Cunt Wars Game Review

cunt wars review
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Cunt Wars game gives you a unique possibility to feel the lord and the master of a whole squad of kinky hotties. This adult game will satisfy the pickiest fans of eroge or hentai games. Animated pictures can flare up your sexual desire in a blink of an eye. The hell-like stylistics of the game is both mysterious and exciting at the same time.

cunt wars main

Fight with other players to get treasure chests and collect the sexiest squad of perfect warrior-bitches. Every time you level up their abilities the creatures take off some piece of clothes so if you want to watch a perfect naked girl body, do your best in the fights. Make your progress better to reach the highest league.

cunt wars battle

How to Enter the Cunt Wars?

An indisputable benefit of the Cunt Wars game is that you can try it out without registration. Yet if you want to dive into this sexy and mysterious world to the full, you’d better get registered. To do this, click on a “Sign in button” that will appear on the screen as soon as you enter the website. In a new window, press the “Create” button. Then, fill in your email address and password in the lines. Put a tick agreeing to receive email messages about special events, promo offers, and news in the game.

The next step is an email address confirmation. You have to check your incoming mail and copy the code sent to you in a letter to the line in a new window. Make sure to check spam if you can’t find the letter in the incoming section. Aer you enter the code, click on “Confirm”, and wait for the game to load. Enjoy!

Cunt Wars Navigation

The game field is shown as nine flying islands with buildings. Every building can be opened in the process of playing. Only four of them are accessible to the new players:

  • Gems mine. Every time you reach a new level in the game five gems are extracted from the mine. There’s also a possibility to activate mining by purchasing a VIP status.
  • Harassment Hall. It’s your character’s residence in the game. You’ll see him there sitting on the throne surrounded by hotties. The chests you win fighting with other players are kept there as well. In addition, you can go and view the squad by pressing the “Deck” button in the harassment hall.
  • Circles of hell. This is the island where you have to fight with all kinds of mystic creatures living in this underworld.
  • Shop. On this island, you can buy cards to upgrade the creatures already present in your squad or, if you are lucky, get a new bitch to the team.

cunt wars harassment hall
Later in the game, one can open:

  • Guilds – a place where you can join your forces with guild-friends and fight against other guilds.
  • Dark Tower is a building that will reflect your success in the game. The more wins you get, the higher you go up in the tower.
  • Brawl – an island where you can get a random reward in case of a victory over the enemy in a brawl.
  • Divine Arena. It is a place where you can win and earn rare chests.
  • The Pit. An arena to fight with the bosses. The win is possible if you use each of your bitches only once.

Except for the game field, there is a navigation panel at the bottom of the screen. It contains the following tabs:

  • Squad;
  • Rankings;
  • Inbox;
  • Friends;
  • Quests;
  • Gallery.

On top of the CuntWars screen, you can monitor your account rank, amount of money and gems. Also, there is a game settings icon where the players can turn on or turn off the music and sounds in the game, change the language of the interface, write to the support team, and make purchases. Clicking on the profile picture, get to the profile page where it is possible to view your squad, ratings, and medals.

How to Play Cunt Wars?

The task of the player is to get into fights with other players. Yet it’s not your game character who is going to fight, but his squad. Winning the combat, you get a chest with cards, which let you level up the fight proficiency and the power of your squad. The might of your game personage grows as well.

cunt wars journey

Visiting the island of the circles of hell, the journey of the gamer starts in the first circle where he has to win five battles with different female-warrior monsters. You have five attempts to win the battle. In case you lose all of them, time is needed to restore your ability to fight or you may pay 40 gems for the quick recovery.

cunt wars harem

In each battle, you can win money for the journey shop as well as cards allowing you to upgrade one of your warriors. As soon as you kill all the enemies in the circle, you can move forward.

It is important to work out a strategy to be able to win the fights. The fighting field looks similar to the chessboard but it has only 24 squares, 12 for each opponent. The player needs to place his warrioresses in the squares the way they will be able to protect him from enemy attacks. In case your game character stays open for the opponents’ warriors, he will lose his health with each attack.

cunt wars victory

To decide which warrior to put in the square, you have to evaluate their health (the figure in the heart) and their attack capabilities (the figure in the arms). The better strategy you choose, the sooner you’ll defeat the enemy.

Cunt Wars Game Review

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