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CamSoda reviews
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What is Camsoda? To have a slight understanding of the service and its content, come round to the website. Camsoda is the service that contains sexually explicit material. The pop-up informs you about the fact that there is an erotic content on the site. With one click you must confirm that you are older than 18 years old. The pop-up informs you as well that on Camsoda you can find free webcam models. Once you confirm you are more than 18 years old, you see all the content of the website. The service contains models. They stream online. If you are interested in such content, here you can find it anytime for free. One click prevents you from the feed of models, pictures, gifs, and videos.

How to Login to Camsoda?

If you are here for the content, you don’t need to create a free account. You can watch all the gifs, videos, and photos without being logged in. However, the service is free, and if you want to create an account, it takes a few clicks to do so. For registration, you need to provide your email address and nickname. Here you should agree that you have read and understood terms and conditions. Next, there is a payment page where you can buy 50 tokens for free. If you skip this step, you still can watch small-sized videos or gifs and return to the purchase later under your profile. The thing is, to purchase free tokens, you have to upload credit card details. Later, it will be possible to change any information on your profile on the website.

CamSoda signup

Camsoda Interface

Right after the registration, you will see the bunch of small-sized videos and photos of ladies doing naughty things on a web camera. You can scroll down to get familiar with the content and decide whether you need tokens or not. At the end of the homepage, there is information that states that users can watch videos online without any limits. There are top models, porn stars, who are taking a shower, sleeping, or having sex online. All this content you can watch for free. Time after time you will receive a pop-up notification stating that you have to buy coins. You can skip it and enjoy the content. The design is pinkish and blueish that makes the service girly. There is a running line stating about today’s show. Right under that, there are plenty of tabs like:

  • New
  • Voyeur
  • Top rated
  • Followed
  • Spy show
  • Cam2cam
  • Ticket show
  • Scheduled private
  • Ticket show
  • Control her
  • Women
  • Pornstar
  • Men
  • Couple
  • Transsexual
  • All tags

There are upper tabs as well where you can find a home, stream online, dating, exclusive videos, my media, and more.

CamSoda home

Camsoda Features

The main feature of the service is to observe the content. It is free to use at any time. All the tabs show the exclusive features of the services. For example, at top-rated you can find top Camsoda clips and buy them for tokens. Most clips look like pornography. It is mostly a sex video that you can buy for tokens. A voyeur, you can observe through a web camera. Here you can find mostly empty beds or sleeping people. Sometimes you can find girls taking a shower and having fun at home alone or not. It is perfect for curious people who like to spy for others, observe, and take a look at someone else’s daily routine, especially when it is a pretty girl.

CamSoda Top Videos

Spy show works in private. Her you can spy on a girl but in private. At voyeur girls don’t know how many people are observing her at the moment, but here you both will be aware of what are you doing. It costs around 2000 tokens and allows you to feel the exclusive experience.

Most of the features of the website are similar you can watch girls having fun, having sex, spy on them, and do it for free or in private.

If you don’t have tokens and don’t want to buy some, you can become a model on the CamSoda and earn money as well as tokens. There are special rules for becoming a model.

  • The service blocks the state country. It allows you to be discreet in your actions. It blocks your geographical location to ensure your anonymity and safety.
  • The content will be protected from stealing and using by third parties.
  • It is possible to sell movies, pictures, or recorded private shows. You set the price for it yourself.
  • It allows you to get a weekly payout with 55% of revenue share.
  • The service offers eligible health insurance support.

Selling the content may become a good thing if you have decided to earn extra money. Sell what you believe is appropriate and won’t in any way harm any of your reputations.

CamSoda be a cam model

Another feature offers you to have a remote control that offers you to have a better experience of having fun with girls. For some tokens, you can give the regulations to the girl, and she will do whatever you want. It brings the online experience to the new level and helps you to make the most from the service and the girls who work there. There are plenty of other features to explore on the website, watch shows, communicate, and others. It is up to you to look through the content and decide what would you prefer.

Camsoda Users

CamSoda model

Count of Users

There is no mention of the number of users on the service. However, the main page includes plenty of hot profiles where you can find favorite ones and save them. Ladies from all over the world share their private content here and are ready to share their erotic photos and videos. There are plenty of girls who stream and share new content every day. You can watch all of them at once, or you can choose a few and follow what they post every day.

Quality of Users

Some users are posting every day, so if you have found your beloved ones, you better follow their accounts closely and stick to the content you like. Girls who are residents of the site have plenty of paid content. Free content is always visible. You can have a free account and enjoy the content of you can buy tokens and gain advanced features. The quality of users is high if to judge in terms of the consistency the users post new videos with. There are girls who have a webcam always on and allow other people to watch what are they doing. This means you can definitely find what are you looking for and it can appear a free content.

Camsoda model cam

Type of Members

There are free members who can watch all types of content without any restrictions. They create accounts and enjoy the videos that they like. There are people who would like to have more than free content. They buy tokens and enjoy additions features of the website. It is a pleasure to feel privileged. Members who buy tokens usually want to go for more content, more videos, more private experience, and other privileges. The third type of member is those who decide to share the content on the website. They post erotic content and others to earn money. They can earn tokens or cash. The payout has proceeded every week.

To find the best Camsoda models read: TOP 5 Camsoda Models

CamSoda stars

Communication of Users

One way of the communication types on the website is to buy private control on the lady and ask her to do what would you like to do. It looks like private control. This feature costs around 2000 tokens and can become a regular option for you. There is a blog, press, and Camsoda fans, where you can read posts and share your experience with others. The quality of romantic communication is not popular on the website. Here you can find girls and release stroll after the long day.

Camsoda Price

There is a membership option and tokens system on the website. Her you can buy a membership for $19,95 per month and get 200 tokens. The prices for tokens are as follows:

  • $5,99 for 50 tokens
  • $10.99 for 100 tokens
  • $20.99 for 200 tokens
  • $49.99 for 550 tokens

The price is not cheap but if you want to go for it, it worth the money. If you don’t want to share any credit card details, you can become a model onto the site and start earning money yourself. This is another option to pay for your visits.

Free Account

Camsoda free accounts can watch all the content. They there is access to all videos, but all of them are small-sized. It is possible to watch what is going on in each tab, but it is impossible to watch the full content of the website, enjoy the communication with ladies, but the private show, and experience many other functions. The free account is perfect for getting familiar with the service and decide would you like to experience more.


The premium account gives 200 tokens. With 200 tokens there are not that many opportunities on the website, so if you want to have more options, you would want to buy additional tokens. There are privileges that give premium, but most functions of the service are available for free. It is possible to enjoy the service for a month or so and decide whether you need a paid account.

What Gives the Premium?

There is a row of privileges you get after buying a membership for a month.

  1. 200 tokens (one-time bonus)
  2. Add-free interface
  3. Change tip volume
  4. Private messaging

The greatest privilege is the option to send private messages to other people. This is a new level of communication.

Why is it Worth Taking a Premium?

It is with buying a premium account or monthly membership because you will have an opportunity to write your favorite accounts for private messages. You can ask a person to do something you want her or him to do. Or you can make compliments in private messages. You can also tell the person how found of her or his beauty you are and what you are thankful for what you see. With a premium, you will have a clear interface without any adds. It is worth trying.

Camsoda: Security and Anti-scam

camsoda pizza

There are strict rules for the users and streamers of the service. First, the service requires your ID such as a driver’s license to verify your account. Verifications allow you to get more than five transactions a day. The anti-scam policy offers you to protect your personal data yourself by:

  • Not sharing any personal data on the website
  • Not giving your personal credentials to other members
  • Not sharing your ID or credit card details with other members
  • Report any user that requests money, credentials, or private information.

Always be aware of the risks you take. If you don’t want to share your credit card details with the service, enjoy the free account.

Camsoda: Customer Support

There is a support page where you can find information on your billing problems and membership information. Here you can contact a technical support representative as well to receive the help as soon as possible.

Camsoda: Mobile Version

There is a mobile version of the service, but it is not recommended for usage in public places. The mobile version is useful and convenient if you want to get along with a girl and it is not convenient to use your PC. It is also convenient if you are sharing your content. The mobile version is responsive and user-friendly. It is a perfect solution for mobile phone addicted people. You can scroll the content and chat with other members.

Camsoda – Сonclusion

Numerous Camsoda reviews have shown that the service is perfect for those who would like to relax after the long day of work and to stress. Here you can find everything with a free and premium account. You have a free account to explore it yourself!

Camsoda Review
  • Verification of the profile by ID
  • A free account gives access to the content
  • Plenty of users and a fan blog of the service
  • Delusive messages about free tokens
  • A necessity to share ID for verification

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  1. Camsoda user says:

    For 5 years Camsoda famous for technical features in TOP webcam sites list. The only one thing makes Camsoda unique is – you can always find any webcam with nude models. Service has a PornStar section and Virtual Reality option.

  2. EnresDoup says:

    For 4 months i’ve never met with any issues on Camsoda. There is a decent catalog of models with the typical webcam website features on Camsoda. Service has the simplest interface to allow to find everyone what they need. I also can’t mention a few last words about the professional support team with the highest percentage of complaints and propositions.

  3. Havesked says:

    Vera Rose on Camsoda is stunning. For me, she is the sexiest cam girl in this service – choose her

  4. Full Muffin says:

    It is the best cam website! I can watch all the content of Camsoda via my premium account, there are no limited tabs with naked cam girls)))

  5. Weeny W says:

    Sometimes use Camsoda to spy on black girls, it’s very exciting!

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