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When visiting, you probably know what to expect from the site. It does contain adult content, nudity, that is recommended for casual hookup. However, there is a so-called ‘safe mode’ that allows users to see only regular pictures with no adult content. A lot of the members are looking for sexual adventures here and expect to find people who are adventurous as well. There are no limits to experimenting. The service gives plenty of opportunities to get an adrenaline rush. Here you can find people who share your most sincere desires and are ready to meet in person. It can become the most exciting erotic adventure of your life. If there is a chance, why not to go for it?

Login to

There is a simple registration form on the homepage of the where you should put in your gender, gender you are interested in, email address, and password. Next, you should choose interests among:

  • Experimenting
  • Friends with benefits
  • Meet in person
  • Threesomes+
  • Online flirting
  • Open to relationship

It is easy to recognize the audience of the service by this list of interests. Here you can also change the age you are interested in, the region you are looking for, and do you want to have users with no photos in your search result. It is necessary to upload at least one photo to be able to use a website. However, it is possible to share any media via chat.

Verified users are those, who have gone through the verification process with customer support representatives. They are looking at you via the webcam and approve you are a real person and match the one captured on the photos under your profiles.

Fling Interface

After the registration, the user interface looks overloaded with information and pictures. There is a moving line of photographs at the top of the homepage which distracts users from everything else on the page. Hiding it is possible. Right under the line, there is a tiny search bar that filters age gender and location. Next, you can find the list of members who are online now on the left and your profile on the right. After that, there is an offer to upgrade your profile and the list of benefits with prices. You can also find people who are streaming right now and featured members. There are tabs for the selection of members of your are and those accounts who were visiting your page. interface

The lower bar shows a disclaimer stating that only persons older than 18 years old can use the website. However, there is no option to contractually represent the evidence of the age during the registration process. It means underage people can appear on the website time after time. There are links to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Fling Features


The most useful feature that helps find matches fast and efficient is filtering. Go to the ‘search’ tab and choose advanced search. Here you can set up such preferences as:

  • Eye color
  • Body type
  • Hair color
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Profession
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Income
  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Sexual preferences

With such detailed filtering, it is possible to find the best match in a few minutes and start chatting in a few minutes already. It is possible to find a person with the appearance, income, religion, and interests you prefer. The feature is useful and time-saving.

Online Users

Another positive feature is the list of online users. You can find the one you are interested in among those people who are online at the moment. It is convenient because there is no need to wait until he or she answers you. search


Verification is the essential and positive feature. It helps to create a healthy and safe environment that cares about members. Customer care representative contacts the person that wants to gain a verified account and look through the webcam. If the person appears to be the same person in the photos, the customer support representative gives the account a verified status.

Video Chat and Streaming

Video chat is a great feature of every hookup service. If the profile is not verified you would want to make sure that there is the same person behind the screen that appears on the photos, the one you liked. Unfortunately, it often happens that expectations and reality have nothing in common. Video chat can make this transition milder for both sides.

A streaming feature allows people to stream the webcam. The feature is not the most popular one, but it is useful for attracting new friends and visitors to your profile. People are interested in real, brave and honest persons.

There are a few interesting small features that make the service better and more convenient. For example, chat options appear right in the search result, so you don’t have to open each profile in a new tab to contact a person. Another small but nice feature is blurred photos on private messages. You can choose whether to accept or decline it. The last element is a question in private messaging asking “was it rude?”. It is evident that the staff cares about your comfort on the website.

About Users on

Members of the Fling often have strange and inappropriate photos. It can be half of the face made on the webcam, too dark or too light photo, photos of other parts of the body, or photos facing other people. When the safe mode is turned off, members can find plenty of nudity and close up photographs. On the other hand, this is exactly what people are looking for here. is created for sexual experiments in a safe environment.

Free members can only communicate with other free members. To reach featured profiles, they have to upgrade their first. Featured members often appear on the homepage and can contact every member of the adult dating service.

There are no fake accounts. The team of customer support prevents it. The service is top-rated, it exists eleven years, and it has plenty of users all around the world.

Count of Users

Fling review has shown that there are users from all over the world. The casual dating platform exists for eleven years, and during this time it gained the trust of thousands of users who do an effective buzz marketing. There are more than 1500 members online in New York after the midday. The same amount is active in Budapest and other European cities. If there is a chance to hookup someone online, Fling is one of the most popular platforms today!

Quality of Users

Fling - user ensures new visitors that they don’t have any fake accounts. There is a team that works 24/7 to protect honest members from fake accounts. However, users are free to post any pictures they find interesting and attractive. It is allowed to post nude photos that have an erotic character. Users are trying to respect each other and keep the dating environment safe. Chatting requires respect. Every member can report a user that misbehaves. Reporting is much appreciated. The hookup service requires as many photos as possible. More photos – more chances for success!

Type of Members

There are free accounts with at least one photo, verified accounts who have contacted a customer support representative via webcam for personal verification, and there are featured accounts who have bought a membership to unlock more features and enjoy the service without any limits. The membership is available for two days, a month, half a year, and one year. It is a convenient decision for new members who are not ready to buy a monthly membership but and to try how does it work.

Communication with Users

Communication is the main feature of the In most cases, it is the main reason people are creating an account on casual dating websites. Communication is essential for every person. It is important to have someone who shares your particular interests and ready to meet in person for further communication. There are a few ways to start communication on

You can wink everyone and wait until someone notices you. It is the most natural step that requires a nice profile with a few photos. The next option is to find those users who are online and start a chat. If a person contacts you directly, there must be something special. Another option is to leave a message and wait. It works for people who you like but who are offline. Video chat is another option.

Fling Price

There is a paid membership that opens more opportunities on the web service. Another positive option is two days of trial for only €1,14. Not many services can offer this feature. It helps to decide whether you need the service or not. The most popular option is a 7-done week trial for around €12. An account for one-month costs €42, half a year – €83,94, and annual membership charges €96,00 plus half a year for free as a promo gift. One year membership is the most rational decision, and it lasts one and a half years. You can invest 100 euros and forget about any limitations by becoming a featured member.


Free accounts on Fling are accessible for everyone! New members can use free accounts for communication, getting familiar with a service, chatting with other accounts, viewing photos and other purposes. It is also possible to use filtering and find people that might be interesting in sex with you. Both simplified and advanced filtering are accessible to free users. It is the best option to get familiar with the service, chat with a few representatives, and decide whether you need the service or not.


Paid membership, premium account or featured account is the same type of accounts on the service. They gain a few attractive options. First, there are no limitations, and it is possible to use the website without any restrictions. Second, it is possible to send private messages to other featured users. Third, featured members appear first in every search result. It improves the chances to find the right person much faster and before someone else has done it for you. Another privilege is appearing on the home page and become more visible for more members who find a free hookup. price

What Gives the Premium?

The account gives a unique feeling of freedom and no limits. The verified and paid account is your visit card and a ticket to the most exciting sexual journey you have been dreaming about. Premium account gives a feeling of confidence and safety. No free accounts can reach you via private messages. You chat only with paid members. It is also evidence for other people that you are serious about your intentions.

Why is it Cool Way Taking a Premium Account?

Premium is worth taking on hookup site “Fling” because you would want to find a person who is serious and responsible for offers. You will become automatically attractive for users who wish to find someone here for the night, and you can find those people yourself. Premium and verification give a great chance to say ‘thank you’ to the creators of the website because they are providing a great deal of their work for free. Premium helps you to forget about any restrictions and enjoy the experience of online erotic adventures!

Fling: Security and Anti-scam

Fling secureSpam, scam, fraud, and other abuse are everywhere on the internet today. The more information people produce, the more people register on the site, the more attractive it is for fraud accounts. It is only you who care about personal security in the first place. If someone asks for personal credentials, asks to send money, this is not okay. The staff of the website warns all users to be careful and report any suspicious behavior on the website. However, there are plenty of functions preventing spam and scam. Customer care representatives check new registrations and verify existing users to make the service a safe place.

Customer Support

Fling customer support is occupied with verifying accounts and keeping the service safe. However, if there are any questions or concerns or requests to ban some users, there are ready to assist members 24/7. There is a form on the website where you can ask your questions. However, the site staff encourages a member to read the help section carefully. Most answers are there.

Mobile Version of Fling MobileFling – free hookup site – has no mobile application for the service. Nonetheless, users can use the service on any device because it is convenient and adaptive. Moreover, the mobile version contains fewer sections and somehow looks more organized and structured. Their information is represented in a better way; filtering works faster, the chat is responsive and convenient. It is easy to scroll members and choose whom to write. It is a perfect decision to spend time in a line, in public transport, or elsewhere waiting. Don’t forget to turn safe mode in public places though.

Fling – Finally review has shown that the site is created for adults who are looking for sex adventures. It is a specific request, but thousands of people are interested in the service somehow. Online you can find anything and anyone who supports you. The website is not the safest place on the internet, but with a caring attitude and common sense of safety, it is possible to have a great experience from using the There are pros and cons of the adult dating place, but everyone will find something personal and unique!

Fling Live Girls

Also, have a live sex cam girls page on the site. It has a lot of sexy chicks who want to start a virtual sex video chat to have a fun!

Best Review is the AVN Awards Show Winner! The adult dating platform is entitled with the Best Dating Website Award!
  • Plenty of people like you who are looking for erotic adventures
  • It is convenient and functional
  • Membership is not expensive
  • The website is not stylish
  • A lot of small photos on main page

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  1. M. Wilson says:

    My favorite hookup site. I use it more than 1 year and not disappointed. Fling I found by accident. I recommend paying attention to it

  2. Crazy Me says: has very professional support. Once there was one problem with the user – they answered quickly and all misunderstandings were resolved. For me, it’s an indicator of a good casual sex site. Keep it up!

  3. DoubleYou says:

    Fling it’s common place to hook up online, no more no less.

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