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  • Customer support representative verifies photos
  • Very convenient system with credits
  • It is adaptive to any device
  • Very poor ‘about us’ and FAQ sections
  • The service is expensive in comparison to other platforms
  • It is oriented only to the United Kingdom
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Quality of Profiles
Easy of Use
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The FlirtySlapper review starts with a notification that the service contains explicit sexual content and it is not allowed to use by people who are less than 18 years old or who live in a country where such content is restricted by law. If you are over 18 and your country allows you to use the service, then welcome to 18+ only

How to Login to FlirtySlapper?

After you confirm that you want to visit the service no matter how explicit the content is, you will be redirected to the place where neon pink web design encourages you to create an free account. The home page doesn’t contain any content that might be classified as erotic. Here you can create an account and confirm your email address. If there is a problem while activation your account, it is probably because your country blocks contents like this. Otherwise, you will receive access to your account in a few minutes and will be able to explore the content which already has an erotic and pornographic character. The service greets you with the statement that we are human beings with sexual needs which can be ignored for a long time. If you don’t have a partner and don’t want to have a random sexual experience, you can use Flirtyslapper.

FlirtySlapper Interface

The interface after registration contains the feed of accounts you may like. The service doesn’t support diversity meaning that if you are a man, you will see only female accounts, and if you are a female, you will have a feed of males. First comes people who are online at the moment. Usually, there are only a few of them, less than ten members. However, on the weekends or holiday, there might be more than a hundred online users in your area. The interface is pink but user-friendly and responsive. The service is oriented only for the United Kingdom. On the top, you can find my profile, my mailbox, my flirts and match game. On the left, you can find my likes, my matches, my credits and settings. Match game is basically a few filters that allow finding people faster. Free users can look through the profiles of other users and read the information. Interface

Cool Features on FlirtySlapper

Starting with match game, it is a filtering option that helps to filter users to match your requirements. In other words, it is filtered. Here you can choose who are you looking for (men or women), set up the age range, located in the United Kingdom, and start the match game. However, it is necessary to upload a photo before filtering users you like.

Signing up is free and doesn’t require any credit card information. You can create an account in a few minutes and check who would be interesting to talk to. It is an easy way to discover the service before paying for the membership.

Flirts are created to help people to start a conversation. If you don’t know what to start with, you probably should send a flirt to someone and see if the person will react. Once you receive a flirt, you can check the account and decide whether to answer or not.

There is another, more direct, way to show the interest. It is called to send a fuck request. If you see a person doing that, it doesn’t mean he or she is rude. It means that he or she is trying to start a conversation but doesn’t know what to start with. It is possible to sent and receives those requests.

Every photo is approved. Before posting a photo, you should wait 24 hours until it will appear on the website under your account. The web service doesn’t have any strict restrictions towards nudity, however, it is necessary to keep the content clean and not offensive or violent.

There is an option to send gifts to people you like such as:

  • Credits
  • Lingerie
  • Handcuffs
  • Perfume
  • Teddy bear
  • Chocolate
  • Vibrator
  • Massage oil
  • Whip
  • And other

Gifts are not free. You have to buy credits to be able to send gifts. However, this is a great way to please the partner and show your interest.

FlirtySlapper Users User

Count of Users

As far as flirtyslapper is only oriented on the UK, there are no million users on the service. Nevertheless, you can always find a few online users to sex to. The filtering fill helps you to find out who is online and who is not to create a great selection of best matches. In spite of being oriented only on the UK, sometimes people from different countries come round to have an internet affair. It makes the service international and creates connections all over the world.

Quality of Users

Flirtyslapper review faces that there are plenty of single people who upload naughty and regular photos to get in touch with other users. The quality of the photos is various. Here you can find only parts of the body as well as only faces. The nudity and erotic content are allowed. Most users don’t share any private information and don’t write about their interests. They state the information about the appearance and preferences. Everything else can be discovered in person. The quality of the accounts is normal, they don’t seem to be artificial and are not very professional just to attract new users. The platform has only regular users seeking for erotic adventures online.

Type of Members

All the members of the website are the same. There are free users and those who have bought some credits to rich more opportunities on the website. There are a few different types of membership and no other earned statuses on the service. Once you buy credits, you automatically become a premium member who has more opportunities on the website than a regular free account. This system is very convenient because there will be no regrets if you buy a membership and forget about it.


FlirtySlapper offers to the users several ways to communicate with each other. There are regular text messages where people can chat with each other, discuss preferences, share personal interests, and get along. There are likes which notify you if someone has liked your photos, profile, or information in general. Like is an important feature for shy people. Flirts show the number of yours that you liked while being online. Once you like a person, you can send him or her a gift which is another great option to express your sympathy to another person on the other side of the screen. There is, unfortunately, no video chat, but the service supposes that people should meet in person and continue communication outside the service.

FlirtySlapper Price - get vip

There are tokens to but on the website which allows users to send messages, gifts and receive other privileges of the service. The more credits you buy the cheaper it is to send a message. If you buy only three credits for five pounds, one message will cost £1,67, if you buy 200 credits for £200, you will be able to send one message for £1. The full pricing is stated on the website.

Free Account

It is possible to create a free account and enjoy the content without sending any messages. It is also possible to scroll the users and find who do you like before buying credits of membership to communicate with this user. Free accounts give a chance to get familiar with the website, find people you might be potentially interested in, find features you would like to share, evaluate the design and responsiveness of the service and compare it with other hookup sites.


Every user can buy premium account and/or buy credits to be able to send messages. Every message costs at least £1 which is not cheap in terms of long-lasting correspondence. However, it motivates to write only to those people who you really like and don’t contact others. If a person writes you a message, it means he or she is interested in you to spend money on a chat. credits

What Gives the Premium?

Premium paid membership gives a row of advantages to the users who have decided to buy it. It opens all private pictures other users have uploaded to their profiles, make them larger so you can take a closer look to your potential sex partner. The premium account also gives a chance to see who has visited your account. It is a great experience to chat with people who have secretly checked you out. Membership cost £10 for one month and £45 for twelve months. Visit the website for more options.

Why is it Worth Taking a Premium?

A premium account will give you a chance to see all the pictures of the profiles that are there on the website. You can use a free account and but tokens, but you will spend more money on texting about the appearance and preferences. That information you could have found out with private pictures where people are usually uploading erotic content. Premium accounts still have to buy credits to be able to talk to other people on the service and create connections. Primiun Plans

Security and Anti-scam Features on FlirtySlapper

Like many of other sex dating sites, suffers from scam account, However, the picture verification process and expensive messaging filter scammers from regular users. On the other hand, if a scam amount goes for buying membership and credits to write a message, then it may have a very good plan. In any case, users should always keep in mind that sharing any type of private information, credit card details, following the links sent in private messages, can lead to harmful consequences. Users should always be conscious and always report users who they seem to be scammers. It is also not recommended to use public WiFi when paying.

Flirty Slapper Customer Support

The review has faced that there is not enough information about the service, its rules, the acceptable behaviour, and about the user data protection. Therefore, contacting customer care representative may become an obligatory step before creating an account. Hopefully, there is a form and email address where you can write your questions and concerns.

Mobile Version of Flirty Slapper

There is no mobile application for the service, but the website is adaptive and stays responsive on a mobile phone as well. It doesn’t matter whether to have a web version or use it on a mobile phone. You will receive the same results from scrolling down through the accounts and deciding whom to write. If you are using the mobile version in public places, it is better not to watch the photos that contain explicit erotic content. Some photos can appear too much sexual content to watch in it a buss. However, i is convenient to chat with others without missing any messages.

FlirtySlapper Finally

During the flirtyslapper review, a few interesting facts were discovered about the site. There are sexually explicit materials, but it is not all over the website. People post these photos under the private photos section so that only premium users could see it. It is reasonable to buy premium account to have unlimited access to all the photos and make the right choice. The service looks very convenient and trustful. Some real people are looking for sexual adventures online. If there is a one of the best hookup sites that matches your interests, why not joining it?

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