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AmateurCommunity reviews
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Amateur Community is created to connect people who are interested in getting virtual sexual experience in the countries where such practices are allowed. The platform is eligible only for users older than 18 years old. The interface and design of the service don’t look good, but it is a good site to do online adult dating for free.

Login to AmateurCommunity

Signing up to the AmateurCommunity is free! You can create an account and surf all over the content represented there. You will find amazing erotic pictures of people who have also created the account and have uploaded photos; you will also be able to explore the terms and conditions, about the website, and other sections that you might need before start using the service. Sign in doesn’t require much time and effort. It also doesn’t require any credit card details or verification on the first stage. You can register both as an amateur and as a regular user. By submitting information, you confirm that you are more than 18 years old and that you won’t promote pornography. It may take a while to register, an error may occur during the process.

AmateurCommunity sing up

AmateurCommunity Interface

The interface doesn’t look stylish and smooth. Here you can find many empty places on the sides of the website. The feed consist of the amateurs and their covers. You can open an account and decide what to do next. On the right, you have a lot of amateurs who are online at the moment. At the top, you find many tabs such as:

  • Home
  • Amateurs
  • Cams
  • Dates
  • Search
  • Videos
  • Pictures

Each tab has many other tabs which consist of other information. For example, amateurs can offer new, top, online, all, sex cams, live diaries, free content. Search can offer search among amateurs, videos, and pictures. The interface of the Amateur Community is not convenient. The tabs are too small, and there are too many of them. Time after time you receive a pop up that encourages you to start a conversation.

AmateurCommunity Features

There are plenty of features that you can explore all the time. On the feed, you can find top amateurs, online amateurs, new amateurs, top videos, new videos, and other. Here you can explore all the content and that the service offers to you. If you see the amateur online, you can chat with them for the hookup. They are online to receive your messages. Start to chat won’t amateurs, there are not models, but regular people like you are. It is possible to establish contact with them and experience new emotions.

Live sex cams offers to enter chat rooms with amateurs. It is a live cam chat where you can see amateurs and chat with them in front of other members who also can chat with them. Live chat is great. It is the place where you can figure out what is going on and what are people talking about here. How does the process go and how would it be in private. It helps to realize what do you deal with.

Cams on AmateurCommunity

There is another option to peep secretly to the amateur models. This function is not free but gives a feeling of being a spy agent. It spices up the experience. Many people prefer being a spy instead of chatting with sexy models directly.

SelennaKiss at AmateurCommunity

You can sign up as an amateur as well. There is an identity verification process for amateur users, but still, you can do it within a few days and start streaming, making connections, and earning money. Being an amateur is not that difficult as it seems if you accept all the erotic plays and don’t mind doing it in front of the camera. You must be at least 18 years old.

Besides live chat rooms, private dates, online spying, and other types of streaming, there are recorded videos that amateurs post to their profiles and feeds. You can watch the best moments of online sessions or specially recorded video clips. There you can find categorized tabs with tip videos, best one of the week, month, year, by rating, and of all times. If you don’t want to overpay, there is a bargain price, the lowest prices for vides.

Search section is complex and allows you to find the content you are looking for. You can search for a particular amateur, video, or picture. However, there is no filtering option. All you can find in a search tab is a search field for keywords. However, on the category overview under the search tab, there are a lot of categories that you can use for your search. Here you can find categories like black hair, busty, bra, kissing, lace, legs, oral, piercing, and many other.

AmateurCommunity adult dating

AmateurCommunity Customers

Count of Users

The number of amateurs on is impressive. The service is oriented to the US, and there are many people who would like to be both amateurs and visitors as well. When using the search tab, the selection of users that stand for your requirement is impressive. There are plenty of people to choose from. Thousands of users can be found in various categories. Here you can find 985 content items with the tag ‘outdoor’, 5199 with a ‘big breasts’, 3861 with the tag ‘closeup’. Once you are registered, you will find the person or amateur you need or will find out that you like a certain type of content. Once you like someone, it is recommended to save the person and turn notifications on for this particular account so that you know when it is online.

Members Quality

Each user of the website, which has registered as an amateur, has its own feed, where he or she can post plenty of interesting adult information about themselves, about others, erotic pictures, and others. Everyone can comment on the posts and get in touch with amateurs this way. If an amateur is new, it is possible that there is not that much content. There is a short description of every person registered on the service, like gender, age, state, country (which is mostly the US), and language. There are options for communication like:

  • become a friend
  • Add to favorite
  • Send a message
  • Buy coins
  • Report abuse

Each member has a picture and video gallery. The ‘personal info’ section tells more about the appearance and personal details like children, marital status, and other.

User on AmateurCommunity

Type of Members

There are two significantly different types of users – those who provide content, or amateurs, and those who consume it, which are regular users. First, every user has to create an account and confirm an email address. It is a required first step of every registration process on each hookup sites. To rich the messaging system, the photo, and video content, and other content of the service, it is necessary to buy coins. There are a few types of membership based on how many coins you have bought. 1000 coins grant you with premium membership and plenty of opportunities. If you are not sure about the service yet, you can use a free account and search for free content. If you would like to enjoy the service, you should buy a membership and forget about the restrictions.

member at AmateurCommunity

Communication of Users

Every amateur hookup platform offers several ways of communication. Here you can find the following methods:

  1. Chat
  2. Video chat room
  3. Private chat with a video session

There are plenty of other communicative functions on this adult dating site which you can use. You can send amateur a gift, become a friend, add him or her to favorite, and buy coins. You can also comment on the posts of the amateurs and like pictures. Commenting posts is a nice option if you don’t know how to start a conversation with a person and want to show your interest in the hookup. New amateurs need your attention and would gladly answer every new message. It is the best way to find a person you would like to get in touch with.

Mail at AmateurCommunity

AmateurCommunity Price

Amateur Community offers a coin system which is convenient but not that cheap. If you would like to be an honored member of the community, it is necessary to buy 1000 coins. The prices for the coins are as follows:

  • 1000 count cost $100
  • 455 coins cost $50
  • 217 coins cost $25
  • 84 count cost $10
  • 35 coins cost $5

To buy a certain content on the, you should have at least 35 coins. Payment methods are Visa and MasterCard, PaySafe Card, and Epoch. It is not recommended to use public WiFi while proceeding with payment.

Free Account

Free account, as in many other casual dating and amateur platforms, has an introductory character. Here you can find the members of the service, look through the accounts of users, and decide whether you want to create a paid membership or not. You can also check the prices for the video content, for chat rooms, for spying options, and other sexual content. Every amateur sets his or her own price. Once you find the content that might be interested, you can check the price and buy the necessary amount of coins.


Premium accounts have a special attitude on the website. Once you have 1000 coins in your account, you automatically have a premium account with all its privileges. There is no particular information about what privileges does the premium account has. However, as a rule, the platform set up a row of hidden privileges which you can discover after having a premium.

AmateurCommunity price

What Gives the Premium Account on Amateur Community?

The service doesn’t give a particular and clear description of why a premium account is better than a regular one. The obvious fact is, a premium account has more than 1000 coins which open doors to ещты of opportunities and adult content on the service. You can have private sessions and join live chat rooms. You can definitely forget about any limits on chatting with models. Premium gives 1000 coins and coins give a lot of content.

Should You Buy a Premium?

First, if you have found the model you like and want to spend plenty of time with her alone, you need to have coins. If you like the model a lot, you might want to give her some tips. A free account gives you a chance to find models and content you would like to explore. Premium gives a chance to watch it and hookup. It is also worth taking premium if you want to say the developers of the site thank you and invest in the development of the service.

AmateurCommunity Security

The service doesn’t verify users. However, it verifies amateurs. Free users can have access to chatters, and there is no great deal of money to pay to start the conversation. It means the service is potentially attractive to the users who would want to become scammers. For that reason:

  • Do not share any personal details neither with amateurs nor with other users
  • Do not give your login information to other users and amateurs
  • Do not give any of your credit card details to anybody
  • Do not chat with people who don’t have pictures
  • Chat only with verified models
  • Chat only with premium users (if needed)

It is also not recommended to use public WiFi for making any purchases.

AmateurCommunity: Customer Support

The tab that informs users about the services and answers the main questions is very poor. There are only a few questions and answer that is no more than two sentences. If you would like to have more details about the service, why a premium account is better than a regular one, or if you have an issue during your experience on the service, if there is an abuse that you would like to report, you can do it via the email.

Help AmateurCommunity

AmateurCommunity Mobile

There is no mobile app of the Amateurcommunity, but here is a mobile version that looks less chaotic than a web version. The mobile version is convenient for enjoying videos and for having a more private experience. If you use a public computer, or you don’t want other members of the family to find out about your experience via the browsing history, it would be reasonable using a mobile version of the site. Here you will find information that is better structured than on the website. It is more convenient to browse and more user-friendly. However, the design of the website is overloaded with tabs and sections.

AmateurCommunity – Finally

Multiple Amateur Community reviews have shown how easy it is to reach the free content posted by users on the service. You can register as a regular visitor and then switch to an amateur as well. Every amateur needs identity verification. It is a necessary procedure to endure that there is a healthy and safe atmosphere! For people who want to regular hookup, there are plenty of opportunities that users can use, share, and enjoy. The service is big, affordable, and trustful!

AmateurCommunity Review
There are plenty of registered users and amateurs on the website, however, it is far from perfect. Read the review of and take a right mind about the site.
  • Convenient coin system
  • Plenty of registered amateurs
  • A lot of free adult content on website
  • Not user-friendly design, too many tabs
  • Inconvenient filtering

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