be surprised by how many people are looking for the same things you do. Honesty keeps people together on the Freehookupaffair.

Types of Membership

There is only one type of membership. It is called “free lifetime membership”. However, there are a few rules that members agree to keep when registering on the website. People automatically agree to keep these rules when creating the account. This creates a huge diversity of the members whose aim is to find another person. Every registered user is looking for communication, however, some people expect one nigh erotic adventure, others want to boost the skills, so to say, some people are married and are looking for a flirty affair, other hope for long-time relationships that start with a sexual experience. All the members are the same, but each of them can have a personal purpose for creating an account. Find it out in free messaging.

Communication of Users has enough options for communication, but no features that distract attention. The set of features is minimalistic. The service or oriented for giving people a chance to find each other and hookup in real life. Therefore there is a convenient private messenger that can be used for a long time chatting as well as for determining place and time for today’s evening. Chat is well and convenient. There is no need to worry about having an additional charge for messages. You get a lifetime free account that allows you to chat with no limits. Another way is video chat. It helps to get closer to a person you like and check if this is the person that you want to meet tonight. Video chat is a very useful feature.

FreeHookupAffair Price

Prices on are tricky and you should learn the information carefully before providing credit card details. There is a registration step that asks you for your credit card to verify that you are older than 18 years old. It also notifies users that there are no hidden fees. However, this is not true. The set of information on the right, in the section called “ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS OFFERS” there is a notification that after the registration you receive membership for other sites. These services will charge $90 from your account unless canceled.

freehookupaffairpayment process

Free Account

The service doesn’t play the honest game. It informs new users that they have to give credit card details for a free lifetime membership. They ensure you that this measure is needed to verify your age. However, this is not the real reason. The real reason is an additional membership for other hookup sites. If you cancel all these subscriptions on time, you will get a promised free account at freehookupaffair.


You will get a free premium account at Freehookupaffair.

A premium account at Freehookupaffair grants plenty of adventures such as 100% HD videos, free sex cams account, exclusive HD network without buffers, unlimited downloads, free communication, free video chats, and many others. The most important, you can find real people to hookup here.

It is worth taking premium because you have a chance to meet up a person in eight hours after the registration. It encourages a lot of users to have a premium account.

FreeHookupAffair Security Features

The website requires credit card details that filter most of the scam accounts. It is a reliable option to implement safety and healthy environment for the service. However, it is not recommended to share any of your private details with other people. Do not share:

  • Real name and second dame
  • Address and exact location
  • Login information
  • Credit card details
  • Any other personal information unless you want to.

You can report any user that behaves suspiciously. It is recommended to have a short video chat session to make sure that a person is real and stands for your requirements. Video chat option helps to figure out do you want to meet up the person or not in real life.

freehookupaffair mobile

FreeHookupAffair: Customer Support

The customer support is not clear on the service. When going to the tab at the bottom of the homepage stating ‘customer support,’ you are automatically redirected to the website of the service that provides customer support services. It is not clear how efficient this third party is. The customer support doesn’t have members of the developers of the service.

FreeHookupAffair App

The site is smooth and user-friendly. It provides an adaptive and convenient design for laptops and for any of the mobile devices. You can use the platform at home, at work, and in public places. You can use your phone to find a free hookup affair online faster. It is possible to chat, watch the content and even proceed video sessions via your phone.

FreeHookupAffair – Сonclusion

FreeHookupAffair review leaves a delusive impression. It is convenient to use on the laptop and any of the mobile devices. On the other hand, it has a hidden charge for other services that can cost up to $90. It is possible to cancel the subscription. However, it is important to do it timely. When canceled, you have free access to the content of the service and the opportunity to find people to hookup free.

FreeHookupAffair Review
  • The design is smooth, adaptive, and user-oriented
  • There are plenty of useful feature on the website
  • It is oriented on meetings in real life, not on the online affair
  • Video chat option
  • The registration requires credit card details for free lifetime account which is confusing
  • There are hidden charges of around $90 for other services, which you can cancel in two days
  • Customer support is not clear

10 comments on “FreeHookupAffair Review

  1. John P. Gardner says:

    How do I contact this site?

    1. admin says:

      Write to Support

      1. Raldrich says:

        How to log in after you register

        1. admin says:

          Go to the login page and write on the form your login and pass that you make at sign up

  2. Hamza says:

    I want to sign up to hookup affairs. How to create an account?

    1. admin says:

      It’s great! Go to the website and on the main page, you can see the form where you can sign up totally free. Good luck on finding good hookup!

  3. Jack says:

    I haven’t credit card whereas I want to create an account.

    What I need to do?

    1. admin says:

      Sorry, but it’s a simple way to verify your account.
      If you want a free registration you can try to sign up on Snapsext, for example.

  4. Zanith says:

    Its so gr8

  5. Awais says:

    When I need a hot girfr I visit freehookupaffair and looking for. A million women profiles are active every day!

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