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BuddyGays review has a positive impression, but it needs a deeper exploration to find out all the pros and cons of the website. It is indeed created for gay people to find love, fling and casual sex. Also, friendship, communication, or support. However, it is a secret how does it work and how legitimate it is.

Buddygays hookup site for gays greets you with a beautiful picture of a gay smiling couple and general information about gay love, problems in finding love, lack of communication, and other interesting and important information that encourages you to create an account.

How to Be a Member on BuddyGays?

The main page greets you with a registration form where you can create an account within a few clicks by providing general information about you. Here you should specify your age, location, name, and email address. Next comes email verification. In 5-10 minutes (but in fact faster) you receive a code that you should use on the website to confirm your email address. After that, there is a chance to add more details such as screen name, ethnic origin, status, who are you looking for, age range, and location to search for the best match. Your account is ready for you, and you are redirected to the main page.

buddygays signup

BuddyGays Interface

The main page of the greets you with a pop-up explaining the necessity of profile photo. It says that profiles with profile photos appear in search results, and increases the number of responses to your requests on the service. Basically, there is nothing to do without a nice profile picture, not a selfie on the WC. The main interface has very pleasant and has a beautiful light color palette. The information and profiles are located conveniently on the page. It is not overloaded with tabs, windows, sections, and other unnecessary information. Here you can see only a toolbar with filtering options and a list of members that might interest you. You can sort members by being online or new. There is an option to sort the profiles by the photo quality, last activity, location, and age. The banner reminds you of the privileges you get from the upgraded account. However, you can still look through the user’s accounts and decide who do you want to chat with.

buddygays interface

BuddyGays Features

Here you can find gay members and positive communication. Search option helps to find you those people who you prefer to chat with. There is extremely detailed filtering that includes every aspect of appearance and moral principles. The appearance filtering includes:

  • Body type
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Tattoos
  • Piercing

Other filtering options include:

  • Sexual orientation (gay or bisexual)
  • Income
  • Drink and smoke
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Marital status
  • Ethnicity

Such a detailed search option is evidence that the BuddyGays is oriented on gay sex relationships or at least finding the best match for further purposes. Such detailed filtering and search is definitely a good sign. You can find whoever you want according to your personal criteria.

The messages section looks very convenient as well. Here you can find the sound on and off, and a few messages from admin than are short and informative. It is markable that admin, or automated messaging, doesn’t resign you about the necessity to upgrade the account. The messages notify you that there are five free introductory messages every day once you upload a photo. Free accounts can send messages as well.

buddygays search

Views feature is your history. It records all the members you have checked on the website and displays the profiles that were interested in your profile. You can return to them later or check out who is potentially interested in you. This feature helps to get together faster and more efficiently. Instead of scrolling down search results and writing people hoping for a response and losing hope, you can check the account that is by default interested in you.

If you ate too shy to start a communication, you can wink to another person and see what is going to happen next. “Winks” is another option to get in touch with each other. You are saying “Hey, I see you, You Loog interesting to me”. This is not the message that you would write to another person, but this is exactly what you say with a wink.

There is an option to verify an account. It means that verified users had a conversation with a support representative who has asked them a few questions like email address and phone number and has decided to grant the user with a verified account. There is no need to pay for verification. This feature leaves no doubt that the service is legitimate and safe to use. Verification helps people with serious intentions to find other men and start hookup with each other.

BuddyGays Users

Quality of Users

There is a lot of information about the appearance as well as the background on the website. Here you can find out the eye and hair color of a person, religion, tattoos, piercing, orientation, preferences, and much other individual information. It is helpful for a better experience to fill this information under your profile as well. It grants with a chance to appear in search results with specific requirements. However, not all the accounts want to fill this information. There are empty fields on the profiles instead of data. On the other hand, the verification process makes the website and the community safer.

buddygays profile

Count of Users

The count of a user is unclear. There is no information about how many users are there on the website. However, when using filtering options, there are many members that fit this search. Many users are verified meaning they are ready for an affair and gay sex. However, verification only proves that you are a human being, but it can’t reveal your real intentions. So, it is always necessary to talk to other people, be honest, and listen to what does he say. In most cases, the safety of the gay hookup site means more than a count of users. You don’t need more that one partner, do you?

Type of Members

As it has already been noticed, there are two types of membership verified one and not verified. Verified accounts have plenty of preferences and advantages. They receive more messages, get more feedback from other users, appear in search results, and others. People trust in this little blue sign stating ‘verified’. Something that gives us a bit more hope for warm feelings and romantic experience. If there is a new account, it is reasonable to verify it and upgrade it with a photo as soon as possible. This way you will get the highest level of response because new members appear in the top results as well as verified ones. If you become a verified new member, you will get the most chances to become popular and wanted on the BuddyGays site.

Communication of Users

The website is smooth and well designed. The messaging looks very convenient and simple. Due to such simplicity, it is a pleasure to check notifications, read pop-ups, and check emails. There are no messages from users right after your registration. It means that the chances are low that there are chatbots on the site. You can only start communicating yourself by writing five introductory emails per day with a free account. If you don’t feel comfortable writing to people you don’t know, you can send a wink. Looking through the profile will also be noticed. If you have viewed an account of a user, he will see it in her profile. It is another way of communication.

BuddyGays Price

If you have decided to improve your chances and upgrade to a paid account, you can do it by following the banner advice on the homepage. Here you have a few very attractive options:

  • Three-days trial plan cost $0,99 per day
  • One-month plan cost $1,50 per day ($46,50 per month)
  • Three-month plan cost $0,51 per day ($46,92 per three months)
  • Six-month plan cost $0,41 per day and is the most saving ($73,80 per half a year)

The prices are not cheap but not expensive as well. It is a reasonable price for such a set of services with a safe environment.

buddygays payment

Free Using

Free accounts have more features than any other gay hookup sites can afford. Here you can send five introductory emails to people every day. You have a chance to use advanced search and filtering. You can watch profiles and select the ones that you like. You can research the service and verify your account. The free account has plenty of opportunities on the service that gives a chance to have a closer look at the service before buying a membership.

Premium Users

There is a premium account in the gay meetup platform that has more privilege than a free account does. With a premium account, there is no need to think about any limitations while using the site with a premium account. First of all, it is evidence of your serious intentions. A new verified and paid account is the most popular one on the platform and has all the chances to get more responses than expected.

What Gives the Premium?

Upgraded to a premium account gives a row of advantages. With an upgraded account you can:

  • Watch full-sized photos
  • Chan with no limits
  • ‘look for’ information
  • Have a premium support
  • Share photos and videos in chat

These advantages give you the feeling of freedom and the positive atmosphere for enjoying the

It is worth taking premium because this is the only way to get access to chat. With a free account it is possible to send introductory emails, but not answers to them. Premium technical support is another important adventure why you should but membership. If something goes wrong or you need assistance, a piece of advice, or support, you can contact a technical support representative and resolve your issue. It is worth taking a premium because you want to be on the top of the search results.

BuddyGays: Mobile Version has a mobile version of the. looks very convenient. Here you only have a feed of potential partners that might be interesting to you and nothing else. You can use the hookup site wherever you want and have a positive experience of smoothies and responsiveness of the version. The mobile design is one of the biggest advantage and the thing that makes you want to come back.

buddygays mobile

BuddyGays: Security and Anti-scam

The service seems to be safe and secure. There are no chatbots on the site and no annoying pop-ups. However, there are free accounts who can send messages to other gay people. Scam accounts can appear everywhere today. It is necessary to keep a secret to certain information like personal second name, emails, and password, any credit card information, your address and phone number, unless you want to. It is recommended to write only to verified users and has only a positive sexual experience. The verification process is evidence of a positive and respectful atmosphere on the website. If a person is ready to talk to a technical support representative and verify identity, it means something.

BuddyGays Support

Premium accounts have better and advanced customer support than free users. There is a toll-free hotline that is reachable at any time. You can contact a technical support representative via the form on the website as well. It is necessary to read FAQ before asking the question to the live technical support representative.

BuddyGays – Finally hookup site looks like not very popular but completely legitimate website for gay couples. Here you can find gay friends and sex partners as well as love. It has an account verification feature that grants the site with special trust and people who have verified their accounts have a better experience and more meetings. The website leaves a positive impression.

BuddyGays Review
After BuddyGays review it is reasonable to say that the service leaves good impressions rather than negative.
  • The web design is user-friendly and extremely convenient
  • There is an account verification feature
  • Free account has many privileges
  • The price is a little more expensive than the average
  • There are not many people on the website

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    BuddyGays is the right place to look at someone who is on the same wave with you. After the registration process, try to attract as much views and winks as possible. With simple search tools and premium features, BuddyGays helps members to find exactly what they need. Everyone can join for free to try out the comfortable online dating website.

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