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AussieFlirtMatches reviews
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Aussie Flirt Matches is a special place for people from Australia. If you are not from around here, you won’t be able to enjoy the service and date beautiful women and handsome men from the “upside-down” country. However, if you want to check out this site, nothing stops you. Register and start talking to people if you are not confused by the time difference.

Aussie Flirt Matches: Interface and Features

While visually this website does not look like something from this age, you won’t be confused with the functionality of the service. Everything is intuitive and simple. Since there is not much in terms of communication, you have to enjoy everything else about the website. There are things like responsive search feature and the “Hot or Not” game.

How to Login to Site?

In order to create an account, you will only need to provide your current geographical location (only the province) and typical information such as your preferred nickname, password, and e-mail address. After you confirm the registration via a link in a letter that you will receive shortly after, you will be able to log in normally.

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User Interface

The interface here is not as advanced and visually impressive compared to other similar websites. This hookup website is ultimately a very simple service that utilizes its simplicity well and tries to provide you with the most convenient user experience possible. Everything is neatly grouped in the upper block of the website and all buttons of the menu are big and easy to spot.

You will find several important menu elements:

  • Inbox. Here you will find all the messages that were sent to you by other users.
  • Search. This feature allows you to use a simple yet powerful search engine to find potential matches.
  • Matches. If you are matched by the service with a user, you will receive a notification here.
  • Hot or Not. This is a simple match game where you can like or dislike other profiles. If they like you back, you will be paired in a special chat.


The website does not push the boundaries of the industry and won’t show anything outstanding that you can’t find elsewhere. However, it is a great website for people from Australia or those traveling to the country and desiring to find a quick hookup.

You will be able to use a plethora of common features:

  • Communication. There are various means of communicating with people including chats and e-mailing.
  • Searching. Use different settings to find the perfect match that will fit your unique preferences.
  • Hot or Not. The engine will pair you up with random people who fit your initial descriptions of a suitable match (you can set it up when you create an account).

Aussie Flirt Matches Users

The vast majority of users here are from Australia and will be more than happy to talk to you. If you are not against the specifics of the Australian way of speaking, you will be thoroughly entertained. It is quite a great experience for anyone! Enjoy your time here and make sure to talk to people freely.

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Count and Quality Users

The amount of registered users is close to 50 thousand people. However, not many people are active. You won’t have any problems finding a quick hookup since there are many people who actively look for interesting, exciting sexual adventures. Nonetheless, you may need to get ready for working harder than usual. While hookup site is certainly above the rest of the pack in the region, many services in other countries are way better.

What we liked about the website is that all people are very friendly and always respond to chat messages. If you are looking for a good company, you again won’t be disappointed.

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  • There are several ways of communicating and you will be able to use all of them. There are some limitations if you are not a premium user.
  • Chatting. The system is very simple and intuitive. You will simply use it as a delayed chat room.
  • Hot or Not. Use this feature to quickly find partners for chatting and sex.

Aussie Flirt Matches: Free and Paid

The amount of features available to free users is quite big. Even if you did not pay for the service, you will still be enjoying a high-quality online experience. There are various ways to enjoy your time here! However, if you want to have a truly great time, you will need to purchase the premium. It is also a good idea for people who are planning to visit the country in the nearest future. You will be happy to “prepare” for your journey ahead of time by contacting several people eager to make your company.

Free Account

All basic features are available to free users. The problem is that communication is somewhat limited. You won’t be able to send more than a handful of messages and some profiles may be hidden from you.

Paid Account

The “premium subscription” does not exist here. Instead, you buy credits. The best deal is $1.45 per credit. 50 credits are more than enough to extensively talk to anyone on the website.

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Aussie Flirt Matches: Security and Support

The website protects your data just fine and provides enough features to ensure that your personal information is safe. At the same time, there are various means of detecting fake accounts. If you suspect that someone is faking it, you can simply report them to the customer support team.

This team is available 24/7 which is definitely a good thing. Sometimes, you won’t be able to receive an answer immediately, but all inquiries are usually dealt with quickly regardless of what time of the day it is.

Is Aussie Flirt Matches Good?

As you noticed, in this Aussie Flirt Matches review we tried to be neutral. This website is certainly not leading the industry. The visual design and some problems with the interface do not allow it to be on the same level as some other dating websites. However, Aussie Flirt Matches dating site is a good place to look for people to date in Australia and New Zealand. All in all, a good choice for those who want to find a quick hookup in this country.

Aussie Flirt Matches Review is a great place for people from all over Australia to meet and get to know each other. If you are looking for a simple one-night stand, you won't find a better place than Aussie Flirt Matches. While this website is one of the best in the region, there are some downsides.
  • Thousands of active users
  • Interesting conversations with women and men of all ages and occupations
  • Easy hookups for lazy ones
  • The visual design of the website is lacking
  • The "Hot or Not" game sometimes bugs
  • The amount of communication methods is limited

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  1. Joshua says:

    Do you want to find a beautiful girl from Australia? You won’t find a better place than this one! This website is very easy-to-use and allows you to search for people from Australia specifically.

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