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Casual Dating at C-date

The first impression of the C-Date is nothing but positive. There are understandable navigation and great content. However, a deeper review has shown a few cons.

  • It has a pleasing, responsive, convenient and stylish design
  • There is a mobile application for Apple iOS and Android
  • Free premium membership
  • There is no filtering, only algorithmic matching
  • No video chat option
  • No identity verification
The place where people hookup to praise the sensitivity and emotionality is C-Date. The C-Date review encourages members to create an account there right after the first glance on the design and the style of the company. Even the first phrase “sensual encounters for your pleasure” disposes people for creating an account and be safe in relationships. The first impression of the service is good. To create a better impression and appropriate service evaluation, it is necessary to go deeper and check everything from the inside.
Number of Members
Quality of Profiles
Easy of Use
Customer Service

C-Date Hookup Site Interface

C-Date search

After the confirmation of your email, it is necessary to look through the interface and get used to it with your free account. The very first pop-up you receive is a request to upload photos of yourself. It is beer to upload once photos where you are facing your hobby. No explicit sexual content allowed. You can skip this step and tell about yourself (profession, education, drinks, smoking, nickname). The interface of the service looks very pleasing and welcoming. It works smoothly and nicely. The color palette is violet and green which is a very satisfying combination. The questions, the registration process, the qualitative and sensitive pictures on the design, the design itself and smoothness, the welcoming messages, and everything else in the mix creates an excellent impression and make you want to use the service asap.

C-Date my profile

Useful Features

The useful feature of the C-Date – free hookup site – starts with the pop-up that offers you to send a single greeting message to many people at the same time. The feature is only available for those who have already confirmed their accounts and are ready to start the casual dating experience. It saves you from typing the same flirt message to many people you like. Who knows, maybe you will receive your first response already in a few minutes.


Swiping the candidates you like and don’t like. There is a selection of thirty profiles that the automatic matching system choose for you every day. You can like to swipe them. The ones you liked will see it in their profiles, and maybe they will contact you back. Swiping is great and feels like casual dating site AdultFriendFinder. There are great accounts in the selection.

My Visitors

There is an option to look through ‘my visitors’. You can see who has visited your account and visit it back. Maybe, someone will attract you, and the conversation will start. It is nice to acknowledge that people are interested in your account. It also means that the service is working. You don’t need to buy a membership to watch members that looked through your page.

It is not obvious from the main page that the service is trying to cultivate openness about erotism. Te port offers users to enjoy refined erotism. The user can decide the way he or she wants to use the function. The site states that they were trying to create a tasteful and pleasant atmosphere for people who are looking not only for the soulmates but also for the intimate partners for casual dating.

Search Algorithm

Future matching proposals is based on the information you have provided in the profile. So you can change at any time if you don’t like the selection of potential partners the algorithm generates for you. There is an algorithm that generates a great selection of potential partners to you. If you don’t like the profiles you see, you should change settings under your personal profile to make the algorithm work properly.

There is a guarantee of the minimum number of contract proposals. For example, if you buy a membership, you will be able to receive a minimum of five, fifteen, or thirty contact proposals depending on what type of membership you buy. You won’t stay alone in the online hookup site, that opens such great opportunities for getting together.

Another great C-Date design item is a questionnaire that appears in the top of the page every time you log in. Here you can find interesting questions like “Would you date your friend’s ex-girlfriend” or “would you date someone 10 years older than you” and other. You will see the statistics after answering.

Security and Anti-scam Features

Unfortunately, today, in the middle of the informational era, scam accounts are everywhere! Every person with harmful intentions is trying to reach the crowd and profitable web services. The casual dating site with 36 million registered users is a perfect place to stay and try the delusive skills. To avoid any of the negative experiences, follow a few rules:

  • Use only secure internet connection
  • The service provides high data protection level. However, it is necessary to use VPN or avoid public WiFi
  • Never tell anyone your credit card details
  • Don’t share login credentials to other users
  • Don’t share the address, second mane, current location, and other information

Customer Support

With customer support on C-Date site, it is possible to discuss almost any problems and question. Unfortunately, the ‘help’ section of the website doesn’t provide enough information about payment methods, membership, refunds (if applicable). It is recommended to contact a customer care representative before creating an account with paid membership.

What About Users?

C-Date user

Count of Users

The count of users remains a mystery on the service. However, you can find enough partners to chat with. The homepage says there are 36 million members worldwide. There is a minimum contact guarantee that won’t leave your alone on the adult site. Unfortunately, there are no filtering so it is impossible to find people you would like to hook up. However, there are options like my matches, my visitors, my favorites, and my attractive matches. My attractive matches contain accounts that you have liked in a swiping tab. All the sections offer plenty of choices to have a great intimate experience with. Maybe it would be possible meeting in person as well. The moment you meet the right person, the platform doesn’t matter that much anymore.

Site Users Quality

There are plenty of users who look attractive and who have plenty of information on their accounts. Every profile contains the following sections:

  1. Search region
  2. Age
  3. Height
  4. Shape
  5. Orientation
  6. Marital status
  7. Eye color
  8. Hair color
  9. Body art
  10. Education
  11. Profession

There are sections where people have to write a few sentences like:

  • I am …
  • I’m very proud of …
  • My preferences
  • I’d like

Here people can write long texts, but usually, there are only a few words, not even a sentence. On the one hand, it is difficult to define the type of person on such an amount of information, but on the other hand, it is the best evidence that all the accounts are real and there are real people behind them.

What Type of Members is on C-Date?

The philosophy of the service offers to combine the smart sex content with a sensitivity, romance, and intimacy. It is oriented on people who appreciate the intimacy and would like to have an opportunity to discuss it not only behind the closed doors of the bedroom. Here you will find nice people and slightly erotic content. Most of the pictures and images they post look like artworks, but still, they can express the character and expectations of the person who has posted it. It is a perfect combination of romance and sexiness. The best option to stand out is to create a content that would include personal experiences, like street life, hobby, holidays, and sexual expectations that are uploaded like pictures, artworks, of photos of yourself.

How To Communication with Users?

There are several ways to communicate on the C-Date. Messages if the best and the most common option for every casual dating platform. You can see it right under the profile picture uploaded on the website. Free accounts can send messages. Messaging system is very convenient and user-friendly. You can find it in the upper toolbar under “mailbox”. Here you have two tabs conversation and requests. Conversations display the current mutual chats and outgoing messages while requests only show people who have written you a message. With a free account, it is possible to see the messages you receive and answer them. You can request permission to view photos and show your private erotic photos.

C-Date send message

How to Login to Website?

The welcoming homepage on casual dating website C-Date encourages you to create the account and discover the pros and cons of the service. It looks like c-dating was created for people who are tired of being lonely or bombed with misbehavior. First, you should choose your gender and choose the gender you are interested in. Heterosexual combinations are possible meaning that the platform supports diversity. Next, there is a six-step registration process. First, you choose your expectations among the following options:

  • Meeting singles
  • Flirting
  • Watching
  • A discreet affair
  • Chatting
  • Games

You can choose one or a few options. Next, choose who are you interested in (again) and type in your postcode. After that, you should type in your birth date and marital status, which can be married, single, and in a relationship. The following step requires your body type, hair and eyes color. Last is your email.


It seems like right after the registration you have the premium account in the case you confirm your email address. You have no limits in communication and looking through the account matches. There are three types of membership for three months, for six months, and for a year. Somehow on the registration, you receive a premium account and have neither notification nor adds stating that you have to upgrade your account.

Free Account

A free account allows users to do everything. You can complete profile, see the selection of thirty best matches of the services, see the questionnaire, and other. The most important thing, you can send and receive messages, share photos, and see the photos of other people. There are no restrictions for free accounts. However, accounts without photos are not popular and lose ranking very fast. Only 3% of members answer users without the photo. It is recommended to upload personal photos asap.

Premium Account

Premium account has all the privileges of having a free account. After a 14 days trial free period, you will have to buy a membership. It means you have to decide whether or not do you want to stay on the site for a longer time. Premium account has no limits but also have a guarantee of providing a certain amount of users every month. It is a great opportunity to feel safe and not lonely in the service.

What Is Premium Do?

Premium account has no restrictions. You can send messages and read them from other users your homepage will never have advertising and reminders that you have to upgrade your account to premium. You will receive messages from other members and have a guaranteed amount of users who will get in touch with you. For three month it guarantees 5 connections, for half a year there is going to be 15 connection, and for one year it will be 30 members who will connect you to offer a one-night stand.

Why is it Worth Taking a Premium?

Premium is a perfect way to say thank you to the developers of the great website design, for the perfect matching algorithm, for a free account, and for the security level. You invest in your private sex and erotic experience. If you want to feel safe and privileged on the website, it is definitely the option that worth trying and investing. You will have a great chance to not only find the perfect match but also to talk to other people, have fun, and promote your sex skills before you have met your perfect match.

C-Date Mobile App

C-Date app

C-date.com mobile app have been created for iPhones and Androids. You can find the application in the Apple Store as well as in the Google Play. Most dating services don’t have a mobile application but make an adaptivity of the website. Mobile application means that developers are concerned about creating the best experience for their clients and keep them connected to the c-dating 24/7. With push notifications, it is convenient not to miss any messages in case you have stated to chat with someone special.


C-Date hookup site looks like a perfect combination of slightly erotic content with a casual dating service where people are concerned about finding the perfect match. They do care about creating an account and making it nice. The platform creates a healthy environment for dating due to the strong anti-scam programs and premium accounts. There are more than 36 million people on the website. The functionality of the website is great. However, a few cons have been found during the C-Date review such as no identity verification option, weak ‘help’ section, and no video chat which is very important for adult dating sites. Nevertheless, the C-Date is recommended for singles all over the world.

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