Fap Titans Game Review

faptitans game review
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How to Sign up for Fat Titans?

Entering the FatTitans, you get a guest status and can try out the site navigation and even play. However, being a guest, you can’t use the site capabilities to the full. Therefore, signing up is very much advisable as it will open you new horizons in the game.

faptitans start game

So, let’s get down to the registration itself. The only drawback we’ve noticed is that there is no separate “Sign up” button. But there is a “Sign in” button. After clicking on it, you’ll be asked to provide your username and password. Skip it and press on “Forgot a password?”. At the bottom of the window that will open next, you’ll find the “Sign in” button.

faptitans guild base

As soon as you are done with this “quest”, you only need to provide your email address and put a tick agreeing to the site’s terms and conditions. After that, a verification code will be sent to your email. Copy it to the box in the registration window and click on “Verify”. The final point of the registration is filling in your username and password and pressing the “Sign up” button.

Even though you’ll spend some time on registration, your endeavor will be rewarded. You’ll get a +100% drop rate, +5 tickets, and +10 damage per second (DPS).

Fat Titans Interface

Fap Titans is a hentai game, which takes its players to the anime world with the hottest cuties waiting to entertain them. The game panel consists of three parts. On top of the page, you’ll see the following icons:

  • Your game hero’s name and picture;
  • The amount of gold obtained from killing monsters;
  • VIP currency – the number of diamonds and tickets;
  • Shop. There you can buy various items, diamonds, heroes, VIP level, and tickets. To purchase anything in the store, you need to have diamonds. The latter may be bought with real money.
  • Boss chests number;
  • A “Sign out” button;
  • Offers.

Below, there are two fields. In the right one, you can see the monster you have to kill, a “BACK TO BOSS” button, your level, and the number of monsters you’ve killed. As soon as their number gets 10, you get into a battle with the boss. And then the cycle is repeated.

faptitans interface

The left field is subdivided into five tabs:

  • Heroes. There you can see the girls you’ve hired and those who you can afford to hire. In this tab, you can also level them up, and view their profiles by clicking on the girls’ pictures.
  • Guild base. When you hire enough girls and win enough gold, you can create your own guild base. It is a town with different buildings and infrastructure objects, which should be bought and then leveled up to make your hero stronger.
  • Gallery. This is the place where porn pictures are stored. You can get them opening the boss chests.
  • Rating Tab. Getting on top of the rating list, you get some piece of jewelry as a reward. You should present it to one of the girls to get a very hot animation reward.
  • Quests. Your hero completes different missions throughout the game. Every mission has a reward for completion. In this tab, you can monitor the completed missions, as well as the current ones.

Navigation through the game seems to be simple. Still, you’ll need some time to understand what you are supposed to do to succeed and get a reward. Anyway, there is a guide-character who shows and tells you about each and every function and aim in the FatTitans. Follow her advice, and you’ll have no problems.

faptitans story

What is Fat Titans Game About?

The task of the player is to create their own guild base. But to fulfill this goal, you’ll need a lot of gold. One can get it killing monsters. The gold coins you get should be invested in hiring new girls to your team. Each of them belongs to a different class:

  • Warrior;
  • Wizard;
  • Cleric;
  • Barbarian;
  • Druid;
  • Archer;
  • Gunner.

Yet, hiring the girls is only the beginning because you need to level up their skills to be able to kill the monsters faster. Every new girl, as well as their level up, increase the damage per second ability of your hero. Therefore, you kill more monsters and get more money without any specific effort.

faptitans hero

In case you couldn’t kill the boss monster in a regular cycle of battles, you can go back to it as soon as you think that you are strong enough to cope with it. You should click on a “Back to Boss” button to repeat the fight. If you succeed, you’ll get a reward. Besides, you get the right to open one of the three chests and get a random reward.

faptitans images

One of the things you can win is a porn picture. Completed collections of 5 pictures showing different sex poses or kinds of sex (anal, facial, handjob, etc.) will bring you to another bonus reward:

  • +500% DPS;
  • New hero with unique skills;
  • Gold coins;
  • Tickets;
  • +10K% DPS;
  • +10K% DPC, etc.

Fat Titans: Conclusions

Hentai games don’t involve much of an action, so you can relax playing Fap Titans. In fact, your main task is to upgrade your hero and your guild team to win more boss monsters. However, winning monsters is not the thing you can choose this game for. The best thing in Fap Titans is the rewards you get. The pictures of all kinds of pornographic scenes are the sweet candy of this game. Yet, it’s still not everything that can satisfy your lust. Kinky animations are waiting for you as well. If you’ve been looking for a hot adult games, Fap Titans is what you need!

Fap Titans Game Review

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