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In spite of its name, the Be Naughty review has faced that the dating platform is oriented on finding true romantic love and longtime relationships. It seems that the place is created for singles who are tired of being single. The name of the website gives a chance to realize that being naughty helps sometimes to find the best match. It can work better than being nice and romantic. If you don’t need dating formalities, if you are looking for a place where you can be yourself and don’t think about the rules, is the right shoes for you!

Modern reality dictates strict rules where the online world is becoming more and more real than a physical one. You can work and communicate online. Ignoring the trend will keep you from being up-to-date.

How to Login to BeNaughty?

The website welcomes new members with a pleasing photo and a registration form. If to scroll a bit, there is information about the service, its philosophy, audience, rules, and other information a visitor can get familiar with before creating an account. It is stated that the service is oriented for meaningful relationships. It is also stated that people can find like-minded singles without restrictions there.

BeNaughty login

You can create an account in a few clicks by giving your email and confirming it. Confirmation is required. It is impossible to reach the content without being able to confirm an email address. Next, you have to give general information about yourself like status, marital status, ethnicity, body type, and hair color. There is an option to do it later.

BeNaughty Interface

After the registration, it is time to explore the website. A free account allows us to look through the profiles, but without opening them. It is possible to test filtering options. The toolbar on the top allows you to choose the location, age limits, gender, and a drop-down list with advanced search results where you can find more appearance filters. It is possible to apply filters and find out who you can meet here. The design of the website is very simple, convenient, and intuitive. There is nothing that distracts users from the positive experience of searching their halves – no pop-ups, no advertising, no annoying messages from people that make a bulk update. The tabs response fast and search results are loading fast as well. It is pleasant and convenient to scroll over the pages, get familiar with members, read information and look for a potential partner here. No nude, erotic, or offensive content can be found.

BeNaughty Interface

BeNaughty Features

Chat rooms. There are plenty of positive features on the website, but this one requires special attention. Chat rooms don’t look like something else. It is unique for dating platforms feature that helps to get familiar with the audience before offering the full membership for a month or more. Chat rooms can be local and international. Here you can find people to talk to. Free communication is allowed here, you can do whatever you want with a thoughtful limit. The chatroom is a perfect place to meet people in a single place who want to talk to other people. You can find out the manner of speaking, the additional information, the activity and other traits of the members before inviting some of them to join the private conversation. Here people can clearly state what do they want and why. You can do the same. It is the best way to find people you like and to get in touch with them.

Video chat. It is one of the rare and expensive in most cases feature that can connect two people instantly with a video. This feature is perfect for sharing a smile, gestures, sound of a voice and get to the new level of relationships. It is a great way to communicate with each other. No need for long chatting and waiting for a one-word response. Video chat is created for people who are looking for serious mindful and tender relationships. It is another reason to check if you are talking with a real person and if this person looks the same as on the photos. Video chat is necessary for every trustful dating platform.

There are plenty of gifts which you can send to the other members. It happens that conversation gets stuck somewhere and doesn’t move anymore. In this case, it is possible to find plenty of gifts and please the person you like with an unexpected surprise. Gifts and presents can say more than words and express what do you feel, they turn a person you are talking to into the same person but happier. Sending gifts is a necessary feature for the service that spices the chatting up.

Sending flirty messages to lots of people at once. This function is displayed on the homepage of the website. It is available only for people who have bought a membership on the website. Bulk updates or sending the same message to many people helps you to save time on typing the same message. Look for people you like, say the, and send all of them a greeting message. They won’t ban you for this.

It is possible to upload not only photos but also videos to the website. This option can give a better understanding of a person and get familiar faster. It can be a short introductory video where people are telling a few words about themselves.

BeNaughty Users

Count of Users

The selection of the members right after the registration is huge. Here you can find people of different nationalities, appearance, preferences, goals, age, and orientation. However, every big city has plenty of users here and many of them are online. There is neither count of users, nor the total amount of the search result. However, if you set up five filters like blue eyes, blond hair, athletic body type, you will find plenty of people to chat with. No matter what time of the day, a day of the week, or what season you sign up, there will always be people to chat with. Who knows who of them is your one and only. There is no mention of the exact number of users, but there are plenty of them in a search result. It will be enough for you!

Quality of Users

Some profiles are empty and have no photos, others have plenty of photos and detailed information on the appearance. Some names look like a random set of characters, another sound like a real name. All profiles are different as well as people in the real world. There are trustworthy accounts and suspicious ones. There are nice pictures and strange ones. It always depends on the motivation and goals whether you spend time and effort to make great photos for your profile, it is better to choose one where you are busy with your hobby. There is an option to request information about a client if he or she decided not to share any. For example, if there is no marital status, there is a button ‘ask to add’. Many people skip stating the personal information, others have fully completed profiles.

BeNaughty user

Type of Members

Membership of the website gives plenty of opportunities. Without the membership, it is possible only to look through the information on the BeNaughty and send five free messages. There is no verification, karma level, activity status, or other additional membership privileges. There are only paid and free members. as there is no verification process on the website, the trustworthy level can only be defined by the activity and personal communication.

Communication of Users

The most common and usual way of communication is a private chat. There are five free messages for those who have used to have a free account. People with membership can communicate with no limits. Moreover, there are special features for communication:

  • Video chat
  • Sending gifts
  • Sending multiple messages

With video chat, you would probably want to get a closer look to a person you are communicating to. Sharing a simple smile in person can be much more than hello in a chat message.

Gifts help to spice a conversation up a bit. When you feel like stuck, send a gift and surprise your partner. This function is great.

Multiple messaging prevents you from typing multiple times the same greeting message. Write it one time and send it to the selection of accounts you find attractive.

BeNaughty Price

If you are lucky, you will receive notification 30% off. Another flattering option is a three days trial. It gives you a chance to understand whether it is worth a full subscription or not. The prices are as follows:

  • Three days trial costs 36 euro cents a day
  • One month costs 7,7 euros
  • There month costs 14 euros
  • Six month cost around 20 euros

In comparison to other dating services today, the prices are very low. It is a very affordable price for many functions and unlimited chatting opportunities.

Free Account

It is possible to register on the website and explore the content. However, it is not possible to send more than five messages to other people on the website. Free accounts are created on to have a chance for exploiting the service. Take your time to read the terms and conditions, privacy policy before buying a membership. Read messages in public chat rooms. This unique feature is worth your attention. With a free account, you can have an introduction tour.


Premium is created for people who want to improve their trustworthiness. Would you rather write to a person with a free account or with a paid subscription? It works for everyone. Once you have premium you say to others “hello there, I am safe and I am ready to chat”. Usually, people with premium accounts have better motivation to find their partners, romantic relationship, halves, or soulmates online. You should consider buying a membership once you have decided to try the service.

What Gives the Premium?

Paid premium membership gives everything. Without the membership, you can do nothing besides being a watcher. Paid membership gives the feeling of confidence and unlimited possibilities on the hookup websites. It is better to close this question once and start enjoying the naughty online experience. Premium gives chats, big pictures of other members, better search opportunities, sharing media, and others. Premium gives you full access to the dating platform.

You should buy a membership if you are going to:

  • send messages without thinking about how many are there left
  • watch photos of the members before starting a private chat with them
  • be able to see who other members are looking for
  • have a premium support
  • send photos and videos in private chats.

It is a list of functions available on the site. You can add here safety, trustworthy, better position in search result and confidence.

BeNaughty: Security

Every hookup site informed its members that there is a big danger of spam and scam accounts in the service. The BeNaughty review has shown that the service is not an exclusion. There are the same danger and tips from customer support on how to use the platform safely. Here are a few of them:

  • Never share any of your credit card information
  • Never tell your real name, address, or other identifying information
  • Never give your login credentials to other people
  • Never share the confirmation code that you have received via email
  • Report the abuse as soon as possible

Read terms and conditions as well as a safety note before buying a premium account. It is important to save a safe environment.

BeNaughty: Customer Support

The service has a very detailed and informative ‘help’ section where they describe the service and answer the most common questions. The site admin reminds you about the necessity to upgrade your account right after registration via chat. There is a phone number that you can call in case of emergency and contact form on the website where you can ask your questions or report abuse.

BeNaughty: Mobile Version

BeNaughty reviews have ended up with one misunderstanding. The service states that there is a mobile application of the website, but in fact, it is a mobile version that is adaptive to any design. It does look great and convenient. The mobile version is none the less responsive than a desktop one. You can chat with other members fo the service while waiting in a line, walking down the street, having dinner, and taking a taxi. It has no ads and no pop-ups. The service is designed efficiently to deliver the best experience to the clients.

BeNaughty Mobile app

BeNaughty – Сonclusion

To conclude, it is worth saying that review has a more positive impression than negative. Yes, it sends spam to the email, but it is possible to unsubscribe. Once you register, upload photos and by trial, you appear in the top results as a new member and as a premium member. You will gain top position on the search result and people start contacting you immediately. It may appear not the most popular hookup website, however, you will find a person, if you are looking for only one!

BeNaughty Review
Like any hookup platform, BeNaughty has its pros and cons. There are plenty of opportunities for lonely hearts!
  • Responsive and pleasant design
  • Local and international chat rooms
  • Plenty of online profiles from all over the world
  • No manual verification of the profiles
  • No section describing hobbies in the profiles
  • Sends plenty of spam to the email unless unsubscribed

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  1. frans12 says:

    I would like to be a member

    1. admin says:

      It’s great! You need to visit site and sign up to be BeNaughty member

  2. Deren says:

    We created a relationship and met each other on this site. I didn’t really trust dating sites, but my girlfriend made me change my mind. We are very happy and the distance was not a hindrance to our love.

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