Fap CEO Game Review

fap ceo review
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Anime has millions of fans around the world, and it’s not surprising. Why? Well, just look at the FAP CEO game for adults. Can any other personage be sexier than those anime-girls?

Actually, such adult games are called hentai-stories. And believe it or not, but they can make you wet and sweat even through the screen of your computer or smartphone. The games of this type are based on showing separate static pictures or animations (that create a whole story together) of a sexual character, thus flaring up the imagination and sexual desire of the game-player. Want to know more about this game? We’ll gladly take you through it.

fap CEO main

How to Start Playing the Fap CEO?

The first thing that should be said is that the FAP CEO is free to play. So you need only time and desire to join the game players team. As soon as you get to the game homepage, you’ll be asked to choose between the shy and the sassy girls. This is the first step to registration, in fact.

fap ceo inbox

The following step is choosing your username. We don’t recommend you to use your real name or your commonly known nickname. The specificity of games for adults should make the players think twice about their privacy and safety so use something neutral.

Next, provide your email address and set a password. During the sign-up procedure, you’ll have to confirm that you are a real person by putting a tick in the reCAPTCHA box.

Fap CEO Navigation

Navigation through the game is quite simple. On the top of the game panel, you’ll see the following indicators and buttons:

  • Ruby. It shows the number of rubies you have. Besides, it can take you to the ruby shop.
  • A calendar page shows the number of days you’ve spent playing FAP CEO, opens the ruby shop, and gives access to daily rewards.
  • Chest keys. This one shows the number of keys you’ve collected. They should be used for opening chests with different types of inventory.
  • A money balance indicator shows how much money you have and the speed of earning per second.
  • Shop indicator. At the shop, you can buy time tokens, masks for playing the Twins, multipliers, and keys for opening the item chests.
  • Achievements. One has to complete various achievements throughout the game to get a ruby reward.
  • Level indicator.
  • The door takes the player to the CEO office where one can buy decorations, promote the skills of the in-game character, and look through the game settings.

Except for these, you’ll also see several chests placed on the left and on the right of the game panel. The yellow one on the left is the one you collect the keys for. The pink chests can be opened without keys but for money. However, you should look at the time indicators below them to know when you will be able to pay for opening them. Both pink chests contain rubies, chest keys, time tokens, and multipliers.

fap ceo gameplay

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a mail indicator. By clicking it you get to the email chats with the girls. There you can exchange naughty letters and get the hot girls’ photos.

On the right side of the game panel, there are game setting indicator, power up icon (you need some time tokens to use it), the wheel icon, and the stock market icon. Speaking about the latter two, they appear only on level 2 of the game.

FAP CEO Gameplay

The gameplay is based on hiring hot chicks to your office. They work by broadcasting sex shows online (this is the way they make money for you). By the way, when a red-eye sign appears above the girl’s head, it means she’s been taken for a private show. You can click on the girl while the sign is on and help her earn more. The more money your employees earn the more new girls you can hire. Besides, the player needs to level-up his girls to help them make more money and promote the level of the company.

Every time you hire a new hottie, you get an email from her with a very hot photo attached. This is the way the girl can thank you for giving her the job. You should answer the emails sent without photos and ask the ladies to provide one for your catalog. Playing for free, you’ll not always have the possibility to answer the girl as the number of replies is limited. Therefore, you’ll have to spend time tokens, inventory items, or rubies to get such a possibility.

All the photos you get are collected in a catalog. They can be sorted by the name of the model who sent the photo or by the category the picture belongs to (solo, big boobs, pussy, small boobs, upskirt, etc.). You can enjoy them anytime.

fap ceo spin

Except for collecting the photos, you should also fulfill daily missions and reach certain achievements. Every time you complete the task, you get a reward (ruby). Besides, you should collect keys that can open special chests containing various inventory, including time tokens, and all types of unusual sex items (e.g. orgasm diamonds, erotic roses, etc.)

The first girl that comes to the office with you will be your guide throughout the game. She’ll give you the instructions and advice on how to improve the work of your employees. As soon as you get enough experience for extending your business, you’ll be able to sell your company and buy a new one, which will also bring you more power and possibilities in the game. For example, spinning the wheel, buying items for décor, and playing the Twins game.

fap ceo payback

As you go on in the game, you’ll also be able to unlock videos, watch animated pictures in the Twins game and just enjoy the company of the hottest chicks. So don’t waste your time, just start playing.

Fap CEO Game Review
  • Free registration
  • HD game
  • Great bonuses
  • A lot of free features
  • Hard to earn crystals
  • Long wait for the restart of additional bonuses

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