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  7. Male: 20%

BlackCrush black dating site is a great place to be if you are looking for a sweet ebony girl or dream about that BBC! If dating a black girl is your dream, you will be more than happy to discover this amazing website where dreams certainly come through. At least, for some people they do.

BlackCrush – Interface and Features

The interface is something that we had some issues without really knowing why. It looks pretty much like most UIs that you would find on a similar website. However, using the navigation and moving from one part of the website to another is quite a chore. It does not hinder the experience very much, but it could use some improvements. On the other hand, this website is designed well and looks average.

How to Login or SignUp to Site?

Creating an account here is quite easy. It won’t take much time for you to create an account and start using the service. The convenience is something that people who created the service took seriously. You need to provide the bare minimum of personal information to get started. After confirming the account via a special link that you will receive in an e-mail, you will be able to use the service fully.

blackcrush - signup

User Interface

The interface and navigation are not bad. However, you may find it difficult to find specific features. While there are not many of them, they are grouped weirdly and sometimes you are scratching your head why a specific feature is here. For example, if you want to get to the gallery of users, you need often to go through a different page if you ended up looking up a single profile. These are very minor issues and do not bother users that much, but a little bit more clarity and cleanness would improve the interface dramatically.

blackcrush - homepage


In terms of general functionality, the website works much like many other similar services. You won’t find anything outstanding, but most commonly used features such as searching for specific users and using a chat system are here. The list of features could use a couple of improvements as well. Nonetheless, everything works just fine. At least, when the website is up and you can actually use it.

Users on BlackCrush

The vast majority of users here are quite friendly and will gladly participate in conversations. The community, in general, is very positive as suggested by the main motto of the website: “always black, always bad, and always beautiful.” While the latter is a highly subjective matter, people here are, obviously, African-American and do like to talk dirty. If you want a truly interesting online experience, you will be more than happy to become a part of this community.

Count and Quality Users

It is hard to estimate the exact number of users. It may very well be close to several thousands of active users. What is important is that you never feel alone on this website. There are many active users who are looking for easy hookups and enjoy being social. BlackCrush black hookup site is a good place for talkative people.

blackcrush - profile


There are multiple communication methods that you can use and all of them allow you to express yourself differently. For example:

  • Using a live chat is a great way to engage in quick messaging sessions;
  • Long letters sent via the inbuilt mailing system are great to tell your crush about yourself;
  • VideoChatting is a premium feature for privileged users.

BlackCrush – Free and Premium

There are very important differences between the two types of accounts. While you will be more than happy with the range of features available to free users, your online experience will be elevated to new heights if you purchase a subscription.

Free Account

Free users can check out various profiles and use all features of the website. However, some features are limited. For example, you won’t be able to send unlimited messages in chats and start chats with many people simultaneously. At the same time, some profiles contain pictures and videos that can be viewed only by paying members.


If you want a truly great online experience with BlackCrush, you will need to get a premium. It gives you many benefits and privileges that will significantly improve your chances to get an easy hookup with a black girl that you like.

blackcrush - payment

BlackCrush: Security and Support

The vast majority of websites that we review usually have all modern methods of cyber protection. This website also has an SSL-encryption and uses other ways to prevent data leakages. However, we would still recommend you to use a separate pair of credentials when registering.

blackcrush - xxxvideos

The support team will gladly help you out with any questions during business hours. While they claim that they work 24/7, we received answers to our inquiries only during business hours.

Is BlackCrush Good?

Our BlackCrush review may seem neutral but we really liked the service despite some of its shortcomings. It is a great place to spend a couple of hours a day socializing and looking for opportune moments to get an easy date. At the same time, the level of service here is more than acceptable. The only true issue is that the website does experience regular downtimes. Maybe, after they move to another hosting, these issues will be resolved.

BlackCrush Review
BlackCrush certainly has a lot of really good qualities and interesting features for those who want to date people of African-American descent. However, this website also has a couple of problems with the UI and stability.
  • An amazing hookup website of beautiful black people
  • Lots of ways to interact with other users
  • Good visual design
  • The website has problems with stability and uptime
  • The customer support service works only during business hours

2 comments on “BlackCrush Review

  1. Jamal says:

    I’ve been using this BlackCrush for a long time and can say that you won’t find a better place if you are looking for a gorgeous ebony lady. All of them are gorgeous and talkative. I found my first date after only two weeks of being here!

  2. Mark says:

    I love this website. It has a very simple layout. It oozes with sexuality. I mean it. People here are very open about what they want. You can get a date after a couple of hours of talking to people. I highly recommend this website!

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