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As the name itself implies, BBWDesire is a hookup website entirely dedicated to the passion for chubby beauties with lots to love. As the dating cyberspace seems to be teeming with dating platforms of all calibers, the options for this particular niche are not as assorted. And this is exactly where BBW Desire wins: with its extended database of female profiles, they are hardwired to take you places. The site is available in free and paid membership versions, as well as several subscription types, but like many other hookup sites out there, it is actually only usable when paid for. You can get a feel for what the site is about by navigating around their home page, which is filled with luring pictures of its voluptuous female members, but this is as far as you can get without registration.

BBWDesire: Interface and Features

One of the (very few detected) downsides of the sites is its passé layout and color scheme reminiscent of Halloween with lots of black and orange going on. But if you are not there to admire the web design aspects of the site, you will not care less. If anything, a simple interface helps users focus on what’s really important: finding one steaming hot babe to interact with, whatever it might mean for every individual user. And this is exactly what BBW Desire delivers: the opportunity to meet and get to know a woman who is everything you want her to be: curvy, soft, big and beautiful. There are efficient communication options available on the site, as well as several unique features. Read on our elaborate BBWDesire review to learn all about those in detail.

How to Login or Signup to Site?

One of the most beautiful things about BBWDesire is the simplicity of the signup process. You essentially enter your email address, create a password, confirm the email by the traditional following of the registration link, and you are all set and ready to use the site’s services, finding your one and only, or simply having fun with the lascivious babes abounding on the site. Might we suggest though that for the ultimate protection of your sensitive data you create a separate email account: this will help you avoid awkward situations you can find yourself in when using your personal or work address. Besides, if spamming occurs, as it is most likely with the best of hookup sites, you couldn’t care less as long as it is not the same email account you use day in, day out.

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User Interface

The interface at BBWDesire is as simple as it gets, which is not a bad thing per se; but if you are the one to love yourself a fair share of eye candy, you would be underwhelmed. From the aesthetic point of view, the website leaves much to be desired, but it makes up for that part in terms of the simplicity of use, navigation and overall functionality of its features. Another good point is that the very structure and layout of BBWDesire is not overcrowded: it is rather crispy, clean and does not keep you second-guessing or looking for the page or function you need for copious amounts of time. All of this makes the service highly usable and effective: after all, you are here to make things happen, not to feast your eyes on the site’s design.


BBWDesire offers multiple opportunities for finding and communicating with lovely women of all shades south of size 0. Chatting, emailing and even texting can be done using the services of the site. The site’s system is intuitive and operates along the lines of traditional dating service: there are users profile pages one can visit right after the registration is complete. It is best that you dedicate the right amount of time to creating your own profile: this is how you score the points to beat your competition. The site offers multiple ways of making your profile stand out: upload pictures of yourself, fill out the fields that give your potential matches the basic understanding of who you are and what you are looking for in a partner. You can also write a few lines about yourself.

The site has the following features you can use in order to land yourself a big beauty of your dreams:

  • Search: you can search for chubby hotties based on their age and location.
  • Matching system: the system with solid science behind it helps you find a woman who doesn’t only look like you want her to, but is actually compatible with you from the personality point of view.
  • Favorites: add women matching the criteria that you like to your list of favorites and find them easily. In this way, you will not forget about someone you liked and wanted to get to know better. Also, get to see who added you on their list of favorites.
  • Email messaging: easy and simple. Break the ice by sending an email message or a flirty emoji.
  • LiveChat: used for exchanging flirty messages and banter in order to get to know your crush better.
  • Text messaging: send texts directly to the phone number of the woman you like.
  • “Ambassadors”: those are bots used for entertaining users when there are no real female members available.
  • New members: see who joined the network recently.

BBWDesire Users

The user database at BBWDesire hookup site is build up mostly by female members, which gives limitless opportunities for male subscribers of the service to connect with someone in a meaningful way. However, there are also the so-called “ambassadors”, or simply put, fake profiles that are elaborately created bots used for keeping you company when you are not engaged in conversation with somebody real. It is sometimes rather challenging to tell them apart. There are also ladies offering their services of erotic entertainment for the money. Do not hurry to report those: these babes are there legitimately making money; do not confuse them with scam artists.

Count and Quality Users

With more than 750,000 users of BBW dating network in total, it is still rather problematic to tell how many of the profiles are real women looking for a partner. But even if we assume that one-third of them are there to land themselves a man for casual or serious dating, the figures are impressive. Other parts of the user database are made up of “ambassador” bots we referred to above. While some users take those for fake users and, technically speaking, they are, but since they are made legal by the Terms and Services of the site, and as they are not passed off like real users, they cannot be called “fakes”.

BBWdesire - profile

Some female members are there to earn money by offering their erotic services to users. This practice is very much present at other semi-adult websites in the dating pool, so do not hurry to call such members scammers. All is fair and square as long as they are open about the nature of their interest in your persona and tell upfront about their attention costing money. You are not obliged to pay for anything in case you do not wish to engage in this kind of pastimes. However, many find this feature of the site useful – we are now speaking of members who used the site as an adult service.


At BBWDesire dating site you will be able to engage in meaningful interactions with your matches in a number of ways. Arguably, the most prominent feature of the site is a text messaging: you can reach the majority of female members via their personal phone numbers. Texting adds a whole new dimension to the dating game: unavailable at the majority of platforms, it creates an atmosphere of more intense intimacy.

All the traditional means of communication are available at the site as well: direct messaging through LiveChat, exchanging longer messages with offline users via email feature, creating lists of favorite users, making use of search and matching functions.

BBWDesire: Free and Premium

Free Account

While it is possible to create and personalize your profile page for free, you cannot do much outside of this. Presumably, you can get on your free membership as far as visiting other users’ profiles, as well as using search and matchmaking tools, too. But every bit of communication is going to cost you real money, so if you are serious about giving it a go, make sure you get yourself a premium account. Alternatively, you can pay for credits and pay with them for every single bit of communication you exchange with your matches.


There are two ways of using paid functions of the site: you can either buy a Premium subscription or use the so-called communication credits. The choice is yours and needs to be based on how long and how intensely you are planning to use the site’s services. It all comes down to time spent browsing and chatting. If you are going to contact multiple users over an extended period of time, it is worthwhile getting a monthly subscription. In this case, your options are 1 month for $29.95, 3 months for $49.95, or 6 months for $69.90, with value for money increases as you step up the subscription duration. There is also a 3-day trial version available at $8.91. If you decide to go the other way, however, be prepared to buy communication credits and refill on them each time you run out of credits in order to receive and send messages. You can pay with either a credit card or PayPal.

BBWdesire - payment

BBWDesire: Security and Support

The customer support of the site is represented by a contact page from which you can send your requests, questions, queries or report an issue in case something goes wrong. Before you do that, it is advisable that you carefully scan the FAQ section of the site, as well as Terms And Policies – getting a response from the site’s support reps might take some time (usually though, no longer than 24 hours during workdays), and you might easily find the answer to your question yourself.

Payment processing is done on the pages protected by SSL encryption, as well as the pages dealing with sensitive user information. But there is no personality check, so there is no way telling if a user is who they pretend to be.

BBWDesire Mobile Version

There is no mobile phone application available for the users of BBWDesire, but the site offers a thoroughly functional and lightweight mobile version of the site with basically all of the site’s functionality preserved. You can use it on your smartphone or tablet on the go.

BBWDesire Finally

BBWDesire is a noteworthy BBW hookup website that is a great meeting point for men with a thing for ample-bodied babes and the object of their adoration. For a moderate price, the site offers an elaborate system of communication that is also very flexible. The efficiency of the site and the success rate fluctuates based on user expectations: if you are looking for a nice way to pass the evening indulging in erotic pastimes, you are at the right place. Finding a partner for serious relationships is more problematic here, but casual dating and ONS are all doable. The benefits of using the site clearly outweigh the few downsides, primitive design and fake users being the principal complaints about the platform.

BBWDesire Review
As many online hookup sites, BBWDesire has pros and cons. Read BBWDesire review to know all about this site!
  • Impressive number of members
  • Easy sign up
  • 75%:25% female to male members ratio
  • Unique features
  • Diversity of membership options
  • Subpar color scheme of the site
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